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Rolladen-Schneider LS4

Standard Class glider (15m, no flaps) with ballast and competition instruments. This was a competition racing glider from the 1980's, winning the first two places in the World Championship 1981 and the first SIX places in 1983. It is easy to fly with...


Rolladen-Schneider LS4 Standard Class Glider

With a glide ratio of 40:1, this is a good performance easy-handling glider, suitable for cross-country flights but also intended as an introduction to cross-country soaring before flying the more complex AS33.

Updated to 1.1.0:

* Adjustable adverse yaw implemented on radio frequency swap button (see pic)

* Liveries added, visible in multiplayer

* Ballast programming updated, visible in multiplayer

* Sound improvements for spoilers, gear, vario beep range, winch

* Strobe lights added on fin (no switch, default to on, use MSFS key to toggle if needed.)

* Spoilers drag/lift fine-tuned

* Minor bug-fixes

See intro video on YouTube.

The soaring instrument panel is fully-implemented, with the same capabilities as available in the AS33 but with an intentionally simpler set of instruments. These include TWO variometers providing Total-Energy climb rate, Netto air-mass movement rate, and Speed-to-Fly and a Nav instrument displaying distance, bearing and predicted arrival height to the current selected waypoint (from the MSFS Flight Plan) and also the arrival height at the waypoint after that one. The glider supports water ballast, which the pilot has to 'fill' while on the ground. For this aircraft a default of flying without the ballast is better for early-stage glider pilots so the difference when flying with ballast is more noticeable.

Winch launch: clicking the 'cable release' handle will initiate a winch launch without the requirement for any other add-ons.

Other features: those that have flown the AS33 will know the amount of effort we put into our MSFS gliders, and we are aiming for a similar standard with the LS4. The flight model is fairly accurate and the instruments and interaction with the controls will be familiar to any RL glider pilot.

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February 12, 2022
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21 day(s) ago — 1.1.0



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You should update the aircraft.cfg file parameter ui_typerole to "Glider" so this aircraft will be identified and organized in the Hangar aircraft filters as a "Glider" instead of an "Other" aircraft type.

Thanks for this wonderful glider that I also fly in real life. Yes I also feel the airbrakes are still to weak. If you pull them on any LS-type you go down like in an elevator and it's not recommended touching down with full flaps as that might easily result in a very hard landing. Yep, on all LS-types the brakes are integrated in the rudder pedals and usually don't do much at all, at least the standard brake by the manufacturer. However there are probably no 2 LS4 in this world being exactly the same and there might be some with a modification as a brake in the spoiler leaver is much easier to operate than the terrible heel-brake. If a decent wheel brake is installed you can easily tip the LS4 on its nose on landing.

BTW is this supposed to be an A or B-type? According to the fixed instrument panel it should be an A. I flew one lately. In this type the gear leaver in the up position blocks the spoiler. Nice feature because you can't forget to lower the gear before landing but on the other hand you can't use the airbrakes in normal flight (unless you lower the gear as well). Flight characteristics are not 100% to the point but good enough for a freeware.

I like the paintjob which is very common but I'd love to be able to change the registration. Definitely a wish for un update.

Also cool, that a winch launch is integrated even though the mostly constant angle is not realistic. However I guess we can wait until November until we hopefully get a good simulation by Asobo.

The views could be optimised. I use a coolie-hat for views and it hardly gives me a chance to see the trim or the water-ballast lever.

Flys well but doesn't react as well to ridge soaring as your AS33ME.A wind direction indicator is sorely midded,perhaps you could include one in the next iteration....................................................

I really LOVE your addon. I've just got some idears for improvements. One thing is that I would love to see my custom registration on the tail of the plane. The other thing is, that my trimm is mirrored, so it allways does the opposite. I have the same problem with the AS 33 Me. It would be awesome if you could change that. 😊

Nice glider! Well done guys!

Help me with settings please. None of the controls "control" what they are suppose to. Cable release, Ballast, Canopy. They light up, change from cursor into hand, but no action. Thank you.

Need help, Why I cannot activate winch launch? Or how to please.



5 month(s) ago / Thanked by MADoloSimulations

Thanks for another great glider a joy to fly

Is there any chance to update this for SU9 please? 😊

...runtergeladen, eingestiegen, hochgezogen..... Superflug und vor allem glückliche Landung! Bin zwar absoluter Laien im Segeln, aber schon der erste Flug hat geklappt. Danke für die tolle Arbeit. Werde mir jetzt mal paar schöne Plätze suchen.

Glück auf aus Essen!



6 month(s) ago / Thanked by MADoloSimulations

Very nice, easy to operate. All I need now is a rope for my tug plane! Can you make a rope, even just for cosmetic effect, that would be awesome. Here's the tug plane: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9yIPugFKII



8 month(s) ago / Thanked by MADoloSimulations

pedals (animation) do not work for everyone?(((



8 month(s) ago / Thanked by MADoloSimulations

For Freeware the glider is really good but If you fly the aircraft in RL your really feel the difference.

1. the Roll rate is way too slow

2. the speedbrakes are way more effective

3. the stall behauviour is completely different

4. due to the lese effective speedbrakes the aircraft floats too much in ground

5. the wheelbrake of the aircraft ist not integrated in the speedbrakes lever (it is integrated in the ruddder pedals)

good but need work



9 month(s) ago / Thanked by MADoloSimulations

Great sail plane, thank you!

Great work, thank you again! https://youtu.be/-noCTJxFYVo



9 month(s) ago / Thanked by MADoloSimulations

This plane is great - thank you for all the work.

Very easy to start with - with no RL/Sim experience other than the intro video - 45Min first flight - A happy SimPilot.

great glider - indeed easier to fly but at least as much fun than the as33me! You did a great job, I hope I can get the inspiration to make a video again 😊 There is one thing I did not get - if I release the ballast (blue handle on the right hand, bottom position) there is nothing happening altghough I did set it up before flying in the fs-menu (110 lbs each side). there was no water effect like on the pictures here (and the AS33ME) and I clicked while flying on the white top-menu-bar to check if "fuel" levels are changing but nothing happened. I guess I landed with full ballast... did I miss something?



9 month(s) ago / Thanked by MADoloSimulations

Most Excellent! thank you

Excellent glider - thank you !

Is it possible to map the "tow release" lever to a keyboard shortcut or button? I have the same challenge with engine controls in AS33. Could you publish a list of commands available for binding in the gliders? I am flying in VR and try to avoid using a mouse as much as possible.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 1.1.0 November 07, 2022

    * added adjustable adverse yaw
    * sound improvements gear, spoilers, much better vario range
    * multiplayer improvements - liveries, ballast dump effect, strobes added
    * minor bugfixes (altimeter 10,000's needle, baro disk)

  • Launched February 12, 2022

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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