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Version 1.7
Initial Release October 07, 2020
Last Updated June 30, 2021
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Bush Strips
#Real-Life #Nature #Sightseeing #Handcrafted Norway


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  • Version 1.7 June 30, 2021

    Update V1.7
    - Added a new airfield. Verdal Fatten (Fætten). Non existing airport. But was operative until about 1990.
    Just delete the folder "kjh-verdal-fatten" from folder "Bush airfields of Mid Norway" if you don't want it. :-)
    You can read more about the airfield here -->

    - All airfields are now named with unique model libraries. Grong had a problem in v 1.6
    - All airfields are recompiled, and optimized for World update 5 Nordics!
    - Added / removed /replaced objects on almost all airfields.
    - Terraformed around airfields were necessary.
    - All airport marshalls should also be gone.
    - All airfields have unique thumbnails.

  • Version 1.6 May 04, 2021

    Update V1.6
    - changed the name of my model libraries, to avoid Crash To Dekstop (CTD).
    - added thumbnail picture, visible in MSFS content manager.

  • Version 1.5 April 27, 2021

    Update V1.5
    - Vuku airfield has been relocated. According to the owner, the airfield is no located on the neighbouring farmers field. I've got the exact placement from the farmer itself.
    You will find in MSFS world map, listed as ENVU.
    - All airport marshalls with pushback trolleys has been removed from all airfields. As it is not very realistic.
    - Grong bush strip sorroundings has been "fixed". Alpine area has been deforrested. So has the hut field surrounding areas.
    Some campers, tractors and stuff has been added near the bush strip. Grong airfield is not operative in real world today.
    - Other minor issues fixed.

  • Version 1.4 April 25, 2021

    EN15 Maarud airfiled has been removed from this package, as it is not part of my mid Norway bushstrip series. I will make EN15 Maarud a standalone package at a later time.

    Update V1.4
    - Corrected elevation and other problems on almost all airfields.
    - ENR1 and ENS1 had "shadow" airplanes in RW texture. That is removed, and fixed.
    - All aiports except ENGS has got new RW grass textures.
    - Other elevation problems from platform updates, and world updates has been corrected.
    - Some people have been added, to make it more lively on some of the airfields. ;-)

    NB! If you have my earlier "Bush airfields of Norway, Henning" or in the community map, "henning-nedre-langli" installed, then delete it! This package includes the newest version of Henning airport!!

  • Version 1.3 October 21, 2020

  • Version 1.2 October 20, 2020

  • Launched October 07, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Looks like there is no parking at Henning or Grong? I only get to choose between rwys for starting point.
How tremendeously cool to have Grong in place and airport services removed. I really love the package!
Hi everyone. I have been out of development for a while, because my GPU got on fire and was destroyed. I have just received a new one. So I'm on again developing.
The problems with some of my scenerys, is coming from the MSFS general platform updates, and the world updates. Nothing much to about it, other than wait for my coming updates. I have no timeline, but I will fix them accordingly.
Hi, Kjetil - any chance of having Ljørdalen Airport added to this project?
(If not, I'd be very happy to create it, but like the idea of a collection of bush airports in one package)
Look what happens to me in EN15, should I download a correction file?
Why so different from the images that you publish?
Thanks for this scenery. I had a wonderful evening flying along the lakes and rivers and trying to find the airstrips!
Thank you all. I don't know if I'll add these bushstrips as star airports. But i can make a map on how to navigate between them. I'ts not too far, about 30 nm between the mid Norway strips farthest away from each other.
By the way, I'm also launching a remake of Henning airfield today.
can u make a beter sinery for ulven airstip
yes good work but add the stars
Hei, can you please add the yellow stars in the next update? So it will be easier to find the airports

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