Portland OR Bridges V1.3

Compatibility with Sim Update 6 has been confirmed.

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Version 1.3
Initial Release October 26, 2020
Last Updated December 03, 2020
File Size 34.00 MB
Downloads 2,803
GPS Coordinates 45.524074, -122.669871
Status Not Downloaded yet
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#Sightseeing #Photogrammetry #Handcrafted United States Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Version 1.3 December 03, 2020

    Corrected issues associated with the US scenery update and fixed any potential modellib.bgl conflicts

  • Version 1.2 November 25, 2020

    Fixed random AI tree placment
    Added Sellwood Bridge
    Revised lighting

  • Version 1.1 November 14, 2020

    Added additional bridges including Ross Island, Marquan, St John's, Sauvie and BNR Rail Road bridges

    Updated texture shading for existing bridges from V1.0

  • Launched October 26, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Cant bveleive I just found this! It really adds to the city. Thank you so much for posting these. Really makes Portland feel more real.. Probably the best city mod in my opinion right now. I love flying Portland area and this really makes it so much better then the super ugly autogen bridges... thanks so much!


Would be great to have the 2-3 train bridges around KPDX done so flying from there to the city looks better..

Would be nice to have a higher poly models and higher res textures, maybe even collision mesh..

Would be great if the cars would travel ON the bridges..

Would be awesome if the overpasses in the city got some upgrading..

Would be cool if the autogen ships and boats in the river were replaced with normal models..

The rose garden, convention center, OMSI+submarine...

Hey FreakyD, any chance the Lake Oswego Railroad Bridge could be added to this pack? The model is pretty simple, but I'm not a 3D modeler at all. I'm working on a seaplane base (yep there really is one there on the Willamette!) and the autogen bridge is such an eyesore! I had a thought- which is that most railroad bridges are so simple, I am not sure why Asobo did not include a generic RR bridge segment in the default object/scenery library (bridges would be built by connecting the segments). I guess they thought autogen was good enough? Seems like something that could be added to a scenery library, maybe. Well, thanks for considering it!

Seems to be crashing with WU4
I agree with the comment about KTTD. Was based out of there for quite a few years, it would be amazeballs if I could see it like it is in reality, instead of FS's autogen!!
Thank you for including the Modellib.bgl fix! The end result is great load times even with many other sceneries loaded that do the same thing!!
Hoping, in your next update, you could do something with the two over by KTTD, It really sucks flying in and out of there with the crap (STOCK MSFS STUFF) put in!
Is this compatible with the new US Scenery package?
very cool, especially for someone like me who lives here...
Great work, well done!
One small request: there are a couple of autogen trees under the "Steel Bridge". Would you please remove them? Thanks.
These bridges make the Portland approach for me. Been using scenery with these bridges since x-plane 9 & it wouldn't be KPDX without them. Plus the downtown area is open to GA flying so again, required scenery if you care about immersion. Just 1 opinion. Any chance there's an extra bridge laying around somewhere that would fit say "Venice". Anyway, thanks for your Portland bridges. You know how I feel about them !
They look amazing! Hey, want a really neat challenge? Meglar Bridge in Astoria, OR 😉
Thanks! I worked on importing a couple of these, wasn't quite happy with it (decided to try and optimize the models) and started over, started playing with adding lights and so on, and *may* have gotten sidetracked with other things. Are these imported bridges lit up at night by chance?
Oh, any chance you could clean up the bridges down by Pearson field across the river from Portland?
Well done, I noticed Cincinatti also has a ton of bridges that need fixing, they all have that stupid black wall below them.
Very well done! Being from Portland, I truly appreciate your efforts.

A few minor naming issues for the bridges in the description:

Tillamook is actually Tilikum Crossing
Stell is actually Steel
Freemont is actually Fremont

Looking forward to seeing the St. Johns, Marquam, Ross Island and Sellwood bridges as well!
Thank you for the mod. Can you please fix the bridges just west of KVOU? It's the first thing I always see when I depart KPDX. Best regards.
Much needed all across FS2020, Thanks.
Oh, thank you. The default bridges were so awful. Maybe you could do the Columbia River bridges (Astoria at least) and the landmark coast bridges like Newport and North Bend. Many thanks. Wish I could do it. I've tried, no success.

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