This is a PowerPoint template on a 8.5x11 page for an X-Touch Mini. The other templates I've seen out there are Adobe Illustrator based and so this is for the average guy with just Microsoft PowerPoint. You can customize this, print it, then cut it out and overlay it on your X-Touch Mini. Obviously, the quality of your cutting will impact the outcome... I suggest a good hobby exacto knife, although even with that, it will take some practice to get good cuts so be patient and expect to take a couple of tries at it -as you can see from my rather crude attempt :)  

I got mine professionally printed and laminated at a local print shop before cutting it.

You can see that I've used a couple of different layouts... one for a G1000 AP (for Layer A) and PFD/MFD controls (for Layer B).  I also created one for the A320 AP (Layer A) with knob assignments for various cockpit lights on Layer B.  Of course you can easily change it to whatever you like.