BigBench Project for MSFS


Sometimes you just want to sit back and relax. 

A bench is a good place to take a rest. A giant one is better!


So I have made an add-on with Big Benches. 


No kidding, they are real, most of them are located in Italy, but they are spreading in Europe as well

You can learn more about them in the official website

The website contains a map of all the existing BigBenches and the one that are in construction  (the addon contains all of them), and is the only source of data


- all the benches inlcuded in the Project

- Proper colors have been applied to the benches, according to the data from the website

- locations have been sourced from the website, some of them can be out of place by some meters

- those places (IRL during weekends) are crowded of peaple, so I added some from the superspud library, you can get them from here, very popular addon

- people placement and bench orientation are fully randomised, I made all the code outside of the game

- landmarks have beeen provided to help finding the benches, those will show on the Map too, if you want to toss them delete this file



Have fun!