• Edited vehicle placements.
  • Jetways adjusted
  • Custom pushbacks with direction and NR/NL (Nose right/Left) designation.
  • Correct catering and handling
  • T1S-42 VDGS on gates 5-9, marshaller on the rest.
  • Python file to sort gates into more managable folders. See picture.

Main Terminal:

  • Gates 6 & 9 are walk in gates. Passengers will walk into terminal. Edited with A320
  • Gates 7 & 8 are jetway gates. Jetway settings adjusted so no passengers sticking out. Passengers will walk into terminal via 

Main Apron:

  • Stands 1-14-15-23 are bus stands. Edited with CRJ-ATR.
  • No pushbacks on 14-15-23. Stands are facing south towards S.Taxi from T straight towards the stands.
  • Stands 2-5 are bus stands. Edited with A320.

Because of tight spaces and to ensure jetways and stairs reach the aircraft door it is more important than ever that you:

Reposition at the current gate when spawning into the scenery.


Place the .ini file in :\Users\\AppData\Roaming\virtuali\GSX\MSFS
Remember to delete or disable other ini files starting with efro. Copy the efro.py into the same folder. 

If you have any suggestions to make or errors to report give a comment or send me a pm.