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LOLW Wels / Austria

Welscome to Wels! Wels Airfield (ICAO: LOLW) is an airfield serving Wels, a city in the Austrian state of Upper Austria. It is not used for commercial scheduled services but features business and general aviation as well as private and military training flights and medical transportation....


Welscome to Wels!

Wels Airfield (ICAO: LOLW) is an airfield serving Wels, a city in the Austrian state of Upper Austria. It is not used for commercial scheduled services but features business and general aviation as well as private and military training flights and medical transportation. Use this airport for a short hop to LOWL Linz International airport or discovery flights to the Salzkammergut and the Alps!

This project was created in collaboration with "Troglodytus". Thank you! 

Elevation:           1043 ft / 318m
Frequencies:     119.700 Tower
Runways:            08L/26R - 1390 x 30m Asphalt
                           08C/26C - 900 x 45m Grass
                           08R/26L - 930 x 50m Grass


·         Detailed, handcrafted rendition of LOLW Wels Airport in High Res PBR Materials

·         Surrounding area redone (in total 60+ handcrafted buildings)

·         Close to real life runways, taxiways, ground markings, parking spots & frequencies according to official AIP Charts

·         Custom taxiway signs, apron lights, approach lights ...

·         Custom aerial and ultra-high res ground textures using a machine learning algorithm

·         VFR reference points implemented

·         Accurate terraforming of entire airport area and surroundings with LIDAR DEM data

·         Realistic night lighting

·         Start your flight cold & dark from inside a detailed and animated hangar!

·         Custom Wind-T showing landing directions

·         Custom military vehicles

·         Loads and loads of details (About 2000 individually placed objects, many of them handcrafted)

​How to install?
Simply drag the unzipped "littlekrg-troglodytus-airport-lolw-wels" folder into your community folder!

Make sure to have “Mikea’s Assetpack” and “Dave’s 3D people” installed as well!

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December 23, 2021
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Thanked by littlekrg

bonjour de France. Merci pour cette scène. OK avec S10

Thanked by littlekrg

Meine Homebase! Oh, wie ich darauf gewartet habe! Und läuft wunderbar! Man sieht fast, wie sich die Leute am Hofer-Parkplatz ducken, wenn man auf die 08L anfliegt 😉 Danke, danke, danke, danke, danke, danke, danke, danke, danke, danke, danke, danke, danke, danke, danke, danke, danke, ...

Thanked by littlekrg

Vielen Dank!!

Thanked by littlekrg

Es ist großartig. Die vielen Details. Vielen Dank!

Thanked by littlekrg

Großartige Arbeit! Vielen herzlichen Dank an Dich und an Troglodytus!

I like your airports a lot, I think I have most of them. They are really good. You are doing an exceptional job.

Is there any version of this airport without google photogrammetry? I personally cannot stand the look of it. The light blueish color just stands out from miles away.

Thanked by littlekrg


Thanked by littlekrg

Wirklich tolle Arbeit. Danke.

Für zukünftige Updates wäre das Krankenhaus Wels eine tolle Idee für Hubschrauberpiloten.

Thanked by littlekrg

Thanks again! You make the MSFS for Austria very special! Without your sceneries it would not so interesting to fly in this country. Specially for real VFR pilots Austria in the MSFS is now very near the reality. Thanks' for your Christmas gift for the community!

Thanked by littlekrg

Amazing as usual! Thanks a lot. Just a very little issue with the wind tee , it points the opposite, normaly the top of T is facing the wind.

All is beautiful, runways, batiments and landmarks.

Good but file size is way too big. Needs fixing.

Thanked by littlekrg

Was soll man sagen, wieder ein Meisterwerk von euch beiden. Langsam müsst ihr aufpassen, die Erwartungen sind ja schon so hoch an euch, wie könnt ihr das nur übertreffen 😋

Freeware, wo viele PW Käufer neidisch werden.

Danke und frohe Weihnachten euch allen 😀

Thanked by littlekrg

Yaaay, Santa brought us nice presents!

Looks really good, guys! As usual, but i HAVE to say it...


Frohe Weihnachten und Merry Christmas!

Wonderful, working perfectly. No more rosa roofs now... was maybe a download problem. Many thanks and move on with yout work! I wish I could do this also, but I do not know how! LG Mario from Austria

Thanked by littlekrg

Wonderful Xmas present for the community, thank you, it's wonderful as always.

Super Leistung, freue mich über jeden Airport in Austria, aber irgendwie glaub ich nicht dass ROSAROTE Dächer am Flughafen normal sein sollen??? Ich werds nochmal runterladen und nochmals installieren, lg Mario

Thanked by littlekrg

Vielen Dank für dieses schöne Weihnachtsgeschenk!

Thanked by littlekrg

Ihr habt Euch wieder einmal selbst übertroffen! Großartige Arbeit!

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  • Version 1.01 December 26, 2021

    Changes v1.0.1:

    * Smoothed taxiway topology
    * Removed astray trees on train tracks near airport
    * Corrected Wind T direction

  • Launched December 23, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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