Native Airbus A330-900neo

Compatibility with Sim Update 6 has been confirmed.

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Version 0.92
Initial Release July 23, 2021
Last Updated October 18, 2021
File Size 760.56 MB
Downloads 40,669
Status Not Downloaded yet
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Airline Aviation
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  • Version 0.92 October 18, 2021

    - Added : 4 new portholes views
    - Fixed : HIFLY rear texture
    - Fixed : Landing light message on ECAM

    Remove the 0.91 from your Community and ad into your Community the 0.92


  • Version 0.91 October 17, 2021

    -> This is mainly fixes update :

    - Fixed aileron animations
    - Fixed GPWS callout
    - Fixed red button on sidesticks
    - Fixed porthole views
    - Fixed pilot camera position
    - Fixed fuel data on ECAM
    - Fixed trusth scale
    - Fixed wingflex scale (but maybe too much now ?)
    - Fixed bug and water effect on cockpit glass
    - Fixed C gear light
    - Fixed landing light message on ECAM
    - Fixed CG position
    - Added EFB
    - Removed the copilot inside the cockpit

  • Version 0.9 September 30, 2021

    - Brand new exterior 3D model.
    - Brand new 3D model animations (Wings, Gears, Flaps, ..)
    - Brand new MSFS effects (Engine heat, Contrails, Lights, Rain, Dust, ..)
    - New Flight Dynamics.
    - New 4K textures with PBR.
    - Complete integration of the FBW A32NX Virtual Cockpit (version 0.6.2)
    - Added A330 specific features to the VC.
    - Complete integration of services and systems, according to MSFS SDK Guidelines.

    Please read the mod page for more informations

  • Version 2.0 July 25, 2021


    - Fuel capacity raised to 36,000 Lbs.
    - Removed N1/N2 Engine Protection.
    - Increased main wing thickness.
    - Fixed maximum cruising altitude.

  • Launched July 23, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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I get an issue where there is a second cockpit layered over the actual one.

Just landed at Montreal airport after long flight above Atlantic ocean. LPPR-CYUL. All worked grate, climbing was fast, but that is work in progress... After A32NX this feels not so god, but it is not bad. Had a feeling that this is mighty plane at controlong it. Waiting for updates, good work, thank you!

Flaps have stopped being extended to position 1. If from position 2 switch to 1 they are released.

Such a shame it works and looks so well until approach to land then I just get CTD several times tested now 😞 hopefully it is sorted ASAP.

I found an interesting functionality in this aircraft, at night the pilot lights up the cockpit with a flashlight, which is very useful, because in the dark I had to look for buttons, although you already know where the battery buttons are, but it's still nice.

So much potential and only the beginning. Excited about the future of this mod. For now, i have it uninstalled and will keep using the A32NX until the system is updated to FBW 0.7.0.

Keep up the amazing work!

No GPWS callouts. No PROG on the FMS and no FlyPad yet. It is freeware and is fun to fly except that this thing climbs like a rocket.

Awesome aircraft, but is it just me or does the wingflew seem non existent after the recent update?

After coping and pasting the file into my community folder, I am getting an error advising the path to long..... any suggestions

I tried it out a bit and came to the conclusion that the screens with flybywire 0.7.0 are only available in version 0.9

My biggest issue is that the altitude bug can't be activated. The aircraft climbs to 5,000 feet and levels out. No matter how many times you try to press the dial, it will not climb any higher. Without this issue fixed, this aircraft will not be functional.

all good after SU6 excellent plane

My plane has a major texture problem can some help it was doing that after SU6

Hello, and thank you for this mod. I love it however I have some issues:

  • REFUELG is displayed on ECAM and have a refueling hose visible about 10 feet below left wing. If I restart flight, it shows back up.

  • For some reason, It is climbing WAY to fast. Had a TOW of about 430,000 lbs, and I was climbing at 5500 Ft/min to allegedly keep 250 knots.

  • I am get flaps/MCDU disagreement even when flaps are in correct position. I have tried multiple startups to see if it is consistent and it is.

I love this mod and hope this feedback helps. Please keep up the good work!

Great Mod and is it possible for Dev or EXP for this mod? i know updates is constantly

For me, is it working perfectly. I have Fly By Wire A320Neo too, its similar.

Great mod! Everything fine here after SU6, all systems work as they should, except for the MCDU keys, which have no backlight. Made a fully managed Take Off from EDDK, CRZ and operational descend into EKCH, vectored myself manually into ILS 22L with 140 VLS, ILS beam a bit off to the left, but that was no problem at all. (CF with Navigraph, Bijian Seasons and Andres3D light mod).

Hi ! In first I'm french so sorry for my very bad english...

I love your plane. 3D model is very good, cockpit textures... and more. But i don't have FPS with your plane... can you fixe that ?

All cockpit screens are blank/showing error messages. I do not have any FWB mods installed, but this says I shouldn't need them...

could you please fix the screens asap

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