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Version 2.21
Initial Release November 14, 2021
Last Updated December 07, 2021
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Compatibility Sim Update 7
Category Intl. Airports

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  • Version 2.21 December 07, 2021

    Removed stray kamikaze a320 in residential area

  • Version 2.2 December 06, 2021

    ILS Magvar adjusted to match MS data aligning ILS with runway

  • Version 2.1 November 29, 2021

    Replace missing VOR and NDBs

  • Version 2.0 November 28, 2021

    Compatibility with SU7
    Taxi routes connected to ATC and frequencies changed
    ILS DME adjusted
    Runway and Displaced thresholds adjusted
    Taxiways and Aprons improved and signs added
    Parking sizes improved
    NavData incorporated

  • Launched November 14, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Thank you so much


I installed the latest version of Tempelhof, but the buildings on it are not like reality. It looks with me like a collection on a row of default hangars. The airfiled as such, runways etc are nice and fine.

What do I have to do to have tha building as shown on the pictures in the heading?

Piet de Geus


Thank you for the quick update fix 👍

It is also good that you give a shout-out for the Berlin Tempelhof addon by Tribalowski, as it works very well with your mod.

Great addon, I enjoy flying to older airports and having EDDI back on my list is awesome!

One thing I have noticed is that there appears to be a rogue A320 impaled in an apartment block just to the west of the main terminal building. DownedAviator shared a video of this, but here are a few screenshots also:

Leider ein kleines Problem in Tempelhof.

Hallo Leute, Vielen vielen Herzlichen Dank und das meine ich ernst, endlich ILS am Tempelhof zu haben. Hätte aber noch eine "klitzekleine Bitte". Wäre es möglich, die Original ILS und VOR Frequenzen einzufügen ? Natürlich nur wenn es nicht zu große Umstände macht. Wie auf der Anflugkarte: Viele Grüße Tim D. ihr seid echt Super.

Hi friends, Thank you very much and I mean it, to finally have ILS at Tempelhof. But I still have a "tiny request". Would it be possible to insert the original ILS and VOR frequencies ? Of course only if it is not too much trouble. As on the approach map: Many greetings Tim D. You are really great.

brilliant, thank you for making this 😊


I also enjoy flying the PMDG DC-6 in the US Air Force livery Berlin AirLift. Many of my flights operate from / to Berlin to Wesbaden.

Thanks a lot for your addition. Everything works perfectly. Now flying has become much more interesting.

Best regards,



Great work.

The VOR and the two NDB:s are working ok so now possible to do NDB / VOR approach,

The both ILS:es do not show up on the ground and no DME:s with them.



Thank you!

als kann man es mit Tribalowski  zusammen verwende als beide mods ?

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