Castles of Slovakia

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Version 0.5
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Last Updated February 04, 2021
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#Real-Life #Sightseeing #Handcrafted Slovakia Exclusive Drag and Drop
This mod replaces generic buildings of castles and churches around Slovakia.

This mod currently includes:
- Strečno castle
- Orava castle 
- Bojnice castle
- Krásna Hôrka castle
- New Castle (Nový Zámok) in Banská Štiavnica
- Nitra castle, model exchanged for photogrammetric in v0.2
- Trenčín castle (photogrammetric)
- Likava castle
- Tematín castle
- Spiš Castle (photogrammetric)
- Gýmeš Castle (photogrammetric)
- Hrušov Castle (photogrammetric)
- Čachtice castle
- Spišská kapitula
- The gate of Deserted castle (brána Pustého hradu, photogrammetric)
- Zvolen castle
- Červený kameň (Red Stone) Castle, custom model hand made by romjan1599

Installation: Unzip the downloaded archive and place the "SK-castles" folder into your Community folder of MSFS (to find it, please see https://flightsim.to/help/getting-started/locating-the-community-folder-of-my-game ).

Credits: Models were found on 3D Warehouse and Sketchfab. The assets are properties of their respective authors. Strečno: Michal K., Orava castle: Peter V., Bojnice castle: Michal P., New Castle: robertsasik, Nitra castle: Spogna (https://sketchfab.com/spogna), Trenčín castle: Spogna (https://sketchfab.com/spogna), Likava castle: Marek K., Tematin castle: Michal P., Spiš castle: Nick G. Gizelis (https://sketchfab.com/aumakua), Gymes Castle: Vibrant Nebula (https://sketchfab.com/vibrantnebula), Hrušov Castle: R0m1R (https://sketchfab.com/R0m1R), Čachtice castle: SVK_Puco, Spišská kapitula: Pavol Mitrík, Deserted castle: albert.pavel (https://sketchfab.com/albert.pavel), Zvolen castle: Michal P.

Enjoy :)

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  • Version 0.5 February 04, 2021

    ADDED: Červený kameň (Red Stone) castle, custom model hand made by romjan1599
    CORRECTED: renamed modelLib.BGL file that was preventing the mod from working

  • Version 0.4 December 21, 2020

    + Čachtice castle
    + Spišská kapitula
    + The gate of Deserted castle (brána Pustého hradu)
    + Zvolen castle

  • Version 0.3 October 25, 2020

    ADDED: Spiš Castle (photogrammetric)
    ADDED: Gýmeš Castle (photogrammetric)
    ADDED: Hrušov Castle (photogrammetric)

  • Version 0.2 October 19, 2020

    UPDATED: Nitra Castle sketchup model exchanged for photogrammetric model
    ADDED: Trenčín Castle photogrammetric model
    ADDED: Likava Castle
    ADDED: Tematin Castle

  • Launched October 18, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Hello , there is a new better terrain for Slovakia DEM 20 from Troglydus on flightsim.to and some castles start flowing because of changed height. For example Trencin. It is possible to adapt your scenery to this new terrain model. It means there will be a separate model for this 20 m DEM terrain. Thnks.

Skvela práca. Neviete náhodou ci je spravený Hrad Beckov ?
Great work, i would love to fly ower Spis castle ruins, but somehow this mod doesnt show 3D models in my game... What am I doing wrong?? Already 40 mods installed in community directory, incl. latest update from microsoft and it all work well, beside this 😞 .. Please help borish.. VĎAKA! 😊
This scenery contains modellib.bgl which conflicts as per Asobo's recommendations. See the section here on CTD's being caused by scenery and how to fix it. Could you fix it please? https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/scenery-creators-please-move-or-rename-your-modellib-bgl/307563
Beautiful. Great work!
Wow!! I love this mod thanks for making it! I also appreciate how you took your time to put the names of the castles!! Thank you!
Diky moc kamo
Cau, super addon 😊
Bol by som rád ak by bol pridaný Zvolenský zámok a pustý hrad Pretože v základe nevyzerajú zrovna najlepšie.

Thank you, great work!
Thanks a lot!
I live in the LOWW region and will definitely come to your castles for a couple of VFR trips very soon.
Fantastické vylepšenie lietania po Slovensku! Výborná práca.
Možno jeden návrh pre všetkých vývojárov, ak môžem 😊 Čo tak sa dohodnúť o spoločnom systéme názvov "Community Foldrov"? Navrhoval by som dať predponu všetkým slovenským súborom LZBB (názov FIRu - Letovej informačnej oblasti Slovenska). Potom pridať za predponu ICAO kod letiska alebo mesto, región alebo podobne. Ako príklad: LZBB_LZIB_Airport_Scenery, LZBB_Castles, LZBB_Bratislava_City_Pack atď.
Zdravim ,neviete ci niekto bude robit mensie letiska napr LZPP ??
Po Bratislave dalsia skvela praca Boris. Esteze ta mame 😊) diky
I was at the Spis castle last summer, laying in the grass with the groundhogs, and saw a small Robin plane flying above the Hrad. I can now recreate this moment again myself as the pilot !
Thanks for this great pack !
Parááááda perfektné... a čo takto ešte urobiť Bratislava Airport.. Košice... Poprad... 😊 bolo by to 1111
Very good work here. Hope to see more.
Veľmi dobrá práca tu. Dúfam, že uvidím viac.
super! bude aj Spissky hrad? 😊
Great work. Hopefully Czech castles are next.
Great work Borish! Thanks very much!!

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