Deer Lake Regional Airport (IATA: YDF, ICAO: CYDF) is located 3 nautical miles (5.6 km; 3.5 mi) north northeast of Deer Lake, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. It is currently run by the Deer Lake Regional Airport Authority and is the closest airport to Gros Morne National Park and Corner Brook. It is the second busiest airport on Newfoundland after St. John's International Airport serving 300,000 passengers annually. Deer Lake Airport serves a large[quantify] area of Newfoundland, from the Great Northern Peninsula to Channel-Port aux Basques.

Deer Lake Airport dates back to 1953. Construction began in 1953, and by the autumn of 1955 a 4,000 ft (1,200 m) gravel strip was in operation. In 1959, the strip was extended to 5,000 ft (1,500 m) and paved in 1963. Eastern Provincial Airways began jet service using Boeing 737-200 aircraft in July 1969. Construction of a new terminal started in 1990 and was completed the following year. Deer Lake Regional Airport's 8,005 ft (2,440 m) runway is capable of handling daily service of Beechcraft 1900, Bombardier Dash 8, Bombardier CRJ200, Airbus A319, Airbus A321, and Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft.

In 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the airport suffered notable cuts to its airline routes.

The terminal is equipped with a restaurant, gift shop and other amenities. A large long-term parking lot is located on-site.

The airport is equipped with seven aircraft gates which are able to stand aircraft from the Beech 1900 to the Airbus widebody aircraft. Throughout the year the airport is equipped with deicing facilities.


Thank you for downloading my Deer Lake Airport Profile for GSX Pro.  This Profile was created using the scenery below by SIMADDON: 

Simaddon CYDF Deer Lake Airport

To install this GSX Pro Airport Profile into your sim all you need is 7-Zip, WinRar, or any type of zip/unzipping software.  Using either 7-Zip or WinRar will decompress the other without any problems.  Once the folder is decompressed you can then copy the .ini FILE inside the GSX Pro CYDF Deer Lake Airport Profile Folder named "cydf-lcf_tq" into the folder below:


To access this folder on your computer simply hold down your "Win" key whilst pressing the "R" key on your keyboard.  This will bring up a Command Line Run box where you can copy the above underlined text into it.  This will open your GSX Pro folder that stores where your DEFAULT Airport Profiles are kept, that's it!

Restart your sim - if you have it open, and once your Flight Simulator is up and running lookup "Deer Lake or CYDF" in your search box and choose the airport.  Now you are ready to activate the GSX Pro profile for this airport.

Once again you can find all my GSX Pro profiles for either Aircraft or Airport below (LINK):

PantherConsult GSX Pro Profiles for Aircraft & Scenery

And as usual, please "Comment", "Rate", and "Like" the profile that I created to bring to you this wonderful and immersive GSX Pro CDYF Deer Lake Airport Profile.

*** NOTE: You may or may not experience an alignment issue with your aircraft once you've picked a parking slot to start off in.  GSX Pro does not automatically put you into the parking slot that was created in the profile, it chooses the default spot that the developer created.  A way to compensate for this, according to the GSX Pro Discord mediators, before you start your simming experience activate the GSX Main Menu and choose  0 - Reposition Aircraft, then choose 1 - Reposition here at gate.  This will place your aircrafts front two bogies onto the created spot in GSX Pro.  Your alignment is now correct and your belt loaders, and stairs will line up with the PAX waypoint pathways that was created in GSX Pro.

According to GSX Discord you should always do this in any GSX Pro Profile you are using.  Not just mine, but any profile that is created and downloaded here in  A good rule of thumb to always practice...

*** IMPORTANT: Parking slot profiles were created by using the 737-800 airstairs.  This was due to the fact that by using the forward most stop point in each parking slot it did not leave much room for the regular pull-up stairs that GSX provides.  The bottom of the stairs would be an overshoot to where the beginning waypoint for PAX boarding and deboarding is located.  You'll notice this by the "marked" pathway that starts at the left side of the aircrafts fuselage.  Therefore, airstairs are used to accomodate this in each of the parking slots.

One last item, ONLY the 6 Parking Slots in front of the Terminal Building have been profiled in the airport.  Each of the parking slots have been modifed to be "Heavy" parking slots.  The six parking slots were labeled differently from each other and since wide-bodied aircraft are able to fly into this airport the modification of each of the parking slots seemed necessary so that you would not get the voice that says, " Your aircraft is too small for this...".  Now you can fly out of this airport up to a B737-800, as this was the aircraft I used out of my GSX Pro B737-800 Aircraft Profile for modeling the parking slots and its PAX waypoints and pathways.

**** SPECIAL ****

In Cooperation with other MOD Creators on I would like to share a link that SELF-INSTALLS GSX Pro Airport Profiles directly into your "%APPDATA%\Virtuali\GSX\MSFS" Folder. The Application is Called "Drag&Drop Installer for GSX Pro Profiles", this impressive little App will take away any searches or finds that you will have to do to locate the folder necessary to copy your GSX Pro Airport Profiles into.  Created by Elevate Solutions, a collaboration between >>FatGingerHead<< and smatthew. Click >>HERE<< to access the link to the Drag & Drop Installer Application.  Please remember that this application ONLY works for GSX Pro Airport Profiles, NOT Aircrafts created with GSX Pro.

*** NOTE: *** 

One of the things that help with immersion with ALL Simulator Aircraft are the payload settings, for you to get the most PAX on an aircraft when boarding and deboarding you need to set the payload settings in the sim for these aircraft between 30% - 100%.  You can save these settings by pressing "Save" and giving it a name or leaving the default name given to the file generated. If not done, the most you will see boarding and deboarding - in most aircraft that do not have an EFB to allow for Passengers, would be approximately 1 - 4 passengers.  With this setting set to 100% you will get the max PAX payload that the aircraft can accommodate. REMEMBER to do this, or your simulation immersion will be hindered to the lesser load of the aircraft.

**** IMPORTANT ****

When using this profile please make sure that the nose-wheel of the aircraft is always on top of the Parking Slot "Stop Here" line. If the aircraft is not on that line, then re-position the aircraft so that it is. You can do that by using the GSX Main Menu, choose 0 - Reposition aircraft and then choose 1 - Reposition here at current gate. Also, if that does not work you can always start from the runway and reposition the aircraft from there to the Parking Slot you want to relocate your aircraft to.


I have been getting a lot of messages sent to me at my upload pages. Grant it, I do look at these pages from time to time but when messages are added at the bottom of the page, I do at times miss them. I do however always have my DM open and look at ALL my messages there, for future messaging to me please use the DM feature to send ALL messages to me, you can use the comment section of the upload page for just that, comments. Any support issues I would like to have them sent to me via DM.

"Fly High, Fast and Safe Landings!"




For those of you who are using the Sim Addons Common Library, don't use it!  It adds people all over the walkway and people coming out of one of the terminal entrances.  I found this out by adding the Common Library and went back into the scenery and saw all the additions that this Library added.  It gets in the way of the GSX Profile.  If you want to keep using the profile you need to remove the Common Library from your Community Folder.  The most current one is version 9.6.0.  If you like all that "stuff" then by all means remove the profile as it will get in the way of the addons, sorry nothing I can do about that but let you know and let you make up your own mind on whether you like the addons better than the profile.