GSX profile for JustSim's LFMN Nice Airport scenery


- Custom vehicle placement at all gates

- Custom pushbacks at all gates

- Custom jetway heights to prevent passengers from clipping through the jetways

- Passengers walking through the terminal to the jetways

- All gates customized with the PMDG 737-800 and Fenix A320

- VDGS at relevant gates

- Accurate handling companies as per the airport website

- Accurate stop positions based on the aircraft type

It is recommended to use GSX's "reposition at this gate" feature when starting a flight

Disclaimer: Due to many issues with the jetways at this airport, some gates cannot utilize them, these have been reconfigured as walk-in gates. Due to these issues the stop positions will not be 100% accurate to ensure the jetway can reach the aircraft. Likewise due to the jetway modelling issues pax will start to float as they get nearer the aircraft, despite modifying the jetway root height as the jetway connects a good bit below the door.