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Grand Tour Flight Planner

Grand Tour Flight Planner (GTFP) helps the casual user in the following ways: 1. GTFP simplifies the construction of complicated flight plans from scratch. 2. GTFP can generate over 500 interesting (built-in) flight plans. 3. GTFP can create waypoints from a search, such as  your house address, latitude/longitude, ...


Grand Tour Flight Planner (GTFP) helps the casual user in the following ways:

1. GTFP simplifies the construction of complicated flight plans from scratch.

2. GTFP can generate over 500 interesting (built-in) flight plans.

3. GTFP can create waypoints from a search, such as  your house address, latitude/longitude,  POI (like "Eiffel Tower", "Grand Canyon"), or IOAC code.

4. GTFP provides an easy way to navigate during VFR flight: It tracks the plane’s heading and the target’s bearing and distance together in a small window that can be overlaid on the main MSFS window. It allows you to slew to the next point in the route.

5. GTFP lets you overlay a small VFR map on top of MSFS where you can zoom in to great detail, or out to show as much of the world as you wish. It tracks your plane in real time. It has options to label political boundaries, show only roads, or show unlabeled geographic features (matching what you see from the cockpit).

A Users' Guide is available. Here is a quote from the FAQ that shows a way to use some of GTFP features.


I want to fly over both my house and the Cleveland Museum of Rock and Roll. What do I do? Put your house address in the add waypoint box (on the Map page) and click enter key. When the waypoint is created, right click on it and then on “add nearest airport” button (or put a specific airport code in the add waypoint box). Set that airport to be both FIRST and LAST via right click on the airport map pin. Put “Cleveland Rock and Roll Museum" in the add waypoint box and click enter key. Now click on optimize mapped path button to make the shortest route. That should generate the flight plan you want.



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  • Updated to version version 10.4

  • Updated to version version 10.3

  • Updated to version version 10.2

  • Updated to version version 10.1

  • Updated to version version 9.7

  • Updated to version version 9.6

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This is a fantastic app. I started out cherry picking through the list and am now flying every plan presently on G. Visiting places I never would have imagined and seeing things that are truly amazing and this is just a game I keep telling myself. Thank you for putting this together and I look forward to updates with more wow factor flying.


I am having a problem with the generated waypoints when I open up the PLN file in MSFS. They are showing up as the north pole instead of the waypoint plotted in the GT tool. Any idea why?

10.3 runs w/o any "special" setup. This is truly a Great Program! Use it all the time to setup NeoFly "stacked missions". Does not seem to be the case for 10.4 (no setup instructions). I seem to be missing something.

Looks great. Can I use this stand-alone or does MSFS have to be running?

A wonderful piece of Software. Elegant is also how I would describe it. So much software these days tends to be 'clumsily' executed.

I would however ask for one additional change: instead of only copying the Result to the clipboard, could you add a print option to the default printer. A screendump would do it in landscape. No additional info required. It would be an additional way of flying without importing the plan into MSFS but also avoiding all the faffing around needing to import the clipboard into Notepad or something. Purely flying on bearings from paper would also be fun.

Thank you.

Downloaded this a couple of weeks ago. Loving it. Makes flight planning nice and simple. Love the info it gives for your route. Thank you for such a great little program.

Hi Fred,

Haven't talked in a while.

Just downloaded the 10.2 version and I believe this issue is back. From discussion 6 months ago comment:

There is this bug in GTFP: the folder name was saved when you *saved* an FP, but not when you *loaded* an FP. I will change the logic to save the folder name you select on *both* events in the next version of GTFP. (Note that only one folder name is going to be saved by GTFP, and that MSFS does *not* save the folder name you load/save an FP to). The fix to GTFP will be out in a week or so.

I'm not sure if this is the problem you are seeing. If not, I need further information from you so as to duplicate your bug. Anyway, thanks for the bug report!

Hi 😊 I want to make a world tour. Saving a flight is not an option, when I reload a flight I can't change the weather or time of day anymore. What would be the best way to use a huge flightplan - Each time I start flying, delete the legs I did in my previous flight and save that plan? or would there be a more convenient way?

I may have missed it but is there a way to control-select more than one item in a list? ie more than one country?

I would like to insert waypoints, using GPS coordinates. How is it possible?

Following on from my earlier comment I was downloading the wrong file, it all work brilliantly as usual. Shows it still works on windows 11.👍

Just downloaded and reinstalled this and every time I try to run the programme it says .net core is not installed with a link to install it. Have installed this three times but still no joy. Is this because I am running windows 11?



1 year(s) ago

Hi fredm 73,

Just downloaded Grand Tour Flight Planner as a result of spotting a piece in the 14th October Dev update in the MSFS 2020 forum.

The only omission of functionality I can see that precludes me trying it out is a lack of client and server modules that would allow me to run the program on my secondary laptop. Essential IMHO when in moving map mode.

Do you plan to implement this feature in a future version?

Whatever, love you freeware devs!

Many thanks.

Hello fredm73,

It happens often, when I create a flightplan in GTFP, save it in MSFS and start it in MSFS, the airplane starts in the air instead on the airport I designated as startingpoint. Can you tell me, if I do something wrong or that this is just a thing of Grand Tour Flight Planner or MSFS?

Thanks for clearing this up.


V8.3. I thought I saw the answer to this question brought up, but can't find it if you can update me. Program used to keep the load and save folder .pln and when saving it would allow me to use the same folder the msfs loaded or saved to. How can I get this sync'd up so as not to have to jump between folders? Again love this program and rely on it for flights 😊

Nice work, thanks! 😉

unusable without dark mode , can you please add or tell me how to edit it to do so ? just want black instead of white

V7.6, this thing is getting nidcer and nicer. 😊

A tiny suggestion: maybe set all numbers with a "separator" for "thousands".


100.000 or 5.000

instead of

100000 or 5000

for perfect readability.

Now i really have to think very hard, to maybe think of any more details to add.

It´s really one of my favorite flight planning tools!

Thanks again for this!


V7.4, did i mention, that i love this tool?


Yes, the selectable Aitport sizes work perfectly, as intended.

Thanks a lot!

I´m still discoverind features, i had not noticed before.

(1) It´s great to be able to set VFR waypoints. Could the "pins" get a different color than "normal" waypoints, for better visual interpretation? Like start/end in red, all calculated waypoints in orange (= as it is now), VFR waypoints in blue? Colors should have a good contrast to each other and not be too light, so we can see it on a zoomed out worldmap easily.

(2) Question: what is the difference between a waypoint, when i just doubleklick on the map or if i also set it as "VFR waypoint"? Are they handled in a different way for route calculation or anything?

(3) Deleting routes: could we change this from a preferences setting to different buttons on the "map" screen, so we can directly delete in the desired configuration?

Like, 1 seperate button for the following:

  • "clear all" to delete anything on the map (FIRST, LAST, manually set WP / VFR WP, calculated waypoint)
  • "clear route" to delete only the calculated route, but keeps FIRST, LAST, manually set WP / VFR waypoint
  • "clear route + VFR WP" to only keep FIRST, LAST, but deleting all calculated WPs and also manually set WP / VFR WPs

Having one seperate button to klick would make it a tiny bit more comfortable to use, i think.

(4) Layout of the "Result" page: could we move the columns for bearing and distance more to the right side, so we get more space for destination? Destinatio ncan get cut off easily, so we can´t see the size of some airports anymore.

(5) We can see the "longest leg" displayed. How about also showing the shortest leg and also the average leg lenght?

(6) distance would be enough to see in ###,0 instead of ###,000 to maybe save a bit space.

(7) could we also get the "cumulated" traveldistance for each leg, to see how far we travelled in total per leg? like, when having a distance of 100 between each waypoint, it would show 100 till WP2, 200 till WP2, 300 till WP3...

(8) and now about something, i am thinking about for a couple of days: I would like to create one large flightplan for an "mixed" trip.

I start in Europe with large legs like 700 nm, large airports, to travel quickly away from home. I wanna go to maybe Central Africa. From there, i wanna go on with legs of maybe 250 nm, small airports only, travelling in many hops to South Africa. From there, i wanna travel back home quickly in large legs, 700nm, large airports only.

It maybe could work like this:

start from Europe to Central Africa "just as we have it right now".

When this is calculated, it would need to "freeze" the route, it´s end point shall be the start point for the next calculation, i setup the different options and calculate this second part. I should be able to edit or do what ever is needed for this "second calculation", as usual. When done, we "freeze "the overall route, which is the first frozen part + the new part" ... now the last WP of this overall route shall be the startpoint for the folliwing calculation... and so on.

In other words: lets create a route, maybe modify it... then "save" this result and lets continue with the next part of the route in another configuration... then "save" this results again and go on with the next part of the trip in another possible configuration...

This should result in one large flightplan.

Why this? Because it´s fantastic to document a large trip in one piece, not having to handle several different flightplans. This may seem a bit "specific", but there are nice new possibilities, when we could also create plans that way, in some "modular" configurations.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version version 10.4 November 08, 2022

    Fixed a bug that occurred on disconnecting from MSFS

  • Version version 10.3 February 09, 2022

    Fixed bug: reading (as well as saving) a .PLN file resets the default folder for storing/reading flight plans in GTFP.

  • Version version 10.2 February 08, 2022

    Fixed a bug where plane-following re-zoomed the map.
    Added feature: you can right click on a .PLN file and "open with" the GTFP exec.

  • Version version 10.1 January 01, 2022

    I converted to dotNet Framework 6. Be sure you have the latest .NET Desktop Runtime (download it here: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet/3.1).

    I fixed some minor bugs and made some minor improvements.

  • Version version 9.7 October 12, 2021

    Added an (automatic) Wikipedia interface to fetch country/city/monument, etc.. It is especially useful to the curious when visiting unfamiliar territory.
    Updated documentation to reflect this feature.

  • Version version 9.6 October 04, 2021

    I added a button to slew half-way to any point in the route from the plane's current position. I added the ability to appear/disappear the small windows that GTFP can overlay on the MSFS window. I fixed some bugs and made other small changes. I reorganized and updated the documentation.

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