ATR-72-600 (Working Cockpit)

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Version 0.1
Initial Release March 12, 2021
Last Updated March 11, 2021
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Airline Aviation
#Experimental Drag and Drop

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  • Launched March 12, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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No issues with crashes or stuff like that. Bur the engines refuse to start. even with CTRL+E > they spool up a bit and then just spool down again.

There's a trick to get this version to spawn post-SU5! Load as any other aircraft and load the sim. As soon as you are 'Ready to Fly', return to the main menu, select the ATR, then spawn in. It will load without crashing the simulator.

This project was abandoned!

The plane flys fine, but crashes the sim when you try to return to the main menu. Any chance that you could just open it in the new SDK and resave it? That apparently helps airport compatibility and since your airplane is otherwise working fine (and looking great I might add), it would be a big help. Thanks for your consideration and many thanks for providing this great plane

I have realize a flight with FS 2020 Last update and works fine. A question how switch on the lights of the instruments in the cockpit.

Needs an update after the Sim Update 5. No longer working

For some reason it doesn't show in the sim, I'm using the community version of the ATR-600

Helo there! i cant start this aircraft from cold. Can someone leave me the procedure? its a fail from the mod? does someone know something about this?

This community version is better I think. Its native to MSFS 2020

Poor- poor flight dynamics and poor graphically performance
Hi everybody. Who knows how can i remove this glossy shine effect from the airplane its too much shiny
Can anyone help, I have iWarning Incompatable livery on the PFD and the screens all red any way i resolve it ???
Does anyone else have an oil pressure warning light? The aircraft overstress's when flown?
I like this plane. Some people pick at Aircraft here forgetting it was FREE. this is maybe the best Legacy airplane I have downloaded. Panel is vary nice. Not the exact one for ATR but a vary close alternative so totally acceptable. I love how it flies. Thankyou Capt22 for contributing to our community! Would love to see more. How about a T-38? lol
I've just been able to land successfully on the airport of Lukla in Himalaya with this aircraft! It's a cool experience of mine in line of sofa aviation!😄
Hello there flyers. I need a little help from my friends. I just install a CRJ and the ATR offer by this site, but when I open the sim to give them a try my aircraft does not show even though it say just drop in community folder.
Thanks guys
This plane is verry good. thanks
Please consider fixing the propeller
representations...the dark circles are
so early Flight Simulator
I think it's a conflict with the workingtitle-aircraft-cj4 mod (0.12.1). Anyone?
I get a livery error on the right MFD .. yet the (included/default) Virgin one is the only one I have. Any ideas? Great addon, BTW!

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