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Hawker Hunter Single Seaters

The iconic Hawker Hunter, designed by Sir Sydney Camm, now available for MSFS. Containing 10 different models, the Prototype, F2, F3, F4, F6, FGA.9, FR10, GA11, PR11 & Mk.58, with a total of 22 paint schemes. Custom coded animations and systems, custom soundpack (not WWISE).

Sim Update 12
Initial Release
June 13, 2022
Last Updated
11 month(s) ago — 1.3

Hawker Hunter package for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS)

Simple drag and drop installation.

Package contains 10 different marks, and a total of 22 paint schemes.

The models have different drop tank options, depending on type as follows:

Prototype - Internal fuel only
F2    - Inner 100g tanks
F3    - Internal fuel only
F4    - Inner 100g tanks
F6    - Inner & outer 100g tanks
FGA9 - Inner 100 or 230g & outer 100g tanks
FR10 - Inner 100 or 230g & outer 100g tanks
GA11 - Inner & outer 100g tanks
PR11 - Inner & outer 100g tanks
Mk.58    - Inner 100 or 230g & outer 100g tanks

Note! These capacities are Imperial Gallons, not US gallons as used by the sim. See below for adding fuel.

To display the tanks the payload stations must have the correct weight:

155lbs - pylon only
160lbs - pylon with 100g tank
165lbs - pylon with 230g tank.

Fuel must be set to suit in the payload editor:

Inner 100g tanks - Fill to 120g
Inner & outer 100g tanks - Fill to 240g
Inner 230g only - Fill to 276g
Inner 230 & outer 100g - Fill to 396g

Unfortunately there is no way to automatically adjust the fuel levels without using WASM.
The fuel gauges and tooltips in the cockpit are calibrated for AVTAG fuel which has a different density to Jet-A as used in the sim, so will show different values to the in-sim payload editor.

Later models include a TACAN receiver, which if switched on commands the needles on the HSI. If the TACAN is switch off, the needles indicate VOR information from NAV 1.


Model, textures and coding by:    Dave Garwood
Beta testing: Ben Watson, Rick Piper.
Copyright and Distribution:
This aircraft is released as Freeware.
Copyright (C) 2022 Dave Garwood. All rights reserved.

This package may not be sold, modified, uploaded to any website without prior agreement.
The use of this package is at your own risk, the author cannot be held responsible. 



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Thank you so much. love the single and 2 seater. great work

Great, Thank You!

Adore this aircraft its briliant. Im really looking forward to the 2 seater version,is there any way to help expedite that process?

thank you

Love it

Its a real shame it appears that no further development is being done for this plane.. And its one of my favorite post war jets too.

loving it!!!!

Hi Dave! Congratulations for this fantastic achievement. Great job. However, i have a problem that may have already been reported? The pilot position is shifted to the right! A solution to this problem? Thanks again and sorry for my bad english!

The Hunter in video 4 k on my YouTube channel! https://youtu.be/Y16rRYka2-8

Excellent work.

amazing aircraft can't wait for the two seaters to come out. Any news on where the two seaters are being released?


This module is awesome! Can you please just add a way to fire the gun? Thank you!

such a great aircraft, thank you.

The undercarriage has stopped working once airbourne, any ideas what could be conflicting?

Dave, Really looking forward to T7 version, I'm part of a group in Canada restoring XL600 to flight status. Any chance of an all silver livery to match XL600's current paint scheme? Any timeline on the release? Cheers

Looks, sounds and flies fantastic. Easily my favorite freeware plane and close to the top even compared to payware. A masterful job

Superb! I just have to say, we need more folks like you building aircraft! There are pay-ware planes out there that don't even work this good!

This addon is absolutely Fantastic ! Its (in my opinion) the best freeware addon out there with most of the hunter variants. But do you know if a 2 seater variant for this addon will be coming anytime soon? I've been dying to fly one! thanks!

@DaveWG Need some help please. I am unable to get the tail hook working on the GA11. Can you advise please?

The absolute best mod plane hands down. One of my top 10 all time planes now. I only wish it had full panel lighting on at least one model, even if its not supposed to in RL.

If you dont already have this, what are you waiting on? This is AAA quality freeware, even better than payware. Get it now!

What an amazing plane, so much better than many Payware airplanes around... Thank you very much...!!!



7 month(s) ago

very good

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Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 1.3 July 03, 2022

    Drop tank code modified.
    Unclickable Chute switch fixed.
    Service ceiling in UI corrected.
    Parking brake added.

  • Version 1.2 July 01, 2022

    Pilot figure visible in interior view fixed.
    Braking chute can now be bound to the "ANNUNCIATOR SWITCH" command.
    Pilots notes edited.

  • Version 1.1 June 22, 2022

    Mach meter needle animation fixed.
    Oil pressure needle animation fixed.
    F4 model errors fixed.
    Canopy material adjusted.
    Over stress G limit increased.
    ATC callsigns added.
    Throttle code changed.
    Camera views adjusted.
    Wingtip vortices effect added.
    Payload pre-sets added.
    Payload visibility code adjusted for users with MSFS set to metric system.

  • Launched June 13, 2022

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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