H135 soundpack V1.4 with new sounds, fixes and MSFS latest version ready

Compatibility with Sim Update 5 has been confirmed.

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Version v1.4
Initial Release March 11, 2021
Last Updated August 07, 2021
File Size 301.06 MB
Downloads 29,364
Status Not Downloaded yet
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  • Version v1.4 August 07, 2021

  • Version v1.3 July 12, 2021

    Complete overhaul, lots of extra sound files incl Ai sounds and easy to install

  • Version v1.2 June 06, 2021

    Welcome on board this v1.2 sound pack for the H135,

    This is the first version which have active pich effects like blade slapping and other sound effects which change when the power is being increased or decreased, or the cyclic is being moved. Also all sounds are 7.1 surround now.

    Now just start your engines and enjoy your flight!

  • Version v1.1 May 24, 2021

    New effects incl internal Blade Slap effects

  • Version V.1.0 May 22, 2021

    H135 sound Pack v1.0

  • Version Latest beta May 15, 2021


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Pretty empty over here.


Have you managed to get anything sorted for the H145 Sounds yet?

Edit: External too loud. Sounds like not having aviation headphones on. Fine until startup, then you really don't want to blast the ears for very long. Maybe a "headset on" option that cuts the whine down to nearly nothing. Ramp workers use headphones because the noise hurts.

Thanks for your hard work. Sounds really great.

Erstmal respekt für die tolle Mod.

Leider, höre ich nach dem ShutDown im Cold and Dark immer noch das "knattern", gibt es dafür einen WorkAround?

Liebe grüße

Could you please make available the engine update for the H145.

I like the H135 engine sounds you have done already and would like to hear them on the H145.

this is insane many thx^^

This really compliments the H135. I made a video demoing the helicopter around the new addon for Stansted airport, the sound really brings it home! Thanks!


Das ist das beste Soundpaket für den H135 was ich kenne, super Arbeit von dir danke dafür.

Matthias, Again thanks for your work on perfecting the H135 sound , Joop

Thanks a lot! 😉

Love the update.. some really great additions to the sound. I do have one issue though... I'm hearing some very noticeable pop/click sounds that happen with the blade slap effect. Definitely doesn't sound like it should be there, some sort of artifact. Anyone else or is it possibly my system?

Hi all,

FYI: Works and sounds great with Sim Update 5😉

Hi! FYI just got the new 1.3 soundpack and in latest H135 dev builds it doesnt allow torque to increase past 8.0.. removed MMDesign folders and its ok

EDIT - deleting LocalCache\Content.xml fixed the issue

Hi, I think that with the latest version there is a bit too much blade slaps sound when in idle ?

I prefer the last version because sound in external view is horrible for me (wasp sound) ...

Already excited when getting home from work and test it =)

This update is very cool and seems to have fixed the blade slapping sound occuring because of the wind while the engine is off, I think there is a bug tho when you have your engines on Flight mode, with zero collective input, when you put your camera in front of the helicopter in outside view the sound almost vanishes, and overall the sound seems to lack something in that configuration (no collective engines on Flight mode on the ground)

Your works is very much appreciated tho so thanks a lot for this mod, it is great!

Hello! The EC 135 helicopter sound package is amazing. I really respect your work! Thank you for this realistic set of sounds with real sounds. I have never encountered such a professional sound package. Love it! Sincerely, Zoltán

Loosing Sound, all sounds are good but when aircraft is spinning up to blade slap I guess, all rotor sounds are gone, the only sound I have it a nice electric hum just as the only sound when you turn the battery on. Any Help please.

Sorry I must of had a corrupt file, deleted and reinstalled and working fine, sounds great.

This is a good effort and better than the original sounds, however, when you start Cold & Dark one of the sound files is already playing (Engine and rotor noise) - which is irritating. Otherwise, very good.

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