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Version 5.8.5
Initial Release February 19, 2021
Last Updated January 26, 2022
File Size 58.12 MB
Downloads 29,456
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Compatibility Sim Update 7
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Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 5.8.5 January 26, 2022

    FEATURE: Remove airports with area mismatch (only if there are remaining airports)
    FEATURE: Prevent running more then one instance of the Collector

  • Version 5.8.3 January 26, 2022

    FEATURE: Now tags hierarchy is also get exported using the context menu export function
    BUG-FIX: In case of airport-area mismatch, Airports architypes with no actual airports may have been created

  • Version 5.8.2 January 23, 2022

    FEATURE: Support tagging Aircraft\Piston\Cub Crafter NXCub: Cub Crafter NXCub
    FEATURE: Support tagging Aircraft\Helicopter\Bell UH-1H Huey: Bell UH-1H Huey
    FEATURE: Support tagging Aircraft\Helicopter\Airbus H125: Airbus H125
    FEATURE: Support tagging Aircraft\Helicopter\Bell UH-1H Huey: Bell UH-1H Huey
    FEATURE: Support tagging Aircraft\Helicopter\Bell UH-1C/B Huey: Bell UH-1C/B Huey
    FEATURE: Support tagging Aircraft\Utility\Antonov An-2: Antonov An-2
    FEATURE: Support tagging Aircraft\TurboProp\de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter: Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter
    FEATURE: Support tagging Aircraft\Piston\Grumman G-164 Ag Cat: Grumman G164-B Cat
    FEATURE: Support tagging Aircraft\WW2\Hawker Hurricane Mk I: Hawker Hurricane Mk I
    FEATURE: Support tagging Aircraft\WW2\Hawker Sea Hawk: Hawker Sea Hawk
    FEATURE: Support tagging Aircraft\TurboProp\Kodiak 100 Series II: Kodiak 100 Series II
    FEATURE: Support tagging Aircraft\Helicopter\Sikorsky H-34: Sikorsky H-34
    FEATURE: Support tagging Aircraft\Fighter\Dassault-Breguet Super Étendard: Dassault Breguet Super Étendard
    FEATURE: Support tagging Aircraft\WW2\North American Aviation T-6 Texan: T-6
    FEATURE: Support tagging Aircraft\Piston\Waco ATO Taperwing: Waco ATO Taperwing

  • Version 5.8.1 January 22, 2022

    FEATURE: Support tagging Aircraft\Helicopter\Airbus H125
    UPDATE: Manual updated to version 5.8.0

  • Version 5.8.0 January 21, 2022

    FEATURE: Addon location would now be decided by finding where most of the airports it describes are
    FEATURE: Double quoted tree tags (e.g. coordinates) are now presented with dual apostrophes
    FEATURE: Clearing the extract field in the settings tab would prevent archives extraction
    UPDATE: Support tagging Aircraft\Piston\Beagle Aircraft Scottish Aviation Bulldog & Aircraft\TurboProp\de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter
    BUG-FIX: Exclude MYNN airports

  • Version 5.7.9 January 18, 2022

    BUG-FIX: The lowest value of aggregated results charts in the stats tab contained one value only
    BUG-FIX: Some stat's tab charts actually contained one more item than its title declared

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Pretty empty over here.


Is there any way to just use the addon's scenery map function without actually extracting all the mods? I have hundreds of Gb and don't actually don't want to use the automatic addon manager feature. I like to place them in the community folder manually 😊 But since I have a lot, I'd like a tool that places them on a map where I can visualise them.

Hi, I had to reinstall my windows 11 from scratch and after reinstalling MFS Addon it no longer adds another another source after mounting it in the folders tree section.

I mean I used to mount another folder from another hard disk which contains several addons and I can't do it anymore. It just let me mount one folder by one folder from the that other disk which is a pain if you have dozens.

Any solutions? Or it is just me?

Thanks for your amazing tool!

I have my Extract Path as


And the the Source folder is F:\Games\FS Addons\Airports. This folder has all my preexisting airports sorted in subfolders by country.

When I drag and drop an archive onto the window, it is put inside the Source folder inside a folder called "Extracted". Am I doing something wrong? The addon is correctly tagged in terms of location, but the extracted folder is being put in the wrong location.

A lot of addons get a red link check, why is that. It makes them unusable. Can somebody help me quickly?

Just reinstalled the app and it has sorted things out and given me over 500 extra folders? EG FS 2020 Addons#1, FS 2020 Addons#2, FS 2020 Addons#3 all the way to FS 2020 Addons#529?


very nice tool, well done. Thanks

Hello Shay,

I am afraid I just cant handle a daily update. It basically needs almost a day to redo the logging process for even a shallow analysis. While that is going on I cant use MSFS. Also although it is supposed to update automatically, it doesnt unless you deactivate a security requirement that Microsoft and kaspersky do not recommend. Also Kaspersky continues to require a restriction lift on this program every time I update it.It is a shame because I do like it when it is up and running. Perhaps you could limit updates to weekly or fortnightly, since all other MS updates seem to be monthly?

Kind Regards,


Hi I'm not able to see the addon content from enjoyitfly. It seems that extraction doesn't work properly. (probably I'm doing something wrong here). Could you please help me to understand the issue? regards

I see the addon starts automatically when starting the computer. I don't remember allowing that while installing. Can I change that? I don't neet the addon in my daily office work.

Hi there,

For some reason the add on collector just wont pick up the Ryan_Navion_BFG.

I have tried searching on every possible option but it just wont pick it up. Any suggestions on hopw to go to a specific fiel and add it?

Kind Regards



After installing the app, nothing was happening. Cutting the story short, I found out that is because my source folder is ina network folder. I did try to move some small folders to a hard drive in the computer, change the source folder path to it, and voila, all working.

I can't move 122 GB of addons to a hard drive, I have to keep them in the NAS, but the tool seems not happy with that, any suggestion?


Hi, Excellent tool! Thank you!

Is it possible to have the "source" from more than just one location? From different HDs for instance. I have a small SSD for the addons that I use quite often, but I have the rest of the addons in another HD. I´d love to be able to have them all on the map.


Oh, I´ve just seen you answered the very same question a few posts down. Got it now!

Too complicated for me.

Great tool to reduce the content in the community folder.

But maybe a suggestion.

1.) is it possible to make a flight plan (departue and destination.....and the Add-on collector will add automatically all necassary scenbery files, airports, etc. Maybe in a direect route hwhch is e.g. 50km wide?

2.) can a second (or multiple) source folde be added (e.g. for cities) to it wil be possible to hold them outside the normal airport add-on folder

Thank you

Bonjour et encore merci de ce fameux logiciel ! j'ai une question : comment puis-je augmenter le nombre d'aéroports sans avoir de case rouge, car je suis limité ! Merci et bonne journée...

Hi again Shay

Something has happened with the current update. All my setting/preferences have disappeared. The tagging structure we discussed the other day (and all of the work I then did implementing it) has gone. Everything is being retagged from scratch (and you know how long that takes for me) and if I try to restore my backup from yesterday the program crashes and closes down.

What has gone wrong?


Do you think you could limit updates to once per week please? I find that the only way to update is to uninstall the previous version and then reinstall. Your suggestion about how to disable Windows from preventing updates says that this seriously exposes the computer. So I have to uninstall...reinstall...and then get kaspersky to recognise it each time. Not a complaint...I am finding this a real advantage but I would prefer to update weekly rather than daily

I'm finding this app to be a bit confusing and unreliable though it has a ton of promise

  • I really wish I could change the tag for an addon via the UI. Many things are mis-tagged and as far as I understand the only solution is editing the CSV
  • The app is not auto-updating as far as I can tell. I'm on version 5.2.9 and it hasn't updated to 5.3.1. I'd seen other users indicate there's an auto-update feature but I haven't seen it happen.
  • All of my logs got deleted and replaced by a single broken log after my first day of use. It had shown several logs prior to that. It seems to have also stopped recording any new logs (again on 5.2.9 currently, started happening on 5.2.7 IIRC)
  • Many times I've loaded the tool only for many, most or all addons that were previously selected to be deselected
  • The app seems to disappear in flight. I'm not sure if that's why my logs are broken but I have to re-launch it after the flight
  • The "Folders" view is not showing all folders. I have mounted an Aircraft folder containing my payware and it shows 1/3rd of the folders that should be there. This is true for other folders as well.

I am trying an uninstall and fresh install of 5.3.1 now. Edit: Clean install didn't help.

I have raised my rating. Sorry I guess I was frustrated. I'm in my 70's and it sometimes takes me a while to get the hang of things. That's why I do Flight Sim to try to keep sharp. I will read the new manual carefully. I do appreciate all the work this must have been. Thanks Bob

I am on version 5.2.5, and the auto-update function seems to be not working.

I run the app with Admin permissions.

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