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Version 2.0
Initial Release June 25, 2021
Last Updated September 30, 2021
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  • Version 2.0 September 30, 2021

    Sim update 5 compatible

  • Launched June 25, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Sorry to say, but it causes crash to desktop when loading .(

With the sim update 6, we lost the shining effect on legacy planes. Will there be an update for this?


I love the Golden Age aircraft. Unfortunayely the engine sound is there but nothing else cannot move at all? Kind Regards, Simon

Love the plane, and it looks great during the automatic taxi phase, but the engine dies right after I take control, while I sit at the end of the runway. Ctrl E doesn't restart the engine. MSFS and my other planes appear to behaving normally. I'm not running any aircraft apps in the background (like AirLandFS). Please advise, thanks!

Thanks, Glad to see it flying again...Please disregard the negative remark from previous poster, Have a good day 😊

Just a portover not a conversion so wont work in VR

Doesn't work for me with Sim Update 5 even after installing the hotfix.

Can load a flight with it but it CTD's after a few seconds 😞

Absolutely enjoyed flying this one Don! Love the attention to detail. Wanted to upload a couple of images to the User Gallery but keep getting "Try later".

Love it, Thanks!

Works fine,clickable switches next?

Thank you love these old planes

Hi Don, Eric Here Again.

Yes I know of Dave Garwoods Auster, I Personally Prefer the Dave Mlolyneaux Austers I do not know why but I just do, so the question is the same. Is it possible to gain permission to convert, the Molyneaux Auster J1 Autocrat from FSX to MSFX 2020, Thank you for your help,

Cheers Eric

nice plane convertion 😊

btw can you convert both the Douglas DC-3 and the Ford 5-AT Trimotor as well?

Lovely thing to fly, just needs clickable switches and possibly improved cockpit textures for a solid 5 stars from me.

Awesome work, many thanks ! Lovely bird with nice details and good sound. No clickables switches is not a problem with a good input mapping


Lovely Little airplane, nice job ,There is a slight simularity to the Auster, I was wondering if you could get permision from Dave Molyneaux to covert his Auster J1 from FSX to msfs 2020, It would be an excellent addition to a lot of simmers hangars.

Cheers Eric

love that cockpit. Are there any plans to bring it to HD or make switches clickable?

Nice job, but sorry, I can't fly this in VR, as soon as I switch to VR mode, sim CTDs. It's your plane because all other planes work fine.

WOO HOO! Even more AWESOME FREE aircraft from : donfanucci 😀

Take $40-$70 plane makers!

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