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Pushback Helper is an application to make push back operations easier.

  • No need to contact ATC for the jetway connection
  • No need to contact ATC for using push back
  • No need to contact ATC for calling fuel truck
  • Open and close aircraft doors easily (A320, 787, 747 only)


Extract all files to any location and run PushbackHelper.exe. There is no need to put into the community folder location.


If you wish to auto-launch the app upon the start of MSFS, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the MSFS installation folder and then subfolder LocalCache a) Typically C:\Users[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_\LocalCache b) This can vary depending on install drive or if you have the Steam version.
  2. In the LocalCache folder, find the exe.xml file and edit with your text editor of choice.
  3. Add the following snippet under the SimBase.Document tree, but substitute the path of where you installed MSFS Pushback Helper App.
  1. This is an example of an updated exe.xml file:
  Auto launch external applications on MSFS start


  • To show/hide UI press the Page Up key
  • To connect or disconnect jetway simply click the Jetway button.
  • To call the fuel truck simply click the Fuel button.
  • To start or stop push back simply click the Tug button.
  • The tug will wait in place until either Forward or Reverse is selected (remove the parking brake first or it will move slowly).
  • Once moving, select Left or Right to steer the tug.

Changes Special thanks to alex-johnson for his great work implementing v2.3 and v2.4 and v2.5 features.

v2.5 Changes
  • [FEATURE] Adds more ground services
  • [FEATURE] App no longer steals focus from MSFS so audio remains
  • [FEATURE] App will auto exit upon exit of MSFS
  • [BUGFIX] Adds better exception handling
v2.4 Changes
  • [FEATURE] Adds tug speed setting
  • [FEATURE] Adds parking brake button
v2.3 Changes
  • [FEATURE] Door buttons added to open/close doors
  • [FEATURE] Changed pushback method to new method with forward tug ability
  • [FEATURE] Added ability to scale app size
  • [BUGFIX] Fix crash on sim disconnect
v2.2 Changes
  • [FEATURE] Fuel button added to call fuel truck.
v2.1 Changes
  • [FEATURE] Jetway button added to manage jetway connection.
  • [FEATURE] Close button added to exit application.
  • [FEATURE] Moving UI is possible now. Just hold left click on the gray area between jetway and close buttons to move it.
  • [FEATURE] When you close the application last location is being saved and restored when you start application.
  • [FEATURE] MSFS connection status text moved to top of aircraft image and it is more readable now.
  • [BUGFIX] Crash to desktop when click buttons before app connects to the sim is fixed.
v2.0 Changes
  • UI is recreated using WPF
  • Shotcut key is defined. Press Page Up to show/hide UI. If you have multiple monitor you can move UI by pressing Shift + Windows + Left or Right arrow keys together.

Project  link: https://github.com/metindikbas/msfs-pushback-helper-app

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 2.5 April 12, 2021

    [FEATURE] Adds more ground services
    [FEATURE] App no longer steals focus from MSFS so audio remains
    [FEATURE] App will auto exit upon exit of MSFS
    [BUGFIX] Adds better exception handling

  • Version 2.4 January 25, 2021

    [FEATURE] Adds tug speed setting
    [FEATURE] Adds parking brake button

  • Version 2.3 January 25, 2021

    [FEATURE] Door buttons added to open/close doors
    [FEATURE] Changed pushback method to new method with forward tug ability
    [FEATURE] Added ability to scale app size
    [BUGFIX] Fix crash on sim disconnect

  • Version 2.2 October 27, 2020

    - [FEATURE] Fuel button added to call fuel truck.

Title Subject Last Updated Answers
Use of the program from FS2020
November 20, 2020
  • djorous
    1 hour(s) ago
    It is an amazing tool and I am using everyday!😃
    Question for the developer.
    There is a lot of people using Pilot2ATC instead of the default ATC to improve immersion and there are a few things that we are not able to do since we depend on clearance from the tower/ground, like the marsheling for taxing.

    Would be possible to include in this tool the taxi to runway and taxi to gate requests?
    In conjunction with Pilot2ATC, we would be able to completely replace the default ATC.

    Thank you!
  • Kafel
    1 day(s) ago
    Amazing! thanks for that update too!
  • jcachi
    1 day(s) ago
    I love what you have done with this new update! Thank you!
  • flygeorge
    2 day(s) ago
    Is it possible to do something when the helper already has the STAIRS function, so that the escalators in the game still don't leave after a while? so that they remain attached until I manually park them again. Thanks
  • killian5594
    2 day(s) ago
    woaw superb new version thak you
  • Smety
    2 day(s) ago
    works fine !
  • LiamJones
    5 day(s) ago
    this is a great tool but i cant use it as it crashes my game when i try to disconnect the tug
  • Gariot
    7 day(s) ago
    This is an amazing tool! I would love to see the stuff like the stairs, catering, baggage or shuttle (and whatever else there is 😀). But anyway - its amazing, thank you for your hard work. Stay healthy!
  • PWJT8D
    13 day(s) ago
    I love this tool, I can't do a flight without it, great job!
  • perella
    14 day(s) ago
    for the life of me i cannot fine the exe.xml anywhere, i have the steam version.... any tips.. GREAT addon by the way
  • fakeflyer737
    14 day(s) ago
    Any way to change the key that activates it by default (PageUp)? I need Page up for view purposes.
  • Rosenpeter
    16 day(s) ago
    Scheint gut gemacht, doch es lässt sich (bei mir) mit der Bild Auf Taste nicht öffnen. Habe ich da was falsch gemacht? Automatisch mit dem FS 2020 will ich es nicht starten.

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