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This paintkit of the Citation CJ4 can be used to apply basic weathering to any other CJ4 livery. The paintkit can be applied by putting your livery as layers under the weathering mask layers and then saving the resulting DDS into your skin's folder. See example skin here:

Please credit @IASAI and/or this link if you include the weathering in your published content so that other creators can easily find and use it too.

The paintkit features:

  • 8 Photoshop PSD files - 1 ALBD Albedo file and 1 COMP Composite file for each of: the Fuselage, Wings, Engines and Front Landing Gears.
  • All ALBDs and COMPs are in 2K resolution, except for the Fuselage ALBD which is scaled up to 8K. Scale up or down as desired.
  • Weathering Mask in each ALBD file which can be tweaked in strength by adjusting opacity as desired
  • Green fill added to each COMP file to reduce reflectivity: increase the opacity (currently at 15%) to reduce reflectivity more and make the skin more matte, reduce the opacity to increase reflectivity back to normal.
Weathered skin features:
  • Overall dusty filter 
  • Slight added transparency on the base livery file to depict loss of color to sun-bleaching
  • Adjustments to reflectivity to make this plane lose its shine
  • Panel shading to depict grime buildup and sun-bleaching over the middle of panels
  • Vertical streaking of dusty rainwater while parked and oil leaks
  • Sideways streaking from dirt and oil in flight
  • Specks of dirt around landing gear and engine intakes

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  • Launched November 27, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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    January 05, 2021

    This is very helpful mate thanks

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    December 05, 2020

    This is great! Added to a few aircraft. Any chance you can do the KingAir too?

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    IASAI replied Author
    December 07, 2020
    Cheers! No, I won't be doing that one - if anything I may try the A320 but it's an immense undertaking to do any weathered skins at all.
    cbet25 replied
    December 07, 2020
    No worries! Is there a tutorial on how to do it somewhere? Do you make all of the shading yourself?
    IASAI replied Author
    December 10, 2020
    I'm not sure there's a tutorial for it anywhere - and yes, totally handpainted.

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