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virtualFRA - EDDF - Frankfurt Main International [Beta]

Welcome to Frankfurt International Airport As there is currently no real contender to Asobos Premium Deluxe Edition airport rendition of this important, a team around Integralo formed to develop a freeware Frankfurt Airport. VirtualFRA develops this airport in the spare time including, but not limited...


Welcome to Frankfurt International Airport

As there is currently no real contender to Asobos Premium Deluxe Edition airport rendition of this important, a team around Integralo formed to develop a freeware Frankfurt Airport. VirtualFRA develops this airport in the spare time including, but not limited to the following:

  • Custom buildings and assets
  • Correct and up-to-date taxiways and taxi signs
  • Correctly positioned lights and light sources
  • Living aprons with custom 3D models
  • And many more



For owners of the standard MSFS-Edition:

Simply extract the folder to your MSFS2020 community folder and you are done!


For owners of the Premium Deluxe Edition:

Please open the "content manager" and look in the middle top area of your screen. On the right-hand side of the search bar, there are two small symbols: a package and a list symbol. Please select the list symbol. Then type into the search bar "Frankfurt" and uninstall the "EDDF-Frankfurt Airport from Asobo Studio" Version.


You have BlackSquare Real Taxiways Europe installled:

Delete the following file "...\Community\bksq-euro\scenery\global\scenery\EDDF.bgl"

You want to use the awesome Nool VDGS:

We included compatibility to the great Nool VDGS System. Please refer to Nool on how to install his awesome VDGS here:



Note on the current development stage

The airport is still at the beginning of the development cycle. Please note that many buildings, assets, textures are missing or wrongly placed. Most notably, Terminal 1, Pier A is just a placeholder building with Terminal 1, Pier B with partly textured 3D-Models. We will add more 3D-Objects and replace outdated ones incrementally.

We would like to share the current development stage with you to give you a first impression and to take any improvements/ideas you might have.

Please join our Discord to do so! We also have a website where you can check all relevant information and report bugs and file suggestions.

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Sim Update 11
Intl. Airports
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March 07, 2022
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1 month(s) ago — 0.11.3



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  • Updated to version 0.11.3

  • Updated to version 0.10.3

  • Updated to version 0.10

  • Updated to version 0.9

  • Updated to version 0.8

  • Updated to version 0.7

  • Initial File Release

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Amazing, could u also create the bridge between 07L/25R and the airport



7 day(s) ago / Thanked by virtualFRA

Sehr gutes Addon!!! 😊



8 day(s) ago / Thanked by virtualFRA

The scenario is beautiful, in continuous development...but if I use this scenario all the scenarios that use the windsock by default, display it without its supporting structure, only the sleeve can be seen. If I remove the scenario everything is displayed correctly.



10 day(s) ago / Thanked by virtualFRA

Already probably better than the asobo handcraft and the FPS is great with this one!



12 day(s) ago / Thanked by virtualFRA

Danke für diese wirklich schon sehr coole kostenlose Beta macht weiter so 😊



14 day(s) ago / Thanked by virtualFRA

hey! i dragged it into my community folder but i don’t use the one in app data but the one in my external disk, so when i put the file in the folder, and then normally spawn at FRA it’s still normal, any help please?

Thank you for your effort at making something better for the default Frankfurt Airport. Taxiways are needed only for my navigation. Hope you can make the buildings, terminals in the future.



19 day(s) ago / Thanked by virtualFRA

Sehr gute Arbeit, vor allem Leistungsfähiger als der Standard Müll vom MSFS



20 day(s) ago / Thanked by virtualFRA

We can only recommend this addon!

The project is really getting better and better with great attention to detail and the developers are very responsive to feedback.

We look forward to more updates!



21 day(s) ago / Thanked by virtualFRA

Ich kann diese Szenerie nur im höchsten Tönen loben, definitiv einer der besten Mods auf .to, vielen Dank für all eure Mühe.



25 day(s) ago / Thanked by virtualFRA

Great work, thank you very much!

If you need any real-life input and information from the southwestern corner of the airport, feel free to contact me.

Hi, erstmal danke für die super Arbeit.

Gibt es eine GSX File?

Ich habe gesehen das es z.b. für Terminal 3 Erweiterungen gibt, wo kann ich dies runter laden?



25 day(s) ago / Thanked by virtualFRA

Mit den letzten Updates ist diese Scenerie absolout klasse geworden. Alles was gemacht ist, ist mit sehr viel Liebe und Zeit Aufwand gemacht und einfach immer wieder schön anzuschauen. Frankfurt ist meine Homebase und ich war schon oft dort und kann sagen, dass diese Scenerie sehr sehr gut ist. Seit dem letzten update (0.11.3) ist sie definitiv besser als die Asobo Scenerie. Sie hat vielleicht nicht die Hotels und alles was die Asobo Scenerie hat. Aber das ist ja für den Airport erstmal nicht wichtig, das wichtige sind die Terminals die Texturen am Boden und andere Gebäude die am Flughafen wichtig sind (z.b. Lufthansa-technik Hangar). Und das ist alles um Welten besser als bei der Asobo Scenerie. Also danke für die großartige Arbeit

Thank you!

Wonderful to see EDDF comes alive and every update improves on the previous one. Any reason why FSLTL AI aircraft are not showing up? I think there was one parked at Terminal B but the rest are all empty?

Is this scenery, in current stage, better or still worse then Asobo premium deluxe FRA?

Tolle scenery ... aber wo habt ihr das GSX Profil versteckt 😊



1 month(s) ago / Thanked by virtualFRA

Well done and plz continue your great work. I got you some coffee 😉



1 month(s) ago / Thanked by virtualFRA

Gude aus Niederrad, ich bin sehr froh, dass ihr euch EDDF annehmt! Die Fortschritte sind sehr gut und lassen auf eine Payware-Qualität in naher Zukunft hoffen! Weiter so!

P.S.: Ich persönlich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr dem Squaire Priorität gebt, weil es einfach DAS Merkmal vom Approach ist, besonders auf die 25R.



1 month(s) ago / Thanked by virtualFRA

Excellent work champion.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 0.11.3 January 01, 2023

    Added / Changed
    - Added Textures and Details Terminal 1 - Pier A
    - Changed Placeholder Textures On Terminal 1 - Pier A and B
    - Added Lufthansa Technik Hangar + DFS Tower
    - Added Fire Station 2
    - Added Fire Station 3 Including Fire Training Ground (FTC)
    - Added Deicing Pad RWY 18
    - Added Buildings 123 + 101
    - Added Weather Stations
    - Added Spotter Point RWY 25R
    - Added Monkey Hill RWY 18 (Spotter Point)
    - Added Transformer House RWY 25R
    - Added More Custom Vehicles
    - Added More Stands With VDGS
    - Added Windsocks At Various Places
    - Added And Changed NDB, ILS antennas

    - Runway 25R (Rework of the lights, elevation data and runway surroundings)
    - Fences In The North-West Area
    - Various Street Lamps

  • Version 0.10.3 October 18, 2022

    Change Log 0.10.3

    • reworked Gates on Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 with Position, T-Bars and Lines.
    • added missing PAPI Runway 07L
    • added Asobo Airport Lights
    • added Asobo Windsocks according to DFS Chart
    • added gras texture over the airport
    • added new apron line types
    • added missing Gate Signs (Bug Reports)
    • added missing Jet blast Fences
    • added new Jet blast Fences
    • added Taxiway surface Y5
    • added vehicle lines (not linked to the Gates yet)
    • changed Runway color to a darker surface
    • overhauled Taxiways N, L

    • added Taxiway Centerline Lights with Light Rows
    • overhauled Runway 07L/25R
    • added height profile to RWY 07L/25R
    • overhauled all “P” Papa Taxiways
    • overhauled Taxiway Mike
    • added Apron GAT “new” V700
    • added four Fraport Apron buildings between “N” and “L”
    • added ground vehicles, baggage and container trailers and stairs.
    • added old DFS Tower
    • removed tons of vertices points on lines and aprons
    • removed streetlights on taxiway Papa and southern aprons
    • added Textures on Terminal 1 Pier “C”

    BETA Content

    • Nool VDGS System Terminal 1 C2-16 and V126-130
    • GSX Profile Terminal 1 B,C Terminal 2 D, E, various Cargo Stands.

  • Version 0.10 August 19, 2022

    Added / Changed:
    Added gate/parking stands:
    » All parking stands (North/South) except new GAT in the South-West
    Added ground markings and Taxiway signs on Runway 18
    Reworked and added old and new Jetblast Fences arround the airport
    Reworked Stand Signs
    Added buildings:
    » Radar-Tower
    » ASRT-Tower
    » Some placeholder-buildings between N and L
    Added some apron lights

    Wrong marking Stand S406
    Removed tree from Stand E5
    Parking Stand classification (Small/Medium/Heavy)
    Fixed ground markings on Stands V94-V97
    Fixed LODs of Terminal2

    Knowen Issues / Bugs / Missings:
    Some gateway connections and positions are not correct
    Not all Buildings / Terminals are build / textured
    Many Taxiway signs are missing
    ILS Z RWY 25R/07R are misaligned (about 10m off centerline)
    [This bug is NOT caused by us!]

    Cleaned up project to save 1GB of Data
    Bug/Issue report via Website: https://virtual-fra.com/report/ or Discord

  • Version 0.9 June 24, 2022

    EDDF - Frankfurt Main International [Beta/Experimental]
    Version 0.9 Changelog:
    - Reworked all Aprons and Taxiways
    - Added TWY P, P1…, N8 Orange/Blue
    - Added DFS Main Tower
    - Added and improved parts of terminal 1
    - Added some miscellaneous buildings and individual objects like towbars etc.
    - Corrected most of the Taxiway issues
    - Added gate/parking stands:
    o A69, A66/A/B, A62/A/B, A58/A/B, A54/A/B, A52, A50, A14, A16, A18, A20, A22, A24, A26, A28, A30, A34, A36, A38, A40
    o V163, V162, V161, V160, V159, V158, V157
    - Added Lufthansa Terminal 1 A-Plus building

    - Stand marking C11 existed twice and has now been corrected to C8
    - Red tone of ground markings changed
    - Fixed RWY25C PAPI Lights
    - Temporary fixed elevation errors by flatten the whole airport
    Known Issues/Bugs/missing:
    - Some gateway connections and positions are not correct
    - Not all Buildings/Terminals are build/textured
    - Many gates/parking stands are still missing (coming soon)
    - Many Taxiway signs are missing (here I need help from the community)

    - New name and Logo: “virtualFRA”
    - Simple installer for easier install
    - Website release: https://www.virtual-fra.com/

  • Version 0.8 May 02, 2022

    EDDF - Frankfurt Main International [Beta/Experimental]
    Version 0.8 Changelog:
    - New taxiway ground marking design (original like EDDF)
    - Added south taxiway textures and markings
    - Improve performance by adding LODs (Level of detail) for every handmade model
    - Added some road signs at terminal 1 and 2
    - Added “Rettungswache” buildings between TWY [N5-N4]
    - Added some more taxiway signs
    - Added hold short markings at RW 25L-07R
    - Added Stands:
    o S401¬-S420
    o B10, B20, B22, B23, B24, B25, B26, B28, B42, B48, B47, B46
    o A1, A11, A13, A15, A15, A17, A19, A21, A23, A25
    - Added break away areas at N3/N East/N (Community request by maxlk96)
    - Added some stand signs with coordinates (Some still missing)
    - Fixed the bug with the not appearing Taxiway signs Cat II/III & No Entry Signs
    - Fixed gateway stands and connections at Terminal 2
    - Terminal building “CD-Riegel” and “Terminal 2”
    - Some vehicle roads
    Known Issues/Bugs/missing:
    - Some gateway connections and positions are not correct
    - Not all Taxiways and Aprons are textured now
    - Not all Buildings/Terminals are build/textured
    - Many gates/parking stands are still missing (coming soon)
    - Many Taxiway signs are missing (here I need help from the community)

  • Version 0.7 March 24, 2022

    EDDF - Frankfurt Main International [Beta/Experimental]
    Version 0.7 Changelog:
    - Runway 25L-07R
    - Runway 25R-07L
    - Runway 18
    - Improved Runway markings and Taxi signs 25C-07C
    - Runway marking leading 0 added (exp. 07C instead of 7C)
    - All Taxiways (Not all are textures now)
    - Apron texture improvement at Terminal 2 side (added rubber, dirt and so on)
    - Working runway guard lights at RW 25C-07C (others are coming soon)
    - Many ground and taxi markings
    - Handmade gras area between taxiway L and RW 25C-07C
    - Rubber abrasion at touchdown zone
    - Many lighted hold short taxiway markings (some are still missing)
    - Some Custom taxiway signs (NoEntry, HoldShort, CAT II/III)
    - Added Stands:
    o V134 / V135 / V136 / V151 / V152 / V153
    - Changed TWY N8 location and bring it up to date
    - TWY N7 Orange-/Blueline
    - N-Blue Line Texture Glitch in front of Terminal 2
    Known Issues/Bugs/missing:
    - Gateway connections and positions are still not correct (MSFS20 Bug)
    - Not all Taxiways and Aprons are textured now
    - Not all Buildings/Terminals are build/textured
    - Taxiways at the West-Side of the airport probably don’t work with MSFS ATC
    - Many gates/parking stands are still missing (coming soon)
    - Many Taxiway signs are missing (here I need help from the community)

  • Launched March 07, 2022

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Frequently Asked

Questions? Find your solution here.

Not every Gates/Buildings are available?

This is not a Bug or a missing feature. This project is currently in a early stage of development. More Gates and Buildings are coming soon. Hit notification to get further information.

Is this Add-on only for Deluxe Version?

No this Add-on ist the Airport EDDF from scratch. So everyone is able to get this beautiful Airport :)

When will it be finished?

At the moment I can't say when it'll be finished. Frankfurt is a very big Airport and at the moment I'm building it from scratch (alone). More and more Updates are upcoming and the Airport will grow and grow.

How to install this Add-on?

Just kopy the Folder fom the .zip File in your Community Folder from MSFS20. 

Are ther static airplanes?

No ther are no static airplanes on this scenery. The airplanes on the Screenshots are AI traffic to fill up the Airport for the Screenshots ;) 

TAXIWAY N8 is wrong?

No the Taxiway N8 is not wrong, this scenery is just up to date. EDDF changed the location for N8. You can find this on the neweste Google satellite images ore on the newest charts from the DFS. 


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