GSX Profile for the payware UK2000 Aberdeen, Scotland (EGPD)



  • VDGS Safedock at relevant stands
  • Passengers walk in from the terminal as in real life
  • Passengers can be seen walking inside the terminal (there is a version without airport walkers if PC performance is poor)
  • Advanced pushbacks for each stand according to Navigraph charts
  • Stands are sorted into aprons according to Navigraph charts
  • Handling is provided by HIA and catering by DNATA
  • Custom vehicle placements



  • Parkings 1A, 7A, 10A, 10L and 10R aren't available, because UK2000 didn't publish navdata for them
  • Due to all the UK2000's static scenery junk on the apron (such as static stairs and pushback trucks), STOP positions at gates 2, 3, 4, 5 and 12 have been moved 2-3 meters back, so that GSX stairs can fit and passengers have access to the aircraft
  • I haven't touched any helipads or hangers, apart from sorting them into the appropriate category


Installation: unzip the .zip file, insert the .ini and the .py file into %Appdata%/virtuali/GSX/MSFS and remove any other files in this folder starting with "egpd"