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Version 1.3.1
Initial Release January 08, 2021
Last Updated January 17, 2021
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#Handcrafted Exclusive Drag and Drop

Package Manager for MSFS (v1.2.8)

Easy & Fast
Package Manager for Microsoft Flight Simulator enables users to easily and quickly mange their Community content. 

Drag and drop your downloaded zip, rar and 7z files and add them to your Flight Simulator with the click of a button.

Package Manager also allows the user to manage the installed community packages. 

By providing an overview of all the installed packages and the option to remove a package.
    Just download a file directly from your favorite flightsim file share site, drop it into the Package Manager and hit the install button.
  • FREE
    Package Manager is free to download and free to use, forever!
    Just install and the Package Manager will automatically locate your MSFS installation and your Community Folder. If it is unable to find it you will be prompted to locate your UserCfg.opt file only once.
    Package Manager supports .ZIP .RAR and .7z. No extra sofware required!
    The Manage tab allows you to, enable/disable addons, Edit their manifest files (to correct their category,...) and much more! It's however not meant to be a sorting/categorisation/grouping app. There are already fine enough applications out there that do that.

Requires Windows 10, .NET 4.8 and a valid installation of Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS)

For more info, help and updates check https://www.rwy29.be/

In case you get a warning this might be a malicious program. It's because the code is not signed a contains File operations code (which the app needs to be able to manage your community folder!) But still downloading,installing and using the application is at your own risk. I can only guarantee that the code was virus free at the time I uploaded it. What happens afterwards, I have no control over. 

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These users have donated to johanptrs to keep him making awesome add-ons everyone can enjoy.

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  • Version 1.3.1 January 17, 2021

    fixed manifest.json encoding

  • Version 1.3.0 January 16, 2021

    - Fixed settings file not being able to save

  • Version 1.2.9 January 15, 2021

    - Added Type Item Counter in Manage Tab
    - Fixed settings saving

  • Version 1.2.8 January 15, 2021

    - Added Application Update Checking logic at startup
    - Recently added Packages will be marked in the Manage List

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I use your nice soft. In a next version can you manage "poi : Points of Interest" which are not in community folder. 😊

Incredible, except I have some 747 liveries marked as liveries in the manifest editor but it shows up in the unknown section, same with things marked as aircraft but show up in the liveries section

I use your soft. nice work. Best regards from France 😊
great work really love the app really useful hope in future updates to see more ways to manage ours Scenery when it comes to Cities Airports Landmarks Mountains Stadiums Scenery by added a sub category tab under Scenery tab
airplane mods such as rob youngs Bonanza and working title g1000/3000 mods show up as Liveries. That needs to be fixed somehow.
Excellent program thank you!!!
I have noticed that the new FlyByWire aircraft liveries are not installed into the community folder when using the program. Is this a bug?
A QUESTION PLEASE: Is it possible to disable / enable sceneries, while the simulator is running? Or do I have to shut the Sim off before?
Great, simple and easy to install and use. Made for dummies like me 😋.
Thanks for your time, Johanptrs!
And here in spanish a mini explanation: https://youtu.be/7zGUep_bh08
Ok, I installed the program and then, after opening it, I had nothing to do, and all my mods were there, excellent. Is better as far as any other.
Great and easy to use programme....however, when clicking on the "manage" tab, nothing appears/populates, just the background airplane...am I missing something??
Thanks for all you hard work and effort!!
OK I y use your soft. Works fine
Best regards from french Alps
Love the program!! However, what about a section for flight plans? There are several authors who have uploaded flight plans & they live in the Community folder - I have at least a dozen just for Canada. thank you.
Just got the tool today, and it's saved me so much loading time. Thank god it also auto-sorts my folders, I was worried I would have to do that myself.
The best manager I've testet so far! Only one Idea: maybe it would be possible to keep the programm in the forground, so you can drag and drop the downloaded zip a bit mire easily from chrome.
Just a short additional question. Where are the files moved to when i deactivate them? As there are no longer visibile in the community folder they must be moved somewhere else, right?
I have tried some of the well known and established tools to manage my extensions. "Package Manager for MSFS is by far the easiest tool to use. Focused on the essentials and very comfortable. As a user who normally uses MacOS and its simplicity, I am thrilled. Thanks a lot!
I have got problems with the display of scenries in your mod manager.
Could it be, that I have 170 subfolders with sceneries in the community folder. Even if I paste them into a different folder with only 10 sceneries left in the community folder I don't get a display.
Very simple and functional... drag, drop and done!
Awesome utility! The only thing I would add is the ability to monitor a folder for new downloads, so I could download zip files to a specific folder and have them automagically install into the Community folder.
Hello. Thanks for this simple but efficient tool. Juste one question : what is the purpose of "toggle" ? I see you can check/uncheck some or all of the addons, does it mean that you can temporarily deactivate addons rather than delete those you don't need anymore ?
Enable/Disable addons functionality is something interesting because everything that is inside the Community folder is loaded when you start MSFS. If you plan to flight once in Italy for example, then you don't need to load all airports or sceneries addons for other countries. But you don't want to lose those addons.
I've noticed that if you move the directy of an addon (inside the Community folder) into a subfolder, let's say for example /Community/**Disabled**/myaddon-directory/ then the addon will not be loaded in MSFS. In other words, addons must be located directly under the Community folder in order to be loaded and available in MSFS. You might use this to add such an enable/disable functionality to your program, by just allowing to move/restore addons into/from a subfolder (that the user can define) under the Community folder.
Do you think this might be a good idea ?

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