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For complete information and version history, please read readme.txt
ModManFX free for ever generic mod manager utility.
ModManFX manage your mods and do all necessary files backup in one click.
ModManFX have dedicated features for MSFS 2020 and use symbolic link to install mods.
(c)2021 Skypat

Btw you can donate with Paypal to sustainable development :)

It's a portable App, enjoy!
Extract from zip then put ModManFX64.exe file somewhere on your harddrive
NOT in *\WINDOWS...* and NOT in *\Program files...* and NOT in your game folder
ie: *your drive:\MODMANFX\ModManFX64.exe*
Launch it.
A blue Microsoft windows message will occur saying "Unknown product", just bypass...
It will automatically create its subfolder at first launch.
Some Sensitive antivirus can warn you, it's due to some shell command software used (https://www.autoitscript.com/site/).

MSFS2020: At first launch when ModManFX ask you for game root folder, you must show him MSFS2020 "community" subfolder (the openfile dialog box tell it).
OTHERS GAMES: At first launch when ModManFX ask you for game root folder, you must show him game ROOT folder.
ModManFX will ask you to add your first mod to the list.

At each launch, if the mod list is empty, ModManFX will ask you to add your first mod to the list.

3 - MSFS2020 tips about ZIP or FOLDER mode
If you authorize ModManFX to unzip files when it ask for, you don't need at all to take care about ZIP file structure, ModManFX will install mod correctly to community folders in all case because it looks for specific files to find the good subfolder.
But if you don't authorize ModManFX to unzip files, ZIP files must have a good file structure.


For ALL GAMES and specially for MSFS2020, the safe and better way is to use the "IMPORT MOD" button to add a mod to the list.
ModManFX will ask you to enter the MOD HOME URL, it's optional but it's useful for checking manually future mod update.
So you will use "UPDATE MOD" button when an update will be available. 
ModManFX will ask you for the ZIP mod update.(and you won't loose type, subtype, model, countries sorting and all informations you put manually).

MSFS2020: if you take time to sort your mods with ModManFX, about type, model, subtype, continent, countries, state (at the right of ModManFX utility), you will able to install/uninstall i.e. all european continent mods (or one country and so on) in ONLY ON click (click checkbox at the treeview Mod Browser on the left).
After selecting mod in the main center list: (you can also use CTRL or SHIFT to select several mod), use the several drop down list box at the right to sort out your mods (only for MSFS2020 at this time). 
Modified things are saved instantly.
You can also enter your personal notes at the bottom right then click save.

This treeview will allow you to install/uninstall a whole continent's mods or a whole country's mods or others things with only one click on the checkbox.


For ALL GAMES, you can also evaluate mod with the "verygood, good, average, etc..." checkbox part on the right.

If mod's author wrote a text file, it will be visible in "Readme" Tabpagesame for .jpg and .png screenshots included in zip mod file you downloaded, it will be visible in "Screenshots" tabpage.

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Uninstall your mods installed with previous ModManFX 1.x version or just delete mods installed in MSFS community folder.No need to uninstall mod if your previous ModManFX version was 2.x.

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT using ModManFX with others games
Please read readme.txt.

Please read readme.txt.

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version April 19, 2021

    if FS2020 is not installed on a NTFS hardrive (ex: Fat or ExFat), instant installing mods with NTFSLink or SYMlink is not possible
    - Filecopy classic mode will be used (installing mods take more time)
    MSFS2020: Installing/uninstalling speed have been greatly improved, it's near instant even for several mods at once
    MSFS2020: Fixed a critical bug! when FS2020 was not installed on a NTFS hardrive, it was not possible to install mods. (thx to it0rcH for his help and test)
    MSFS2020: New! in mod files detail list, now you can see all mods subfolder which will be installed to "community" folder
    MSFS2020: New! in mod files detail list, now you can install or uninstall mods subfolder one by one (use CTRL or SHIFT for several).
    Useful for all megapacks skins !
    MSFS2020: New! when you select a mod, a message box will be displayed if it's not FS2020 compliant
    New!: introducing mod's presets list to save and load user's preset.
    To save a preset, use *Save preset* menu item: Only installed mods in the list will be included in the preset.
    To load a preset, use *load preset* menu item: Mods in preset won't be installed automatically and others mods won't be uninstalled automatically, just choose what do to before/after.
    New!: added "Backup and cleanup mod database" submenu to "Tools" menu to backup mod database and clean up obsolete entries.
    New!: added "Treeview" menu item to show/unshow and to sort out treeview mod browser by 2 choices
    New!: treeview mod browser is now resizable
    New!: ModManFX version number is now displayed in "about" windows
    New!: ModManFX generate GUID for each mod, tehnically useful for upcoming new features
    Fixed: in some case, mod list was not right after selecting a treeview browser item
    Fixed: MSFS2020, in very rare and obvious case some mods not installed were seen as installed (ex: not compliant mods)
    Fixed: in some rare case mod appeared two times in Mod tree browser
    Fixed: Some code optimized and cleaned
    MSFS2020: Added *3rd party* entry in aircraft subtype list
    MSFS2020: Added *Light* entry in airport subtype list
    MSFS2020: Added *ground texture* entry in airport subtype list
    MSFS2020: Added Airbus A330-300 model
    MSFS2020: Added Bombardier CRJ 700 model
    MSFS2020: Added Bombardier CRJ 550 model
    MSFS2020: Added GotGravel Savage Obstruction model
    MSFS2020: Added ATR42-600 model
    MSFS2020: Added ATR72-600 model
    MSFS2020: Added Edgley EA-7 Optica model
    MSFS2020: Added Airbus A320 A32NX model
    MSFS2020: Added Embraer EMB 110 by NextGenSimulations model

  • Version April 02, 2021

    Now Treeview mod browser show message during refresh
    Fixed: in some very rare cases, MSFS2020 Symlink folders were not sync properly
    Fixed: Search box filter is now more reliable
    MSFS2020: Added Chance Vought F4U Corsair=Chance Vought model
    MSFS2020: Added Airbus H135=Airbus model
    MSFS2020: Added Airbus A380=Airbus model
    MSFS2020: Added McDonnell Douglas C-17 Globemaster=McDonnell Douglas model

  • Version March 25, 2021

    Fixed: checking mod installation was not accurate in some obvious rare case
    Fixed: for others games than FS2020, some mod informations (ie "tested") was blank in the mod list
    New: Valheim game support added with specific dropdown list box
    Added default mod's type dropdown listbox for all games without specific listbox
    Added *Do not calculate mod size* menu item in *Options* menu to display mod list quicker.

  • Version March 14, 2021

    HOTFIXED: in some very rare cases, .rar mod files were not working any more.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Usoska
    2 day(s) ago
    Hi, very nice tool, works great.
    Would it be possible to keep custom Combolist when upgrading version ?
    I previously added a Bushtrip section in MSFS_type.ini that disapparead after upgrade. Maybe a fixed .ini file that keeps upgraded, and a custom .ini for eacth comboblist ?
    • Skypat
      2 day(s) ago
      hello, thx for your nice word
      Yes i will add this good idea to my todo list for an upcoming version
      btw, look at combolist subfolder, there are backups files so you can get your changes to copy/paste in updated files
    • Usoska
      2 day(s) ago
      Nice to read ! Again, thanks 😃
  • swifty
    5 day(s) ago
    having problems with this version cant unpack as my avg antivirus program keeps slinging into quarentine because it is malware
    • Skypat
      5 day(s) ago
      like readme.txt say:
      Some sensitive antivirus can warn you, it's due to some shell command software used (https://www.autoitscript.com/site/).

      but if you monitor ModManFX activity, there is not any traffic ingoing or outgoing from/to internet.
      I can't do nothing about your issue.

      i will just try to lower .exe file compression during compilation for the next version, it could help in some cases
  • JennyD
    10 day(s) ago
    upgrading to this latest version was a nightmare lots of stuff keeps going missing in the sim, never had this when i upgraded last time
    • Skypat
      10 day(s) ago
      sorry for that but first feedback about an upgrade issue. and there is no reason about it except if you moved mods file before upgrade then moved back after and so Symlink become broken.
    • JennyD
      9 day(s) ago
      solved the issue by removing every single mod and re installing them but today ive had a similar issue i unticked a file it unticked but the simlink never got removed and it stayed green in the program but with no tick .. sorry but this version is very glitchy seems to be what you do in the program doesn't always get done in the folders
    • Skypat
      9 day(s) ago
      where do you tick ? in the mod list or in the treeview browser ?
      thx in advance.
    • JennyD
      7 day(s) ago
      tree browser i was using
    • Skypat
      4 day(s) ago
      it's fixed in upcoming 2.1.x.x version
  • T0b1as
    12 day(s) ago
    Great work! Keep on going,...
    [The tree browser was a little bit buggy at the beginning (and while I sorted all Mods to categories) - but I'm not able to reproduce the bug and it's working now,...]
    • Skypat
      12 day(s) ago
      Thx for your feedbacks.
      About TVBrowser, yes, i'am fixing obvious bug on each version. Others fixes are coming in next version.
      It's only visual or sorting issues, your mods are kept fine and safe.
  • JennyD
    18 day(s) ago
    Is there a safe way to handle mods purchased from the market place with this mod, im already using it for my community folder and it is awesome but id like to be able to disable mods from marketplace easier then doing it through market place by removing them
    • Skypat
      12 day(s) ago
      Hello, logically, you can by adding a 2nd profile and pointing to FS2020 "Official\Steam" folder instead of "community" folder then move all "Official\steam\*" content subfolders to ModManFX\<2nd profile name>\mods\ then install what you want.
      BE CAREFUL, i don't know at all if it will work fine ingame or if it will corrupt FS2020 integrity. Never Tried myself. Do a backup first
    • JennyD
      10 day(s) ago
      i actually tried moving the content i wanted from the official steam folder to the modman folders it seemed to work fine. Content manager reports its not installed but purchased
  • charenton
    18 day(s) ago
    About in the app.: Nothing about version!
  • chr1sn0
    1 month(s) ago
    hey, nice work!
    but isnt tehere a way to create presets? i want to load serveral own created presets depending on the aircraft i choose. The only way i found, is to manipulate the dropdowns for that... but i don't like that.
    • Skypat
      26 day(s) ago
      Not a this time about preset
      But with tree view mod browser, you can install/uninstall a whole state or country or continent or a mod type in only one click.
      Btw you must sort out your mods first(only one Time after adding a mod)with categories
    • chr1sn0
      17 day(s) ago
      thx for your reply. I want to create black/ whitelist /depends on lists, because some (e.g. airplane) mods don't work together.
      Atm i've manupulated existing filter lists. So I've added to:
      - msfs_continents.ini
      -- "
      -- "
      I didn't use the location filters, so i now can filter on customized depending lists like that:

    • Skypat
      9 day(s) ago
      in upcoming version:
      introducing presets list to save and load mod's preset.
      To save a preset, use *Save preset* menu item: Only installed mods in the list will be included in the preset.
      To load a preset, use *load preset* menu item: Mods in preset won't be installed automatically and others mods won't be uninstalled automatically, just choose what do to before/after.
  • Claudius5
    1 month(s) ago
    your program a pure wonder thank you very much it deserves a good donation on paypal
    • Skypat
      1 month(s) ago
      Hello, thanks very much for your nice words.
    • Claudius5
      1 month(s) ago
      je vous ai envoyez un paypal
    • Skypat
      1 month(s) ago
      oh, thx very much for your support.
      so your nickname is very close to your first name, is'nt it (?)
  • akribie
    1 month(s) ago

    Just downloaded

    Asked for EGLF, but no data available for that airfield.

    Returned EGLF.pdf containing links to available EGL* charts, but this is an HTML file, not a PDF so cannot be opened in Acrobat etc. I used a text editor.
    • Skypat
      1 month(s) ago
      sorry but i 'am not sure about what you mean. If ZIP file contains an HTML file instead of a PDF file, it's due to mod's author.
  • Gixxar
    2 month(s) ago
    Great utility thank you for that. Is there a way to add multiple addons all at once?
    • Skypat
      2 month(s) ago
      Yes add manually .rar and .zip files in \ModManFX\profiles\*game profile name*\mods\ folder and use "refresh list" button
  • Aviapics
    2 month(s) ago
    Thanks again to continue working on this great add on manager.
    If I could make a suggestion for further improved versions, I would love two features, one to identify duplicates or conflicts and one to locate on a map the add ons (and it could automatize the location fields of the DB).
    • Skypat
      2 month(s) ago
      Hello, thx.
      About conflicts, will think about it.
      About map, sorry, i don't know how to do it, because theses informations are not available in mod files.
  • John
    2 month(s) ago
    Is there a way to insert an image file into mods?
    • Skypat
      2 month(s) ago
      you can but manually at this time
      it will be easier in future to add your own screenshot, it's on my todo list.

      so manually:
      1) go to
      D:\ModManFX\profiles\**your game profile name**\myfiles\** mod name ** \screenshots

      2) if **mod name** folder don't exists, just type and save a note with ModManfx utility

      3) if *screenshots* subfolder don't exists, create it and put your screenshots inside.

      4) actually ModManFX display 8 screenshots max, so if modder put his own screenshots, it will be displayed first..

      D:\ModManFX\profiles\Flight Simulator 2020\myfiles\Lyon Landmarks_h5zZr\screenshots

      only *.jpg or *.png files are supported

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