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Initial Release June 06, 2021
Last Updated October 20, 2021
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Airline Aviation
#A32NX Drag and Drop


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  • Version October 20, 2021

    - Port over SU6 fix from A32NX dev

  • Version October 19, 2021

    - Fix the lights and make the light effect independent from A32NX. Now the plane is independent of A32NX
    - Reduce 1+F flap retraction speed to 205 knots.
    - increase take-off thrust.

  • Version 0.2.3 October 15, 2021

    - A32NX 0.7.0 stable.
    - Customize FADEC and FBW module to better emulate SAM146 engine performance and fuel consumption (WIP)
    - Updated flight model
    - Fix issue width flaps
    - Remove RRJ-95B variant. Only LR variant for now. Not much difference other than extra MTOW between the 2 versions.
    - Tested with Simbrief with custom SU95 profile (

  • Version August 10, 2021

    - Updated A32NX package to version 0.6.3. Hopefully, this will reduce CTD further.

  • Version 0.2.2 August 07, 2021

    - Updated A32NX package to 0.6.2 which should fix most CTD issues due to SU5
    - Added long range variant as a separate aircraft.
    - Flight model tweaking
    - Refine speed calculation in MCDU
    - Edited engine start sound. It won't sound like it shutting down again during start-up

    Aside for bug fixes, this will be the last update for now. I am considering whether to look for other people to create a team, continue alone or stop entirely.

  • Version July 15, 2021

    - Fix static pitch which affects AI aircraft
    - Yet again, reduce engine fuel consumption
    - Other minor tweaks in flight model

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Excellent aircraft! Thank you for making this better with each update, as a superjet fan I really appreciate it. Great sounds and performance, and a lovely model!

I have made a repaint for the cockpit so that it feels a bit more like the real superjet. Feel free to try it out if you're interested 😊

It's my way of giving back to this great community!

Is there someone here who can do a Eurowings livery for me, that would be great

Why is the plane white how to fix it?

A brilliant aircraft, thank you!

very good jet which works very well. the sound is great; a defect anyway, the shadow of the buttons on the overhead dashboard is not consistent. the heat effect behind the reactors is missing; otherwise c top

Thank you for the great mod, I'm on a longer flight (1900nm) and I'm totally satisfied with what it does

only with the weight and the FSAirlines client there are some discrepancies but you can live with that

mine is just a .rar file, how do I fix that?

Unreal freeware, absolutely amazing albeit the minor flaws.

Hello everyone. Currently, this project is still using the FSX 3D model and I am looking for some to help to develop a native GLTF 3D model for the superjet.

Unfortunately, I only have permission to use the FSX model hence to create a native MSFS model, a new one is required from scratch. Hence, I hope to collaborate together with someone who is interested in developing an aircraft for MSFS. Join my discord server ( and PM me if you are interested.

Cool! Just the TAXI/RUNOFF Lights not working. The Wiper Knobs work but have not seen blades work yet. Cheers 😉

Currently the best freeware commuter / regional jet available for MSFS. Always quick to update for Sim Updates. If you follow the instructions it will work perfectly.

the engine dont work

what does LR mean? theres two models of the jet, the normal one and then another one says LR?

Could you embed the A32NX Dev package? You could update it for example once a week or a month. A lot is added to Dev, and the stable version is very rarely updated.

in the cockpit, all are black screens

Why does it have such poor maneuverability? Even the A320 is much better in control and more maneuverable. It seems to me that this should not be the case.

Could you please make a version that works without Flybywire because I tried to install it, but it didn't work with older versions because the game crashes when loading the plane. I would be very grateful.

SU5 changes the lighting engine which causes all FSX convert aircraft to lose their reflection. Unfortunately, I can't fix it without converting it to a native model.

Aside from bug fixes, this will be the last update for now. I am considering whether to look for other people to create a team, continue alone or stop entirely.

I also have made 8K livery for the plane but I was not happy with the result. I am not good with art so I decided to just post the raw file in my discord the livery files I have done.


Due to SU5, you may experience some CTD as there are some changes in 3D model config file for the cockpit. I will try to fix this by weekend.

SU5 also change the lighting engine which cause all FSX convert aircraft to loss its reflection. Unfortunately, I am unable to find a workaround yet.

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