Version 2.0

For those of us who enjoy floats and fly on Canada's west coast, inevitably they will fly into CYYJ Victoria. The default scenery isn't bad but there is turf where there should be concrete in several places and in the NE section some of the buildings are misplaced. The corrections to the main airport are made here.

The other goal was to add the dock and buildings, as well as some detail and night lighting. That also is accomplished.

This enhancement probably will conflict with the massive airport night lighting enhancement also available at If you already use that add-on best not to use this one unless you are primarly interested in the dock.

For this scenery simply drop the folder into your FS2020 \Community directory. The Community directory will be found in the main folder for Flight Sim. 

Yesterday we also updated the waterfront at CYLW Kelowna. Find it here on

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Version 1 Included a separate ICAO for the dock
Version 2 ICAO does not function anymore removed ICAO and updated the scenery including terraforming. 

West Coast Adventures
December 3, 2021