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Version 2.5
Initial Release September 26, 2020
Last Updated April 12, 2021
File Size 146.07 KB
Downloads 82,925
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  • Version 2.5 April 12, 2021

    [FEATURE] Adds more ground services
    [FEATURE] App no longer steals focus from MSFS so audio remains
    [FEATURE] App will auto exit upon exit of MSFS
    [BUGFIX] Adds better exception handling

  • Version 2.4 January 25, 2021

    [FEATURE] Adds tug speed setting
    [FEATURE] Adds parking brake button

  • Version 2.3 January 25, 2021

    [FEATURE] Door buttons added to open/close doors
    [FEATURE] Changed pushback method to new method with forward tug ability
    [FEATURE] Added ability to scale app size
    [BUGFIX] Fix crash on sim disconnect

  • Version 2.2 October 27, 2020

    - [FEATURE] Fuel button added to call fuel truck.

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Finally we can pushback more accurately, thank you very much!

Works perfect for me except the PageUp key to show/hide, maybe it´s because i didn´t install Framework 4.7.2. Cheers 😊

Great tool, but a lot of people seem to have a problem with uninstalling the app.

Deleted from system in favor of Toolbar Pushback. This UI looks horrible, shortcut doesn't work nor can be changed easily. Seems deliberately made to be near impossible to fully remove to. Since uninstalling 0 threats got found on scan where as one was picked up while had installed so really not sure what that's about. Plus almost all aircraft would bounce uncontrollably should I go at any speed above a very very slow crawl. I can't review for some reason but if could would be 1 star

Is there a way to uninstall this app if it causes problems? It doesn't seem to work. Says disabled.

how do i uninstall it?

hi so i was using this app for ever but just yesterday the app lauched but it did not show up on my screen i tryed pressing page up but nothing and i re dowloaded it many time so some one pls help

Thanks for the great work, I'm a early user and the tools is amazing with more options at each update. So many thanks guys !

Something would be very cool could be connect over network from other PC. That's be very useful for homecockpit 😉

Thankyou! Excellent! Please see my video on this neat little addon



Great app Just what I wanted. No need for all that ATC rubbish. thanks

dear sir thank you very mutch for your indispensable addon pushback

please may can you light the button of luggge or jaitway and other like door main when in use

thak you very mutch


Nice tool. Very helpful.

Hotkey "page up" doesn't work. (I call up the tool with the .exe that I have dragged onto the taskbar)

Really Great App! Very well constructed! Can anybody tell me how to change display size and screen position? Thanks for the App!

im pressing page up its not working

how do i activate it?
Since the latest MSFS patch the pushback helper does'nt work for me anymore. :/ the program opens and i can see it running but the pushback helper does'nt appear on screen.

edit: with 2.4 everything works fine..
How exactly is the command sequence to start the PushbackHelper automatically in MSFS!
That would be very helpful for this super tool.
Thanks in advance
Warning : the 2.5 version doesn't work.😠
With de 2.4 version, no error message.
It is possible to use the Pushback Helper in VR.?
Doesn't work. 😞


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