A little project I put together almost exactly 2 years ago. Bottom line, it is a missile, with a wooden desk and PC for a VC that goes faster than anything else in the sim, so simulator updates kind of "mess" with it. I hacked it together from the model I bought on Turbosquid, the Gauge Aircraft Sample Dev project, the TBM 930 glass cockpit and sounds and modified flight profile from an X-15 out of FS9. I tried to add exhaust effects and fine tune it just before uploading, but any changes I make to my original version crash the sim, so it is what it is.

Currently, it spawns in with an explosion of acceleration that immediately throws it on it's back, but if you can get past that, it's somewhat of a hoot to fly. The basic rule is little to no throttle, until you're going for a moon run. I can't overstate this: crusing speed is about 400 kts and maximum manuevering speed is 650, it happens very fast! In the video, I mix it up with a guy in an F18E once before I do a run up to the mesosphere and again I find him waiting for me when I come back down. For the entirety of both furballs, Waverider is at absolute minimum throttle and it is still overrunning this guy!

Remember to raise the invisible gear and flaps, you can see in the demo video I forgot to reduce flaps, so it was less stable and what probably prevented it from reaching the new maximum altitude of 134,500 feet. In the past, maximum alt was about 200-250k and you could scoot around a bit up there. With this latest sim update, the atmosphere is actually thicker up there and the rocket plane/missile tends to float in the upper atmosphere. Currently, ideal altitude for speed is about 63k to 70k and the maximum controllable speed is about 600 - 650 kts. Waverider will go much, much faster, but it develops a very strong tendency to roll over and if I allow it to remain inverted, I'm not able to control it that way, probably just because I'm not skilled enough to reverse my control inputs. Maybe you'll do better.

Anyway, it literally flies circles around the F-18E's, probaby Darkstar too but I couldn't find one. Enjoy!