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Version 1.4
Initial Release May 26, 2021
Last Updated September 02, 2021
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2,845 | V Second Officer

Compatibility Sim Update 7 3 0
Category General Aviation

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  • Version 1.4 September 02, 2021

    The Vertigo TurboExtreme Edition™ is DEAD!

    Actually just changed the name to end the confusion between this plane and the awesome GotGravel Vertigo.
    And before anyone freaks out, this has the exact same flight mechanics as VRTE 1.3.2.

    Big Update:
    -New livery (Vantablack now the primary)
    -completely retextured cockpit to match the Vantablack aesthetic.
    -Old VRTE still exists as a variant of the Maelstrom.
    -Custom contrail visual effect (negligible performance hit and works in multiplayer!)

    More liveries coming!

    Known Issues:
    -Runaway Throttle at high altitude when you pass about mach 3 (already existed in VRTE as well)
    -SU5 broke the pitot simulation. If you go too fast, too low, IAS will read 0 all of a sudden. GS/TAS still read accurate.
    -flickering on the contrails and relatively jank textures. Look, I wanted to make this anew and the Visual Effects Editor in the game is borked beyond belief. I'm working on it as well as some other visual effects that just aren't ready for prime time.
    -Currently no way to disable contrail effect other than fly slower than 420 IAS.
    -Vantablack is kind of hard to see in the dark. (That is sort of the point but some may view this as a negative.)

  • Version 1.3.2 August 02, 2021

    *G3X hardware controls were not able to be interacted with after SU5. This has been fixed.
    *Reduced Flaps 3 aggressiveness.
    *Added ultra-wide-angle nose cam (Cockpit -> Quickview 4)

  • Version 1.3.1 July 31, 2021

    Many of the changes present in 1.3 have been rolled back. Excluding the following:

    *Slightly more power at full throttle.
    *Artificial speed limit of mach 5 (KTAS/GS may vary)
    *Increased Flaps 3 braking force, use with caution.
    *fixed memory leak/blank displays/CTDs (along with today's MS patch) in G3X avionics.
    *fixed Flaps 4 Floatmode.

  • Version 1.3 July 30, 2021

    ***Updated for SU5 so no new liveries just yet***

    Microsoft raised in the in-game speed limit from 5,000 km/h to 13,000 km/h so... guess what that means?

    *Fixed: Flaps 4 Floatmode, now with more float.
    *Changed flaps 3 to stop harder. You cannot glide!
    *Significantly higher top speed (7019 ktas @ MSL)
    *Increased stability at higher speeds. WARNING: NOT particularly stable at mach 12+!! Keep it under mach 6 and you'll be golden.
    *Increased ultra-high altitude stability and effectiveness of control surfaces.
    *Throttle curve updated for greater speed range, go easy on nailing the throttle.
    *Low speed handling has been dramatically improved at the cost of low speed stability, roll rate is just stupid at this point, and be ready to use some flaps to assist in tight cornering.
    *Autopilot improvements have been made allowing more aggressive maneuvers at higher speeds while on autopilot. Should be good up around 1200-1500 KTAS.

    Flight Habit Tips:
    *This is an unusual plane that will require some compromises in your normal flight habits.
    *The rudder doesn't have a dramatic effect on yaw rate, this is for stability, but it may not be as useful as in other aircraft, you generally have to bank and pull to turn.
    *Flaps are going to be your friend with this aircraft. Normally, you'd use flaps for increased drag and lift for landing. In this case you're going to have to become accustomed to using the flaps as a tool to modulate your speed. *This plane is slippery!!! (10% throttle at level flight will eventually hit mach 1)
    *If you find yourself at hyper-sonic speeds, use flaps 3 + full reverse thrust to slow down quickly. Make sure you give yourself plenty of altitude to slow down if coming into a dive.
    *If you climb at relatively low throttle (30%) for instance (still super sonic, but not insane for this plane,) once you reach high enough where the drag becomes lower, you may be faced with a run-away engine that automagically revs to full throttle. In this state, cutting throttle does absolutely nothing, you must take action to slow down or risk flying to Mars!
    ALSO: a steep dive from high altitude may cause this same condition!

    Have fun!

  • Version 1.2 June 08, 2021

    ADDED: Float mode.  Flaps 4, zero throttle, will let you float around and descend slightly at around 40 kts.
    ADDED: Even slipperier through the air.
    ADDED: Increased sea-level top speed (yet again.)

    FIXED: Dramatic increase to high-speed stability, even in live weather!
    FIXED: Throttle curve a bit more predictable.
    NOTE: Working Title GX Mod has been updated with fixes and now works with this plane and the current game build.

  • Version 1.1.1 June 03, 2021

Frequently Asked

Questions? Find your solution here.

Help, it gets wobbly and uncontrollable at 500 knots!

This is a known issue with auto-rudder (one of the assists) if you disable this, you'll be able to fly as fast as you want.  This isn't to say it doesn't get wobbly at mach 10 because it does.  I'm working on that.  

Do I have to remove the Vertigo TurboExtreme Edition?

While not technically required, you'd essentially have two of the same plane installed as the Maelstrom 1.4 has the same flight model as the VRTE 1.3.2.  You can keep both as they don't conflict if you want, but there's no real reason why you would.

I don't like the contrails. How do I disable them?

Remove the 'turboextreme-effects-contrails' folder from your community folder and restart the sim.

The Vantablack livery makes my computer very slow!

The vantablack livery is somewhat of an exploit of the game's texture engine that forces no channel other than path-tracing (think discount raytracing) which can be somewhat heavy on cpu resources as the game is a DirectX 11 title still it will not use the GPU for path-tracing just yet.  SU5 made huge progress in optimizing this but it's still not as good as it could be.  Use the classic livery if Vantablack is giving you issues.

How do I use autopilot?

Short answer is that the G3X by asobo doesn't have the touch controls for AP built in.  You can either use an external application to control AP or you can install the WT G3X mod which will remove synthetic vision but enable AP touch controls (by clicking on the AP header in the MFD)


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Pretty empty over here.


How do we turn on the avionics screens ? They are off, and flipping the Master Avionics switch to ''ON'' didn't help. Thanks.



4 month(s) ago / Thanked by TurboExtreme

This is bonkers. And I love it. Thank you!

very good to slew over the planet .... Much better than Y key 😉

But I have the same problem with contrails, it seems that the file dont work ?

Please Sir "The Maker", it will be kind for us (to be able, or not) to give up these horrible vortex contrails, not realistic and hiding a lot, the splendid MSFS's landscap ... Thanks for this wonderfull acft so usefull to wonder quickly around the world !



5 month(s) ago / Thanked by TurboExtreme

When loading the updated there is the Maelstrom file and the effects file.....Send both to community file ? Love your work bro , flew the extreme thru Hurricanes Grace and Ida with great success 😉



5 month(s) ago / Thanked by TurboExtreme

I downloaded 1.4 but the resulting file name is Is that correct, or is it still the old version?



5 month(s) ago / Thanked by TurboExtreme

Great plane! Relaxing to fly around town at 0-3% throttle @ ~150knots. Then a blast through the mountains at %20 throttle running around 450knots. Can land great on flaps 2, or drop it down to flap 5 and beat most STOL planes landing numbers. Nice work.

It can be a handful at full power. Have learned to keep it mostly in check though.

version 1.4 is significantly improved... however, there are still stability issues at higher speeds.

the plane is capable of darn near 1500 knots-ish. but, it is at its most stable around 500 knots. (~50% throttle).

i upgraded to almost 4 stars. i will be interested to see future builds.



5 month(s) ago / Thanked by TurboExtreme

Thank you !

Version 1.3.1 controls are also bad! Please take version 1.2 as a basis, fix a memory leak in it (everything is fine with me), and just don't change anything in version 1.2, since it is the most ideal in terms of control and characteristics, speeds, stability, version 1.2 is already the final product, it remains just release compatibility fixes with sim updates, and you can already do liveries as this is the only thing you need right now! Just delete versions 1.3 and 1.3.1 and forget about what you changed there, leave version 1.2 as a finished product and just fix compatibility for those who are not compatible with the version of the sim! Version 1.2 is controlled just perfectly, both at low speeds and at the highest, the control is perfectly smooth, flaps are simply perfect and does not sweep the plane sharply down or up, the plane does not stagger, takeoff and landing are perfect, version 1.2 is what everyone needs, do not change anything else, better make liveries! I hope you understand that you've already made the perfect plane for the perfect sim flight! Thank you for your work!)

I hit 4,100 TAS and 99k RPM's. Good fun, but you can't really control the flight's direction.



6 month(s) ago / Thanked by TurboExtreme

Version 1.3 became very bad, the control became very sharp, the plane became uncontrollable, too fast a speed at which the plane just flies up and does not control, I remain on version 1.2 because this is the most ideal version in everything, there was no need to change anything, just waiting for the livery, I hope the liveries will be compatible with version 1.2! The flight model is modern by standard, all assistants and the like are disabled! Update 1.3 broke the aircraft controls, 1.2 did not need an update, waiting for the livery!



6 month(s) ago / Thanked by TurboExtreme

That's what I always wanted in terms of modded planes, it's a beast! Thank you for this.

Have anyone encountered an issue where you fly with stable speed and your plane inevitably starts to wobble and gain speed like hell like if I'd put 100% on all engines and its completely uncontrollable until you do a full stop with flaps?



6 month(s) ago / Thanked by TurboExtreme

Fantastic! What an awsome plane! Fun to Fly, stable, and does magic! Thank you for taking the time, making it, and doing the write up on the cool things that it can do! Love it!



6 month(s) ago / Thanked by TurboExtreme

Loved flying this in VR!

It flies great , but dont use more than half flaps for landing or it will death spiral into the ground , LOL

Hilarious overkill. I flew this thing into space. 275K feet, the max in MSFS apparently.

Awesome mod, but landing gear, propeller flaps and overall cockpit is not working

Today flying the TurboExtreme, I experienced two episodes of black screens after 15-20 minutes of flight. Anybody else having this problem?

Could you please make a tutorial how to use ballast?

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