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Version 2.50
Initial Release May 13, 2021
Last Updated October 17, 2021
File Size 18.82 MB
Downloads 3,661
GPS Coordinates 42.371875, -122.871782
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Regional Airports
#Handcrafted United States Exclusive


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  • Version 2.50 October 17, 2021


    - Overhaul of the Million Air Hangar, now has open doors and interior modeling. (parking #19 will start you in the hangar)

    - Replaced the default ramp lights with custom modeled ramp lights accurate to MFR

    - Added dedicated vehicle routes to deduce vehicle traffic on the taxiways

  • Version 2.02 September 07, 2021

  • Version 2.01 August 21, 2021

  • Version 2.0 August 20, 2021

    V2.0 / Final Version:

    - Upgraded Ground Markings

    - 4 New Handcrafted buildings

    - Upgraded control tower textures

    - Many new details and enhancements

  • Version 1.3 July 02, 2021


    -Increased draw distance for most buildings. Most buildings will now load 2-3 miles out instead of popping up while on short final.

    -Adjusted scale on a couple hangars.

    -The lower part of the air side of the terminal is now textured instead of being solid gray.

    -Added a few more details.

  • Version 1.2 June 05, 2021


    -Added 2 additional custom crafted hangars.

    -Added a little more detail and upgraded a few textures to some of the other buildings.

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I love your work. Thank you so much. It would be amazing if S50, Auburn Muni and KPLU Thun Field would get your touch....

I cannot believe this is free. God Bless You.

Are you working on anything new at the moment?

Thank you so much for making this! I grew up in Medford, this feels like I'm going home <3 Short flight up to 10,000 feet, go East to Grants Pass, south to Applegate lake, hang a left to see Shasta, head back north once you hit Yreka, fly over Ashland and just go straight back into rwy 32.

Hey BullfrogSim, I did figure out the cause of my CTD issues. Your modellib.bgl file needs to be renamed and is causing conflicts. You can read about the issue here:

First of all, thank you for your continued hard work! Unfortunately, the 2.01 version is causing CTD for me, just after takeoff, with any aircraft. Not sure why, but removing it from the community folder and reverting to 1.3 solves the issues.

where is a giant car sitting on top of the airport. The top of the car goes over 5000 feet. What happened?

Excellent scenery. The attention to detail is very good. I appreciate smaller regional airports like this one. Keep up the great work! Have to throw this out there, S50 would be amazing with your skills.....

Flew into this airport for the first time this morning. Great job on the mod! Just curious - all gates and stands have numbers on the actual building except gate 4. Is that the way it is in real life?

This is great. Really appreciate the Oregon-based airports being made. Really sold work here! What others are next on the list? Redmond perhaps?

Thank you! Short hop over to Crater Lake, Klamath Falls for lunch, and back to Medford. Love it!

Thank you so much. I took my son here yesterday and we spent an hour watching the planes from the observation deck. It looks just like the real thing.

Nice work, Are you able to crate the Fargo ND airport - Hector International airport

Absolutely gorgeous airport enhancement. Thanks for your hard work.

Fantastic work. Thanks
Good thing the PAPI lights are working. Tried doing an ILS approach for runway 14 but I didn't read the NOTAMS before downloading this scenery. But overall, great work!
Magnificent! Thank you very much!
This is great! I too am going to say that if you get bored you could do Eugene and Redmond also. As you can see by my screen name 😉 I grew up in Redmond, 4th busiest passenger airport in the state.
Any plans on working on Redmond and Eugene airports. Now Oregon is getting some love now.
Wow this is so good! It looks better than some payware

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