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Version 1.9
Initial Release September 18, 2020
Last Updated October 16, 2020
File Size 1.94 GB
Downloads 11,698
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  • Version 1.9 October 16, 2020

  • Version 1.8 October 08, 2020

    changes v1.8:

    * Performance Improvements: Changed LODs to refine them. There should be less impact on your GPU, if you are farther away and can see multiple landmarks at once.
    * Added models: Pyramide Voesendorf, Pfarrkirche Donaustadt, Sternwarte Türkenschanze.

    I truly apologize for the multitude of updates. This will be the last one for some time however. Next step is to figure out proper night lighting of all models and to refine all models in Vienna's center. This will take quite some time.

  • Version 1.7 October 07, 2020

    v1.7 changes:

    * Added POIs: Point of Interest markers for all important Landmarks. You can switch them on/off in the game's menu.
    * Added a better version of Vienna Riesenrad
    * Added some wildlife in and around Vienna.
    * Improved fps performance slightly. Still work in progress!

  • Version 1.6 October 03, 2020

    v1.6 changes:

    * Improved performance slightly above inner city limits further.
    Added more buildings:
    * Stadtbahn / Metro Stations along U6
    * Volkstheater
    * Justizpalast
    * Rossauer Kaserne
    * Transmission Tower on Exelberg
    * A few more Trams - Can you spot them?

  • Version 1.5 October 02, 2020

    v1.5 changes:

    * Improved performance slightly above inner city limits. Models have a lower tri count now. Still not optimal.
    Added more buildings:
    * Church on Leopoldsberg
    * TU Vienna - Chemical Faculty
    * Missing buildings of Arsenal
    * A few buildings of Vienna Expo
    * Several Vienna Trams - Can you spot them?

  • Version 1.4 September 29, 2020

    - Added night lights! These is the first iteration of external lights (flood lights and ambient night lights). Emittive lights (windows etc.) still need to be done! However, the landmarks are not completely dark anymore. VFR now possible during night!

    - Added more buildings:
    * Arenbergpark Flak Towers
    * Powerplant Donaustadt
    * Arsenal
    * St. Othmar Church (The generic building was really tall and ugly!)
    * Several Vienna Trams - Can you spot them?

    For a full list of buildings contained in the pack, please read the description!

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Servus. I lived in Vienna (note my username) and this is a nice mod, but it needs Vienna's classic red trams for greater realism.

Hi Troglodytus.

While WU6 seems to make your Vienna project obsolete in reality some of the handcrafted scenerey (eg. Stephansdom, Stadion) are rather poorly done and do not mirror the real buildings. My question would be: is it possible to just use single objects of your package to replace the handcrafted ones? Thank you!

servus Captain!

are you going to adapt some of your great work for WU6?



6 month(s) ago / Thanked by Troglodytus

I keep running into your scenery for every corner of Europe. Thank you so much for your work!

I hope my pc can handle it? Thank-you! 😀
First I have to say thank you for your great work. I also bought the Vienna Landmark from Prealsoft and I was very disappointed from that. Yes your work needs more power from the Computer, and it may be slower in fps. But it's worth. you did it with so many knowing about Vienna and for me, who is living in this city, I can see that it's my city. Please go further with your work. I'm so thankful for this great work. Maybe if you fly in VR The pearlsoft Landmarks will work better. But you have to miss out on so many landmarks or you only get them in inferior quality. And i will pay therfore the same i paid for Pearlsoft. But please hang on!
Love it and it's not as bad on performance as some have said. Has made me want to visit Vienna for real and Austria as a country. Thanks for all your scenery packages they are top notch
Looks lovely! But before i download it is it compatible with the Gaya simulation's LOWW?
Awesome quality but unfortunately unplayable in VR… would love to fly around in the new H135 but it just gives me headache with approx 10 FPS or less… non VR in 4K works better but still laggy. 2080 Super, Ryzen 7 and 32GB RAM and Game installed on a NVMe drive

after some while another request:

with the new H135 helicopter addon - do you think it would be possible to make some helipads actually landable (AKH,...)?

great work!!!
clearly mentioned in the weak SDK manual.
Please be sure to change modellib.bgl to something unique for each file, like ZONABS-Modellib.bgl. See, please
you will get CTD issues with
Hi, just wanted to draw your attention to the latest release from a well-known scenery developer such as Prealsoft. They have just released a payware Vienna Landmarks pack. Just thought it might be of your interest, in order to study the solutions they may have adopted for the optimization problems you mentioned. Thanks once again, best regards.
Wonderful Scenery. I like it very much. But it‘s real frame-rate killer!
Thank you all so much for your ongoing support and your curiosity. Unfortunately I tried many different things to reduce the impact on RAM, without real progress.. Google's photogrammetry data is not really adequate for the flightsim, thats why I tried to remesh and bake the textures, however, since the available data has a really glitchy mesh and therefore all my baked results also were a mess if overdone to much, or no real optimization if not optimized enough.
I also tried to use the available "google importer" tool, however, its also far from optimized and the tool takes away many options to work on the mesh, as its directly converted into gltf format for MSFS.
Furthermore I tried to work with the import tool and Thalixte's "Optimization Script for Google Maps Data", however, also this way results in texture errors in after baking for 2 days straight. I've talked to the developer multiple times, we couldn't make it work..

So well, this is the current situation... the optimization has somewhat come to a halt. I've worked on close to 100Gb of 3D data so far and all I got is not good enough to upload it as improvement.
So for now, please bare with version 1.9 and lets hope either someone comes up with a way to optimize the data or me finding a new way to do it.

Thank you guys for all your support!
Any updates coming???? I cant wait 😞
Thank You ! You have done excellent job 😊
I was living in Vienna 30 years ago, haven't been yet scene then. Your scennery brings memory of this lovely city 😊
hello ask when is vienna 2.0 coming 😊
Hi! After some time I just wanted to ask if you have a rough timeline when v2 will be released? 😊

Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!
Wow, fantastic job! Respect for all the time and effort you invest here, I just started a similar project here for Linz and even though I'm just a beginner I can imagine how much you already put in this scenery.

Keep up the great work and thanks!

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