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CYUL Enhancement

This scenery pack enhances  CYUL Montreal Airport scenery. If you fly from/to CYUL you are welcome to try it out and let me know of any issues you see there that I might be able to fix. NOTE: I cannot modify existing buildings etc.    This is an...

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This scenery pack enhances  CYUL Montreal Airport scenery.

If you fly from/to CYUL you are welcome to try it out and let me know of any issues you see there that I might be able to fix.

NOTE: I cannot modify existing buildings etc. 


This is an enhancement to CYUL Montreal Airport scenery. REQUIRED.

This enhancement uses fsdreamteam-gsx-world-of-jetways. OPTIONAL.

1. correct taxiways and taxi signs (hopefully)

2. correct placement of jetways, choose correct folder after download for your setup, GSX or NON-GSX if you do not have GSX

a)     cyul-montreal-gsx    is GSX

b)    cyul-montreal-non-gsx    is NON-GSX as per name.

3. additional ground markings and parking numbers

4. correct gate numbers and better sizes

5. changed de-icing area


To install.

1. If you already have CYUL Montreal installed go to step 2.

a). First install CYUL Montreal  run simulator to ensure that CYUL-Montreal-Quebec gets registered.

2. Install this scenery simply by extracting cyul-montreal-gsx or * cyul-montreal-non-gsx folder to your comunity folder



Sim Update 10
Intl. Airports
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September 18, 2022
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6 day(s) ago — 3.2



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  • Updated to version 3.2

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  • Updated to version 3

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2 day(s) ago / Thanked by AndyCYXU


Thank you for this enhancement addon. It is a great addition to the freeware airport from Five1Four. The gates are all numbered correctly now, plus I noticed there are new GA parking spots at SkyService, Shell, Execaire, Starlink and Signature FBOs. This is very much appreciated!



I think there might be a conflict with the Canada World Update. When I push back from the gate and release the cart, the plane rolls back on its own like its sliding down hill. Remove the enhancement and the problem went away. The new DEM data messing up the mod?



5 day(s) ago / Thanked by AndyCYXU

Thanks for all your efforts Andy. Love all your scenery. I'm using the non-GSX version and don't see any of the cool advertisements on the sides of jetways. Are these only available on the GSX version? I'm not at all familiar with GSX so apologies if this is obvious.



5 day(s) ago / Thanked by AndyCYXU

Well, it's not bad, as it does indeed fix the gate issues that the original CYUL addon has. I suspect Flytampa textures buildings etc will be superior to this, but it's still 100% playable. Until they release their CYUL version, this one is the best temporary solution.



6 day(s) ago / Thanked by AndyCYXU

Thank you Andy for version 3.1, it is a great addon to CYUL. Could you check on your side if you have 2 ghost hangars sitting near highway 13 in between the thresholds 24R and 24L ? I have this only with your scenery active.




8 day(s) ago / Thanked by AndyCYXU

Awesome addon. It would be even better if you added the parking on the east side where Starlink aviation, shell, and all the other charter companies are, next to 24L. It would be good if you can select it from the main menu as a starter.



13 day(s) ago / Thanked by AndyCYXU




13 day(s) ago / Thanked by AndyCYXU

Hi. The 2.1 RAR file contains a GSX and a non-GSX RAR file. Both seem to contain the GSX files. I compared the layout.json file and they contain the same files, although the size and date differ. Is this intentional? Thanks



14 day(s) ago / Thanked by AndyCYXU

Great work! I love the version 2. Im a regular CYUL user. This enchancement is awsome. Merci beaucoup Andy!

Also are you able to add lights to the Air Canada Hanger and Gate, also make the tunnel next to 24L, One other thing could you illuminate the deice bay, its missing taxi ways lights and apron lighting its pretty dark

gates 1 through 15 have no lights, The Aeroquay Terminal needs more lights. also the airport is missing the permiter fence



15 day(s) ago / Thanked by AndyCYXU

Great improvement over the base YUL add-on.

It would be great to see additional parking spots added later on at the Aeroquay satellite terminal by the domestic gates as these are typically used for regional flights (Air Canada Express, Air Inuit, etc...). And it would be nice if more gates could be changed to "Heavy" gates. Currently in the sim these are only being used for small/medium aircraft when in real-life they can handle widebody aircraft.

It would also be great if there could be gate assignments for specific airlines at some of the gates for AIG.

I can send you some details as I am a bit familiar with YUL having flown in and out of there on a number of ocassions.

Great work!



15 day(s) ago / Thanked by AndyCYXU

Very nice work but don't spend too much time on it as a Fly Tampa payware version is coming.



16 day(s) ago / Thanked by AndyCYXU

You should make this use default MSFS Jetways as well as not everyone uses or has GSX

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 3.2 September 28, 2022

    This is a minor update just removed the extra hangar that I was going to use to replace default MSFS generated Bombardier Hanger just north of Rwy 24L, I ended up using something else instead, but left the other one there by mistake :)

    Feel free to always let me know when you see goofs like that. :D

  • Version 3.1 September 26, 2022

    - added lights at various areas throughout the airport
    - fixed and added few gates
    - added more parking ramps in other areas of the airport starlink, skyservice, air transat etc.
    - replaced couple buildings with still generic, but more appropriate looking hangars Air-Inuit and Bombardier
    - other minor minor fixes and improvements

  • Version 3 September 22, 2022

    I think this is the last of the updates for some time as I consider it finished for what it was intended to be "an enhancement" :) for that reason I just name it version 3.

    -finished the satellite terminal area
    -more textured taxiways lines
    -low vis center lights
    -bunch of other small fixes

  • Version 2.1 September 20, 2022

    -added missing taxi and apron lights
    -added more lights at other areas of terminal gates 1-15 and Satellite Term.

    -more parking in satellite Terminal area will be added later wanted to release this ASAP for Important missing taxi lights

    New file is only one download contains both versions, then you choose if you have GSX use GSX if not choose the Non-GSX, easier for to upload and update here.

  • Version 2 September 20, 2022

    added a lot of ground markings
    many more gates and parking areas
    corrected taxi light low-vis
    custom taxi lines textures for main taxiways
    additional lights around terminal

  • Launched September 18, 2022

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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