Now that Bushtrips have been mostly fixed I share this journey with you.
On this second stage of our trip across North Africa we visit imperial cities, ancient Medinas, and Kasbahs, taking in a few ancient monuments on the way. Some locations we visit are not on the tourist trails I apologise in advance for any spelling variations or any other inaccuracies. We travel across the cruel Sahara desert but we also visit the Mediterranean. Make sure you have your map handy (LittleNavMap is my preferred guide) as well as your sun glasses and water bottle. Don't forget to fill up with fuel on the way.
We continue our trip from the resort of Zarzis in Tunisia and head eastwards visiting coastal and desert cities. We finish with an approach to Cairo via the Pyramids.

Bushtrips have recently been fixed I now find that I can use GPS and progress is saved after each leg. However if I need to exit the program I make sure I complete a leg and start the next one on the runway before exiting. I also found if I land in between airports and exit, progress is also saved however Navlog did get scrambled if I was in DEV Mode. Of course your experience may be different!

We fly in the Daher TBM 930. The trip has 9 legs and is 1470nm long. You should reach the final destination before it gets too dark. It gives you a little time for sightseeing.


Turn off Inert Sep when in the air. This keeps debris out of the engine on take off, turning it off reduces drag giving you a little extra speed.

Unpack the included folder from the package into the community folder. Restart the simulator.

There may be add-ons available, however other than the GARMIN G1000 NXI I did not use any during this trip.

Thanks to BushTripInjector by BuffyGC
Thanks to LittleNavMap by Alexander Barthel

Written by BMJMOD
v1 2021-11-26