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Version 2.4
Initial Release December 26, 2020
Last Updated January 28, 2021
File Size 282.36 MB
Downloads 32,917
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Airline Aviation
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  • Version 2.4 January 28, 2021

    1. Lighting improvements
    2. CG Position Fixed - fixed CDU CG bugs
    3. CDU Ident Page Fixed

  • Version 2.3 January 01, 2021

    1. Volume level fixed
    2. New livery added
    3. New Paint-Kit added
    4. New template added with new paint kit

  • Version 2.2 December 28, 2020

    1. Corrected thumbnails
    2. Improved flight model during all stages of flight - there are some nice changes here and it has fixed a lot of small annoyances.
    3. Engines start correctly when spawning on runway - no more cold and dark!
    4. Fuel consumption has been patched to consume more accurate values to the IAE engines

  • Launched December 26, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Cockpit in correct pos? Pls pmp

Every time I select and load this aircraft and select a route, MSFS 2020 crashes. I thought it was one of my sceneries and it took 5 hours for me to figure out it was this aircraft. I enjoyed flying it before but can know longer load this aircraft without MSFS crashing with no warning.

Why does my aircraft look so bad? everyone gets awesome reflections and nice textures while my plane looks like it was pulled straight out of FSX

It works completely fine with Sim Update 5

Bateries are on automaticly.

Is there a way to fix the obviously transparent cockpit roof?

So is this a321 currently playable?

Полностью рабочий самолет, совместимость с Sim Update 5 сам проверял все работает. Fully working plane, compatibility with Sim Update 5, I checked everything works.


like it

After reading negative comments here, I was skeptical about this add-on.

It turned out that this is awesome.

Use these 3 modifications together, then it works perfectly just like an A321 version of FBW A320.

It would be great if there were a wing view with a cabin window frame.

Please fix the lighting (shading), start up, and display issues...

Why dose the display not starts??!

FSX Import, never updated! Trash

I love this add on just needs wing views and a little more realistic wing flex nothing overboard though. Nice work and works really good in VR.

Great Aircraft! Thanks!
Comparing with flight psychics from the Normal A320Neo if you fly on final towards the runway you need a pitch of 3 degree. With the A320NEO you need about 140-150Knts of speed but the older airbus A321 will just climb or you need it to have near stall speed and landing it is soooooo different from de NEO. Why is it impossible to fly an accurate speed, have a positive pitch and normal decent rate without on de edge of stall and landing using the flare +1-2° degree pitch.

When counting down I must already fly stall speed and to get a soft nose up soft main gear first landing I have to retard far before 20feet to bleed more speed and then it is not wanting to immediately touchdown. A nice landing or a crash stall landing depends on only a few knots.

It must decent with about 40-50% fuel 3° pitch at 140-155Knts for a big bird and the spread of speed must be far greater to land. More speed mean less pitch ok but I can't have a normal pitch and speed to land and need a stall speed.

It cost me so many test andings to get the feeling back switching between those 2 planes. I use real cockpit pilot height+ a very little extra but in my flaire I need to trust my altimeter, starting flaire at 30-25 feet retard engines 1 sec after. But if you switch planes and also other planes FL2020 makes it hard to nail a landing if I don't see the runway in a flaire. But its same for pilots.

What do you recommend. It is just a game just adjust the settings so I set my height in the cockpit higher. Then you don't see the instruments but then you also adjust another look at an angle looking more forward so going up first to get the height and then also adjust the angle so I see the runway good and instruments. So now you see everything but every time another adjustment is if you reset your car seat every time in another position so it cost time to get used to it, like know the width of your car what is also hard if you as child always sat right and now left, I can't judge the exact margins not hitting parked cars when you go on vacation to London or Cyprus driving left and sitting right is for a driver hard when you sit your entire life left and now right. Me as passager I saw al cars very close by, few times hit mirrors, sorry but he couldn't judge precise the width in a small rental car.

How do you overcome this dilemma professional flying but every plane flies other and nailing soft landings where you can't see is HARD.
I add the folder AMP_321 to the community but when I start the game it does not appear in the hangar. I have uninstalled the FBW320. Any solution ? Thank you
This aircraft makes my sim get stuck at the "checking for update" screen.
The displays do not turn on and the aircraft is super buggy. I have tried with dev A32NX but still does not work.

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