CelNav for MSFS - Celestial Navigation Sextant


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Version vAN
Initial Release July 12, 2021
Last Updated July 17, 2021
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  • Version vAN July 17, 2021

  • Version AM July 16, 2021

  • Launched July 12, 2021

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A big thank you electronvolt. I was reticent at first to learn it, and then loaded the dc-6, searched and found an old flight computer (for speeds and wca) and to be honest, i did not have that much fun during a long haul flight in a long long time.

Again a big thank you.

Request : i want to create a blank landfall table (jpg or bmp, with only the lines on the x and y axis, to be used on all latitudes and for 60 minutes), but did not find online a tool that will help me. Is there a name on ur mind ?

Can't wait for a ship of the line and month-long sim voyages! That's the logical next step, right? Right?

This addon got me and my DC6 across the Atlantic in one piece yesterday, if that doesn't show it works perfectly then I don't know what does!

Because I only started learning to use Celestial Navigation the day before the trip, I used a different method to yourself ElectronVolt, where I got the subsolar and sublunar points, shot the sun and moon, calculated the radius using the readings from the sextant and found where the radii intersected. It wasn't completely accurate, but put me within 100-200nm of my position! I'd say if the trip was overnight I'd have been able to use the same method with stars to triangulate my position much better.

So, pull out and start populating a precomputation form (see appendix 7). There’s one as a separate PDF in the CelNav for MSFS download package at flightsim.to as well.

I can't edit your pdf precomputation form, if possible I'd avoid to pay a program like Foxit to use it.

Whew you got me all hot and bothered when you brought up the 4 Nav Planets.. only done CELNAV at sea. time to test out MSFS!!!

Well this is a marvelous achievement and I believe we'll need to chat about a future collaboration 😉

Wonderful. True NAV comes to MSFS. Enough glass already.


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