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LFPG terrain fix with AFCAD and ground marking

this new version is to match asobo latest release of LFPG (V0.1.66) you need this version for the fix to work properly. Go to your content manager and make sure you have latest LFPG update installed even though this latest version fix the big mess...


this new version is to match asobo latest release of LFPG (V0.1.66)

you need this version for the fix to work properly. Go to your content manager and make sure you have latest LFPG update installed

even though this latest version fix the big mess of the previous one, still some issues remaining like all the terrain level and bumps

the hill between 08L and cargo terminal has been reshaped again due to change in SU8 terrain to show the complete approch lights.

the retention pond near 08L has been reshaped, it was too deep, and it should have 2 levels.

severe steps on terrain, in countryside, between LFPB and 08L has been leveled.

on this version V4.0, I had to lower all the buildings of terminal 1 to solve floating building issue (including control tower), the drawback is, I have to add slopes to reconnect taxiways correctly which sometime result in steep slopes. the floating building belong to a group of buildings that are correcly elevated, which make things difficult. this could be easy to solve by the devellopers but....

Version 5 fine tune terminal 1 elevation, correct more bumps ans steps on taxiways, add jetway to under construction satellite in terminal 1 (since the new terminal is not there). Fix bridge on taxiway G that was not apearing correctly from time to time in previous version.


if you have AIG traffic installed, you can use my other mod here


to populate the satellite U with static airlines.

V6.0 add improved AFCAD

V7.0 add some ground marking. this is just the beggining, only a few marking, but more to come.

V7.1.0 compiled with SU10 SDK, more ground marking (this very time consuming, so the progress is slow)

V7.2.0 remove step on parking M and adjust height of some bridges.

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Intl. Airports
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Thank you! This worked perfectly for me!

Hello, managed to create gate numbers painted on the ground ? Can you remove trees on the TGV line near runway 27L holding points ? They are just bushes there in rral, not trees. Thanks for the SU10 update


Faut-il simplement mettre le fichier dans le community folder ?

Aussi, le fihcier AFCAD est-il mis à jour pour respecter le parking des différentes compagnies au terminaux ?

Thanks, when I put your mod in community, I am unable to get Glass jetway anymore with Gsx, any idea how to get it to work with glass jetway ? Thanks

Awesome to see you largely fixed LFPG! Does this also work with the latest SU10 version?

Merci pour ce correctif bien utile!

I did taxi route F FN3 N with Kodiak 100 and collision with gear occured in the middle of N (somewhere after FN2). It also happeden without this fix on vanilla LFPG, but with this fix I think it occured a bit further down the N taxiing in the direction I described. Can you please take a look? (N taxiway, between FN3 and FN1)

Hi, on my content list there is the latest version of the LFPG 0.1.66. Is this in contradiction with your work?

Merci pour cette MAJ mais il y des problèmes de positionnements des passerelles sur les avions ( J'utilise AIG Traffic). une solution ? Merci

Thank you for the work. Any chance you create gate numbers on the scenery ? or on the ground ? thanks!

Thank you for this very mandatory fix 😊

Could you remove versioning from addon folder name in order to make upgrades easier (LFPG_terrain_ fix instead of LFPG_terrain_ fix_v6) ? Thanks.


Thanks for the update!

Thanks for your fix and update to it. Funny that Asobo updates their handcrafted airport but don't actually fix it? Will rate when I can.

Bonjour, j'ai aujourd'hui plusieurs fois osé voler vers LFPG. NAtürlich J'ai précédemment installé votre FIX actuel de. Il contient toutes les corrections en même temps. Tout s'est très bien passé. Atterrissage sur la 08R avec un bon trafic. Malheureusement une fois de plus des deux côtés, car la météo et le MSFS n'étaient pas d'accord. Sur les voies de circulation, tout s'est bien passé et même mieux qu'avant, mais il y a eu cet endroit (pont routier, voie de circulation N, peu avant NA2). Mon CJ4 l'a pratiquement renversé. Ai-je trouvé ce petit obstacle ? Je suppose qu'il y a une certaine marge d'amélioration après tout. Si j'étais ASOBO, je ne laisserais pas une telle chose m'échapper. Vraiment triste!

Hi, I dared to fly to LFPG today. Of course, I installed your latest FIX beforehand. It contains all the FIXes at once. Everything went really well. Landing on the 08R in heavy traffic. Unfortunately, once again from both sides, because the weather and MSFS did not agree. On the taxiway everything went well and even better than before, but then came this spot (road bridge, taxiway N, shortly before NA2). It practically knocked my CJ4 over. Did I find the little obstacle? I guess there is still some room for improvement after all. If I were ASOBO, I wouldn't let something like that sit on me. Really sad!

ça règle les problèmes texture rose ?

vous pourriez retirer les mur invisibles sur le taxiway D svp

Merci à vous, ça permettra de terminer complètement un vol long courrier sans se cracher !

these are the kinds of things Asobo should be noticing and fixing with an update.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 7.2.0 November 06, 2022

    remove step on parking M, adjust height of some bridges

  • Version 7.1.0 October 01, 2022

    Add some more ground marking
    minor update in elevation
    compiled with SU10 SDK

  • Version 7.0 July 02, 2022

    starting to add ground marking. runway ahead, no entry, max wing span, slow down... a few taxiway marking to beggin
    remove the version in the name as requested by some users.

  • Version 6.0 June 04, 2022

    rework AFCAD with airline codes. enlarge some radius and shift slightly some positions to avoid overlapping.
    now terminal 2 can be filled mostly with air France aircrafts.
    tested with AIG offline traffic at 85%, since there are more spots for heavies available, the flikering and changing liveries planes are reduced or inexistant.

    correct some graphic glitches on taxiways.

  • Version 5.0 May 15, 2022

    fine tune terminal 1 elevation
    add jetway to satellite U that is under construction in real life
    remove steps on taxiway B
    fix bridge on taxiway G that was not apearing correctly from time to time

  • Version 4.0 April 27, 2022

    redo completely the hill on runway 08L since it has diseapeared during previous update.

    fix many other bumps remainings on various taxiways

    change elevation of terminal 1 to solve floating control tower and Hangar. this modification have drawbacks.

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