NZA Simulations - NZRO Rotorua V1.1

#Real-Life #4K Original #Handcrafted #Buildings #Sightseeing New Zealand Exclusive Drag and Drop

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Version 1.1
Initial Release November 14, 2020
Last Updated February 04, 2021
File Size 980.52 MB
Downloads 5,870
GPS Coordinates -38.108264, 176.315801
Status Not Downloaded yet
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  • Version 1.1 February 04, 2021

    Small update, busy with our upcoming payware. (:

    Updated Texture issues and LOD issues.

    -Fixed Shadow Baking inside
    -Fix Dark Textures on second LODs
    -Adjust LOD Ranges so be more optimized
    -Update AI pathing, not fully tested.
    -New objects

  • Launched November 14, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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The scenery is absolutely breathtaking, but I sadly have an issue whereby the interior textures of the terminal building, and the control tower are blank. I redownloaded and rebooted but sadly I can't find a solution. Has anyone had this problem?

Excellent work. Keep it up! Would love to see a new version of the Tauranga-s default airport. Would be highly appreciated😉. Congrats for all the sceneries, they are superb!
Guys.I need your help re Hobart and Cambridge packages.I bought both but am having trouble getting them and trying to log into the website.Have sent an email but having trouble with responses. Invoice NZA-27-3 - 1499.Did get a couple of them.Hobart parts 1 and 2 but the show error at the end of extraction and can't open them.Just can't get the rest.Everytime i click on the link in email it just goes to the shop.Doesn't download.Sorry to use this forum.Only other way I could think of contacting you.Cheers.Marcu
Absolutely love this!
whenever I try to extract the file it says it can't be copied due to the path being too long or something like that. Is there a fix for it?
EDIT: The issue I experienced was/is caused by a Bing Maps update that messes up a lot of mods right now. No fault of the developer at all, and they delivered excellent service when I reached out. 5 out of 5!

Would love to try this mod, as it sounds amazing. However, it crashes my sim on every launch. Any idea why?
Still got the modelLib.BGL naming issue. Can you please update this? This is a great scenery pack so it would be good to keep up with current naming conventions, including reducing your pathname lengths as they are causing problems.
Thank you for clarifying. Strange that someone else was using the words NZA and Discord in their title. Maybe that is why it was withdrawn. Anyway have a safe 2021. Cheers Dan
Nothing to do with NZRO, just wondering where the download has gone for NZA Discord Auckland v1.0 ??
Very nice indeed!
Only i couldn't find the coffee machine in the terminal, great work.
My man no cap
Thank you so much! I still cannot believe this is freeware. Any plans on doing Palmy? - Cheers
This scenery is incredible - great work. It's made it into my first ever Freeware Focus video, which aims to showcase the best freeware scenery add-ons I've found.
WAU .... nice work!
mate this is so good
Nice work..... perfect payware quality. Very, very impressed.
Cheers mate, this is amazing
Fantastic job, love flying into Rotorua. Any plans to do Paraparaumu ? Cheers
Love you work! Please, PLEASE do Tauranga! Flying between these two is my favourite sim pastime!


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