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Version 3.0
Initial Release October 12, 2020
Last Updated March 18, 2021
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Compatibility Sim Update 7 2 0
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  • Version 3.0 March 18, 2021

    Added ALL new Aerosoft CRJ formats

    VMR built using some of my latest addons to my own community folder. Be sure to check out the video below if you need to tweak it more.

    VERSION 3.1
    Quick fix as I left the backup liveries to show my channel livery and unless you have that, it will fail... so I've reverted it back to the default A320neo airbus house livery.

  • Version 2.0.3 November 12, 2020

  • Version 2.0.2 November 06, 2020

  • Version 2.0.1 November 03, 2020

    - Updated numerous other liveries that have changed due to Patch 5
    - Added Aerolineas Argentinas (requested by a user!)
    - Added Air Corsica
    - Added Garuda Indonesia
    - Updated JetBlue to include the new "Bluerica Livery"

    Still waiting for other liveries to catch up and as before, I'll update in batches so the changes are beneficial!

  • Version 2.0 October 31, 2020

    Latest Patch broke all liveries - creators are updating but some are altering the model names/titles from what they were before... I've had to re-write a lot of the file to update the changes. I've had to download and check every single model line so expect further updates as more liveries are updated to work after Patch 5.

    - Updated a large number of altered livery config lines due to the patch forcing all livery creators to re-work their files

    Added the following airlines too:
    - Air Luxor
    - SATA
    - LEVEL
    - Adria Airways
    - Peach Aviation
    - Martinair
    - Bamboo Airways
    - Dragonair
    - VietJet
    - AZUL
    - Itapemirim
    - Ansett Australia
    - Alexandair (Virtual Airline)
    - Premier (Virtual Airline)

  • Version 1.8.2 October 28, 2020

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I love the program but is there any way possible to export and to import using CSV file to make it easier without taking hours to do all manually


Thanks for your tutorials! I have a question though; Is there a way to download all your flightplans that you use from somewhere, and the corresponding VMR-file? Or should I just use the program and sit for hours downloading everything? 😊

First of all thank you for all the work done!

I have two weekends of YouTube, google and forum behind me to configure Flight Simulator for Vatsim... "Will be much more easy than xPlane they said..." 😋

After all I still get a lot of "Failed to create aircraft...". Normally I would say I am good in understanding such systems but at the moment I resginate. 

Is my understanding of the following right.

We need 

1. (All) possible liveries other people use on Vatsim and we want to see. Therefore the Megapack is useful, but this really is way too much gigabyte for my SSD. Do we really need this big files?

2. The ivao x-csl files. I remember the csl files from xPlane. In my understanding they there did what 1. Is now doing in flight simulator. So why do we need it?

3. The .vmr files. They are making the model matching possible. So Vatsim says there is a dude in a KLM a320 and the vrm file checks the local installed liveries for the correct liveries and wohoo shows the correct plane in KLM style.

But as I only have installed three liveries (thats also what the magic modelmatching tool finds out).... Back to 1 😀

That's my understanding. And I think I have done everything like seen in numerous tutorials etc... Still have all of these Failed to load aircraft

(And yes. There are some that work. But I would say Minimum 20 fail messages on a good event day airport). 

I am begging for help 😀n

Hey, I find the amount of detail in the description a bit confusing. The red text at the top says that everything else is redundant and we should use the 'magic' one you linked that scans the communities folder. So does that mean we don't need to download your one? Or do we download both? In which priority order?

Thank you for this files !!

I have a question and sorry for my bad english but you mention to:

"For better tracking, please edit at the bottom of both vmr files"

What does that means ?


Anyone noticed any issues with SU5?

Will this only work for Vatsim users ?

I have an issue that sound like this "Failed to create aircraft KLM77H using model "Boeing 747-8i Asobo KLM". The model may be corrupt or missing. vPilot will try to create the aircraft with a different model." .. please help me

how to install this?

Hello, can I make all the liveries show on the A320 model? Rather than to install different aircraft types, as to keep it simple. So, if someone shows up in a BA 747, it will show me a BA A320? Can I do that? Thanks

What mega pack liveries have you used

i do not know what this is? Can you tell me?

available on IVAO ?
First thank you for your work. I want to create .vmr file for some of the the EC135 Helo liveries. Now I think that I have got the Type Code correct "EC35" and I can copy the each livery name from the Title bar in the aircraft .cfg file but I don't know where to get the call sign from in the .cfg file because I believe that is what communicates my livery in vPilot to another pilot (who has same livery). Which line in the .cfg file communicates the call sign please?
Hello, the work done is really good!!
Anyhow, when I start the VPilot I see several planes not matched, which liveries pack do you suggest to install to cover the most planes possible?
just a question: since few days i can't see properly only the Easyjet livery when online in Vatsim.....beofre i saw it correctly.....any suggests ?
Best regards
Thanks for this.
Any chance you could include the Bredok3d Boeing 737-MAX for all 737 aircraft in the sim?
Is there a way to update the x-csl folder?
Can you do for Brazilian airlines?
Will the current version of this model matching work with the latest a32nx fork and the updated liveries?

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