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This is a custom bush trip around the north of Tanzania. You will be visiting Ngorongoro crater and Mount Kilimanjaro among other famous landmarks.
The Tanzania Bush Trip has six legs and can be completed with two different planes: Beechcraft Bonanza G36 and XCub. I think the route is best suited for the Bonanza G36, but if you want to take it slow and use the XCub (my favourite plane) then suit yourself. It takes three hours to complete the route with the Bonanza, and four hours with the XCub.
This is a rather relaxed bush trip to visit a very interesting part of the world, and the cradle of Humankind (maybe).
I'm very grateful to the users lithilium and f99mlu for their fantastic early bush trips.

1.- Download tanzaniabush_2planes.zip and unzip it.
2.- Choose your plane and unzip the corresponding file into your Community folder.

If you decide to try the other plane, replace the 'tanzaniabush' folder and erase the save file:  ...\LocalState\MISSIONS\ACTIVITIES\TANZANIABUSH_SAVE

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.1 November 14, 2020

  • Launched November 14, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.

  • Handyracoon
    9 day(s) ago
    Nice Bushtrip. Mas since Beechcraft36 is not conceived to fly with ice, why the conditions in leg 2 are -7C? The visibility from the windshield is almost null... Don't you want to put more realistic weather settings to this particular airplane? Or Am I missing something? Thanks
  • Blaubaer
    3 month(s) ago
    Can't find the landing strip near lake natron. 😞 So I can't continue the bush trip. (Maybe my English is infufficient.)
    • erafnaman
      3 month(s) ago
      Hello Blaubaer, I just added an image to this webpage where you can see Lake Natron's landing strip and hangar more clearly.
  • timkjr
    4 month(s) ago
    This is a really lovely trip, to a beautiful part of the world -- I'm particularly enjoying it after having travelled there recently! If I have to restart, I seem to lose my NavLog information -- am I doing something wrong?
    • erafnaman
      4 month(s) ago
      Thank you! I just restarted the first leg of the bush trip and couldn't reproduce the issue, sorry.
  • RolandK781
    5 month(s) ago
    Thanks for doing this trip! I having a ton of fun with the xCub! Great job!
  • Kebra67
    5 month(s) ago
    Hello erafnaman.
    I get the same problem (can't see the trip in the Bushtrips menu). I tried the workaround you gave but the trip is still not available...
    Best regards,
    • erafnaman
      5 month(s) ago
      Hello Kebra67, I just tested the bush trip with the latest MSFS update ( and it loaded correctly. Does your bush trip path look like this ...\Community\tanzaniabush\Missions\... ?
    • Kebra67
      5 month(s) ago
      Hello erafnaman, You're right I can see it now in the bush trips "menu"! The Xcub trip works fine, but, there is still an issue with the bonanza trip: I get the following error message : "several needed "products" are missing .Go to the content manager to download them" (translation from the french). I went to the CM, all seems ok... Anyway, I can still use the Xcub. So thank you erafnaman!
    • erafnaman
      5 month(s) ago
      I'm glad at least the XCub bush trip works. The error you mention is a bit odd since both bush trips are identical except for the plane, and I have the basic MSFS edition, with only the mandatory updates. I hope you like the bush trip after all the installation woes. 😊
    • Kebra67
      5 month(s) ago
      Hello erafnaman. I just finished the first two legs so far. Waouh!!! Amazing landscapes! It must be really fantastic to do it in the "real life"! I also have to face another challenge than the airport! Icing on the plane because the high altitude! Thank you very much!
  • pascal26200
    5 month(s) ago
    the folder is not recognized in msfs yet I installed it in the community folder
    thank you
    • erafnaman
      5 month(s) ago
      Hello, did you try this workaround provided by lithilium in his Adirondacks bush trip? " If for whatever reason the trip isn't showing in the activities menu (seems to be a rare bug?), go to FREE FLY, click LOAD, then browse down to the .FLT file in the mod folder and load it. Then back out to the main menu, go to activities, bush trip, and the trip should be there".

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