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Merril C. Meigs Field (KCGX)

Meigs Field... No need to explain the nostalgic importance of this airfield… Remember those good old days again with this full recreation of Meigs Field!Both Free (1.6) and Pro (2.2) versions updated to improve compatibility with DD Chicago Landmarks addon and to completelly remake the bay...

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Initial Release
September 25, 2020
Last Updated
2 year(s) ago — 1.6

Meigs Field...

No need to explain the nostalgic importance of this airfield… Remember those good old days again with this full recreation of Meigs Field!

Both Free (1.6) and Pro (2.2) versions updated to improve compatibility with DD Chicago Landmarks addon and to completelly remake the bay area with custom night lighting and creating a water strips for a seaplane dock (which will come in the next update).

Pro Version:


Official forum thread

  • Custom Terminal building, with handmade interiors, full night lighting and hyper-realistic PBR materials (only Pro Version).
  • Custom Control Tower with control room interior, full night lighting and Custom PBR materials. 

  • Custom handmade Hangar with interior to spawn from or to park back. 

    Free Version:
  • Historically accurate runway and, taxiways and parking areas.
  • Full night lighting.
  • Full ATC functionality.
  • VASI22 (historically accurate).
  • Ground services such as push-backs and fuel refueling.
  • Complete remake of the bay and docks by the side of the airport.
  • And much more!

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  • Updated to version 1.6

  • Updated to version 1.5

  • Updated to version 1.4

  • Initial File Release

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Thanks by your scenery, that I have used by several times. Now, with 40th Anniversary Edition I will not use it anymore. Anyway, really thanks.

Just downloaded this and it doesn't clear all the tress away; some taxiways are blocked by groves of trees, as well as the north end of the runway, in the displaced threshold.

I had an earlier version of this installed some time ago and it was perfect. Has something changed with MSFS to create this tree issue? And would the Pro version fix it? Happy to buy if it does, but don't wanna spend the money if it doesn't.

EDIT: Based on some other recent comments below, it appears the dev has abandoned this addon, so I definitely would caution against giving him any money for the Pro version, as it doesn't appear to work properly anymore.

Sadly you cannot enter the hanger or the terminal building to see the interior modelling on the pro version because changes were made to the collision materials in the camera mode in FS in April by Asobo. A shame as it was very good.

The history in Flight simulator of the recreation of this small quant business airport on the shoreline of CHicago is of EPIC proportions to the flightsimmers of "back then" .. This was where you would start a flight in your early Flightsim carreer... Now guillermo has recreated this awsome little field in all it's brilliance. Ofcourse i jumped for the Pro-edition, but it needs a little TLC. On the approach, the terrain is sticking out above the runway, well, at least on my version. Love yer work, hope you come back to look at this stunning job you did to make it future/update ready again! 😉 Thanks for recreating this piece of FS history.

I have the professional version and none of the buildings are showing up. The tower is nothing like the picture as well. Send a picture in an email to the developer.

The pro version don't display the terminal. I've been sending e-mails to support with no reply

Bought the pro version of this scenery, well made and certainly brought back memories. My own personal issue with this scenery is the colour of the control tower which is completely wrong, it's a dark brown colour, not white

Nice work, works well, just some trees on the field where they shouldn't be, I wouldn't pay money for that, not a good advertising. But... the tower was black and the hangars were more dark. There's a more accurate freeware on this site as your payware. Your payware isn't worth to buy with a white tower, do some reserch.

Beautiful work on both free and pro version. Pro version works great with SU5 of course. And as navaids are still the same today near the airport (CGT VOR), it is still possible to perform the shore visual approach runway 36, as in the video below starring your scenery !


Great job and thank you !

I downloaded the free ver.1.6, but in MSMF-, if you press the "FLY!" Button after specifying the departure airport Meigs, the pc will stop reading halfway. Do you have any plans for this versionup?

In my mind, it will always be where it was the last time I flew out of Meigs Field. Thank you for reaffirming it! 😊 Excellent Job, felt like coming home.
The new MSFS update has affected your airport. Grass in now growing inside the terminal on the first floor and the boats seem like they are sitting in a swamp. Its like the lake levels dropped significantly. Everything else seems to be working OK so far.! I love this Airport.!!
do you have the charts for this airport?
I lost Meigs Pro after MS update #3.
It was in the Content Manager but didn't show in-game.
Tried renaming the folder starting with an "a" and bingo! it worked perfectly.
Thanks for the tip!!
Hello, I have lost Meigs Field. I have seen it today, so I suppose it will be due to sim 3.
I have also tried the mod of Ichankal. With none it appears, neither as an airport, but neither as a scenery (buildings, etc), there is the default setting of the fs with the actual park

I have several airports installed (especially of Spain) and they work ok.

I don't have any other scenery in the Chicago area
Now that we have working helicopters in MSFS it would be great if the helicopter pads at Meigs were available as a parking position selection.


2 year(s) ago
Strange problem -- I cannot get the runway to show up. Everything else is there (buildings, planes) but no runway. I have tried everything, including running MSFS with no other add-ons. Also made certain that "draw on terrain" is turned on in dev mode. Any ideas? This is not a problem in any other location except St. Helena.
Hi, I purchased the pro version..worked absolutely fine.

Today I purchased the DD Chicago Landmarks and unfortunately there appears some issues with integration. I can only see the runway, most of the buildings are gone, water appear on the side of the runways.

can you help please

Think I found a solution.
As I normally use the MSFS Addons Linker for my addons including Meigs and while DD Chicago Landmarks is automatically installed into the Community folder, this appears to create a problem with the way Layers work in MSFS scenery.
My solution was to put the Meigs folder directly into the Community folder along with DD Chicago Landmarks. Meigs has to be above Chicago therefore simply renamed Meigs with an a_ prefix. This allows Meigs priority over Chicago.
Hi, just istalled the pro version and definitely there's no ghost hill next to the stadium. Works like a charm along with DD Chicago Landmarks. An immediate favorite!!
Only a couple of questions, please:
1) I see I can download either v2.1 or v2.2 from Simmarket. No reason to download v2.1 anymore, right?
2) How will I know if/when you release further updates?
Thanks in advance, best regards.
Thank you for your hard work. I lived in Chicago when Meigs was active. It's good to see it back, at least digitally.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 1.6 February 09, 2021

    Version 1.6

    - Complete remake of the Bay Area, with custom night lighting.
    - Improved compatibility with DD Chicago Landmarks addon (third party).

  • Version 1.5 December 20, 2020

    - Solved a problem affecting some users where the airport needs to be reinstalled after each FS update.
    - Added new light poles to improve night lighting.
    - Improved runway, painted lines and apron textures.

  • Version 1.4 September 28, 2020

    - Finally solved the ground pump issue. Now runway, taxiways and aprons are "smooth" concrete, as they should be ;)
    - Added ATC functionality: Ground, Tower and Ground services (including pushback and fuel).
    - Complete rework of taxiways and parking areas (three different parking areas: "Parking (center)", "North parking" and "South parking".
    - Corrected the missing lights problem in some areas of the taxiways. Now all lights are perfectly aligned with taxiway edges.
    - Added new textures for parking slots.

  • Launched September 25, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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