Experimental coaxial unmanned helicopter with native propellers simulation, no SimConnect scripts involved.

Basic flight model parameters can be toggled from the cockpit view (camera INSTRUMENTS01).

Model scaled up ~5 times for better inertia simulation by MSFS flight model, also tail added for better frontal stability.

3D model from GitHub NASA-3D-Resources 


  • propeller and wind sounds like in Marian low pressure air
  • electric engine simulation (low inertia, standby instead of idle)
  • battery recharges during daytime, engines thrust loss during battery drain (toggleable)
  • yaw controls by asymmetrical rotors torque adjustment
  • ground effect and vortex ring basic simulation (toggleable)
  • Drone and Manual flight modes (Flap handle)
  • top plate acting like a small flat wing

Known issues:

  • aircraft does not react on controls for short period of time (after taking off, during flight)
  • when you use “cockpit” camera (when HUD visible) exterior sounds are muted