GSX Walk-in profile for WU15 Mo I Rana Airport (ENRA)

Ramp 1 : 
Edited with ATR 72 and CRJ 550
No pushback.

Ramp 2: 
Edited with ATR 42
No pushback. (If you answer yes there is one straight back to ramp 1 option)

Ramp 3:
Edited with ATR 42
3 pushbacks. 2 facing each direction on the runway and 1 straight back to ramp 1.
Probably not realistic but only way to pushback if ramp 1 is occupied.

GSX automatically adjusts the stop position for ATR 42 and i do not know why. Thats why i made 
specific parkings. If you use ATR 72 or other aircraft on ramp 2-3 the marshaller will give you wrong stop position.
Likewise if you use ATR 42 on ramp 1 it will taxi you right through the marshaller. Stop where it looks appropriate.
If you follow my aircraft type per ramp you will not need to worry about this. If any of you know why GSX does this
please tell me :)

On this one you MUST reposition aircraft at current gate when you spawn onto a ramp. The default positions are not correct.

I placed a picture in here that shows what directions the ramps are edited to.


Place the .INI file in \Users\\AppData\Roaming\virtuali\GSX\MSFS
Remember to delete or disable other ini files starting with enra

If you have any suggestions to make or errors to report give a comment.