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Version 1.9
Initial Release October 16, 2020
Last Updated July 01, 2021
File Size 1.85 MB
Downloads 9,225
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  • Version 1.9 July 01, 2021

    -Minor Bug Fixes and Performance improvements
    -Removed Fuel Top Off Setting as this was fixed directly in Sim
    -Simplified user interface by removing Chat Window, Friends list

  • Version 1.8 January 24, 2021

    Map - You can now right click to copy Lat/Lon for any location
    Map - You can now click Lock Waypoints to lock your waypoints. Handy if you accidentally grab one when map panning.
    Fun - Sound Pack - Numerous cabin announcements
    Sim - In Game Notifications of Waypoints and Landing FPM
    Sim - In Game Visuals of Waypoints
    Misc other features and performance improvements.

  • Version 1.7 January 04, 2021

    Windows Defender picked it up as a false positive for a virus but I made an update to the software that should make Defender happy now.

  • Version 1.6 December 26, 2020

    Map - Teleport To Airport - Right click an airport to teleport directly to that airport. Airports without runway data should teleport you close by.
    Settings - Scenery - Thank you to @Fury for making some custom airports. You can simply click download and then restart your SIM.
    Defaults - Your settings for Teleportation Altitude and Speed and Approach Waypoint Speed/Distance will now be retained between sessions.
    Server Airports - Information about airports is now stored on the server. This means we can now add/update the data as needed. Just put a note in /support if you have any data updates.
    Saved the best for last...
    AI - Yep. You can now create AI Aircraft to fly along with you. You can also create some other fun objects. Click AI at the top.

  • Version 1.5 December 09, 2020

    Favorites - You can now select "Shared" on any of your favorites to make it shared with all other pilots.
    Map - POI - "Shared Favorites" has been added to the POI dropdown list. This will show all Favorites shared by other pilots.
    Waypoints Editor - Editing waypoint efficiency has been greatly improved. You can now simply type in your name/alt/speed changes into any cell and move around very quickly without a lot of clicking.
    New Setting - "Stay On Top" - You now have the option for FlightShare to not "stay on top" of other windows. Helpful for those with multiple displays.
    Group Event Flights - We have successfully conducted 2 group flights. Keep and eye out in the /events channel for the next flight.
    Friends - You can now right click on the plane of a friend to add them as a friend. Friends that are online will be shown on your map. More features to come.

  • Version 1.4 November 26, 2020

    Map - POI - We have loaded hundreds of Points of Interest. Including everything in the latest MSFS update. Select POI from the dropdown on the right side of the map. You can select from General, Japan Update, US Update, etc.
    Map - POI - You can right click to teleport to a POI
    Map - Waypoints - You can now right-click to add a waypoint at the start of your flight plan (instead of the end)
    Map - Waypoints - You can now right-click to edit a waypoint
    Map - Waypoints - You can now right-click to clear a single waypoint (instead of all)
    Map - Waypoints - You can now right-click to teleport to a waypoint
    Map - Waypoints - You can now right-click to a waypoint to be active
    Waypoints Editor - You can now right click a waypoint in the waypoint table to set it as active
    Waypoints Editor - You can now right click a waypoint altitude to set all waypoints to that altitude
    Waypoints Editor - You can now right click a waypoint speed to set all waypoints to that speed

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Two questions: Not seeing donuts or cones in the sky, even though I have them selected. 2nd: I am at Cadet status. How to get this recognized within FlightShare ??

Thanks for the update. As an retired pilot this makes me lazy, but I like it

One of the best programs for MSFS 2020. Congratulations on this work. But I can’t find any “donats" (or other help) for a happy landing. What am I doing wrong?
I didn’t eat them during the flight, either.😃
Flightshare Autopilot does not work in the Airbus (FS2020) and also not in the CRJ from Aerosoft. The Airbus flies everywhere, just not to the waypoints or even approach.

With other planes it does - or am I doing something wrong?
Flightshare Autopilot funktioniert nicht im Airbus (FS2020) und auch nicht in der CRJ von Aerosoft. Der Airbus fliegt überall hin, nur nicht zu den Waypoints oder gar Approach.

Bei anderen Fliegern schon-oder mache ich was falsch?
What I miss is an option to use this on a tablet, not everyone runs on multi monitors or want a screen on top of the sim. Having an option to use this on a tablet would make this app even 100x better. Great app though for sure.
I love this program, but i hate subscriptions or montlhy fees, please change that!
To use all features of the app you need to pay a monthly fee. I would prefer a one time payment. It can even be expensive if the app is worth it, but no monthly fee, please.
For me this is a must have tool that I use all the time. I can see exactly what I am flying over, I can select a runway and can use the map to guide me to it, I can teleport to make long haul flights easy. I hope the POI's of the new world update will be added soon. (unfortunately I can't rate it although I already have the app)
Hello, how to change my name in the app ?
Great mod. Unfortunatly I cant see the waypoints (donuts and pillows) in VR. Furthermore it would be really helpfull, if you could add ILS frequencies for each airport. Thx for your great work. 5 stars ofc 😀
Excellent app and some invaluable functions, well worth the subscription to a higher tier for importing Simbrief Flightplans. Looking forward to future versions.
This is just a perfect compliation to Microsoft Flight Simulator. I can't believe you offer this for free. Where is the donation button?
Can Slight share be used with ILS landing approaches? It looks like it is only applicable to VFR landings.
Can you create a flight plan with this? If so, can you create a flight plan without the sim running?
Getting virus alerts, deleting for now. Any unsafe technologies used with Flight Share?
I don't know what happened but my computer keeps deleting this program now saying there's a virus. I've been using this since it came out and all of a sudden this is happening.
Is it possible to select a choice of dark of bright map> I do not see very weel on the dark one. I preferd the previous one with clear background. Thank you
A dark mode feature would be incredible for the map and the UI. 5 stars, marvelous work.
me encanta una aplicacion muy buena

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