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#Fictional Drag and Drop

Be a high roller whale with this Gold plated Carbon airframe Cessna Citation Longitude. 
Peasants in normal general aviation will bow down to you when you use this livery. 

Credit to Slinky for original design idea. 
Thanks to PharaohSteve for the screen shot

V1.1 Updates Ui name and Thumbnail

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.1 September 25, 2020

  • Launched September 24, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.

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    February 21, 2021

    This livery makes the plane really bling bling, I like it!

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    October 15, 2020

    Beautiful combination of colors ;-)

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    October 07, 2020

    Awesome livery! Thank you!!

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    September 30, 2020

    Great livery thank you. Is it possible to make a version of this where the wing leading edges and engine nacelles are the normal aluminum color and not gold?

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    September 27, 2020

    I Love the black an gold design, i also have it in the TBM930 that you did, and love it. can you make it in the Red Wine. for this one to.


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    dwendel replied Author
    September 28, 2020
    Slinky did the TBM
    RavenNeo replied
    September 28, 2020
    Yeah i know Slinky did the TBM, but can he do the same Red Wine design for the Citation Longitude is what i meant.?
    dwendel replied Author
    September 29, 2020
    I will add it to my to do list.
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    September 24, 2020

    This is beautiful, thanks for working on this!

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