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Version 4.35
Initial Release September 11, 2021
Last Updated October 08, 2021
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Downloads 359
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  • Version 4.35 October 08, 2021

    bugs fixed:
    - personal notes. You will have to reenter the notes.

    features added:
    - editor for interactive points

  • Version 4.34 October 04, 2021

    bugs fixed:
    - X and Y labels did not show properly for nD tables

  • Version 4.33 October 02, 2021

    bugs fixed:
    - when editing tables it could happen that the graph was not rendered correctly

    features added:
    - editor for contact points
    advanced editor for steering / free castoring
    - editor for station load
    - zoom in/out possible with mouse wheel
    - conversion degrees to radians. Radians values can also be entered in degrees
    - Personal notes per entry

  • Version 4.32 September 18, 2021

    V4.32 / September 18 2021
    bugs fixed:
    - when changing from a bool entry to a table entry the radio buttons were still visible.

    features added:
    - font used in treeview can be changed
    - position values now show edit fields for Z, X and Y.
    - more consistency checks on save file
    - it is now possible to right click a .cfg file and specify AAM to open it. Or open it with double click.
    - manual updated to V4.32

  • Version 4.31 September 12, 2021

    bugs fixed:

    - Fly_by_wire: spelling
    - Flaps type: text changed

    entries added:
    - [CONTACT_POINTS] hyd_need_power_to_function
    - [FLAPS.x] flaps-sequence-increasing
    - [FLAPS.x] flaps-sequence-decreasing

  • Launched September 11, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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I don't see any graphs at all, just a black screen

Next release will be SU6 compliance

In V4.34 there is a bug in regard to Personal Notes. A fix will be released soon, but you will have to reenter the notes.

It seems that inappropriate semicolons (eg. comments i've made in the cfgs) breaks AAM.

Thank you.

[email protected]

Thanks for this. Where are bugs sent too.

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