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Lisboa Megapack V3.2

--- NEW UPDATE 3.2 Sorry for the delay but i've been away from MSFS. I just updated to be compatible with MSFS 10, removed most of the obejcts and left the ones that blend and complement. Only use with LPPT   -  MK Studios (last version):   https://secure.simmarket.com/mk-studios-lisbon-msfs.phtml Enjoy   ---...


--- NEW UPDATE 3.2

Sorry for the delay but i've been away from MSFS.

I just updated to be compatible with MSFS 10, removed most of the obejcts and left the ones that blend and complement.

Only use with

LPPT   -  MK Studios (last version):   https://secure.simmarket.com/mk-studios-lisbon-msfs.phtml



--- NEW UPDATE 3.1 (some new objects, new action objects, new textures, check this video to see the new addons) --- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4tcvoTjpKg

This last update makes Lisboa Megapack compatible with:


Lisbon Megapack – A comprehensive scenery pack for one of Europe’s trendiest cities

So, I'm updating this pack because in case you dont know, finaly we can fly to Lisbon and arrive on this nice airport of Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport made by MK Studios.

You can find it here:

My update is deleting all objects from airport area so no messing with there work, but you can still download the old file here with the airport improvements, just chose wich one you prefere.



If you are using other mods like Lisboa from Thalixte or LPPT from MK studios maybe you have do put the load order in the right sequence in the Content.xml file with a text editor, mine is found here:


in this order:

or try reverse order...   :/

also install in the same order in community folder, first one and then load msfs, then the other (don't change the folders names)



Happy new year 2022


Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and of the coolest cities in Europe. The beautiful weather, rich and historic architecture and gorgeous vistas over the river and the ocean attract millions of tourists every year. The city and the surrounding urban area is missing many important landmarks in the default Flight Simulator scenery, this scenery mod brings to the Portuguese capital dozens of important buildings, bridges, stadiums, palaces, churches, etc. There’s even some improvements in terraforming, lights, public transports and boats on the river.

Friendly FPS


Ponte 25 de Abril (remade, now  the traffic not on sea level, lights... ) new textures and lights
Navio Sagres
Isntituto Superior Técnico
Hospitál Santa Maria
Feira Internacional de Lisboa
Sailing Boats animated
Cacilheiros to Almada animated
Forte São Julião da Barra
Torre Telecomunicações PT em Monsanto replace 3d and textures
Torres de Lisboa replace 3d and textures
Porto de Lisboa (cranes and containers) new cranes, lights
Marinas remade all boats
Aqueduto das Águas Livres (remade textures ) new bump textures
Castelo de Lisboa remade trees and lights
Praça do Comércio added elétricos carris animated
Torre de Belém remade access ramp
Mosteiro dos Jerónimos added elétricos carris animated
Gare do Oriente new textures and lights
Pavilhão de Portugal new lights, flatten terrain
Parque das Nações flatten terrain
Altice Arena flatten terrain, new textures
Oceanário flatten terrain
Teleférico do Parque das Nações new animations
Centro Comercial Vasco da Gama new textures, new lights
Estádio da Luz new lights, flatten terrain
Estádio de Alvalade update some textures
Estádio do Belenenses remade textures
Elétricos da Carris update with night lights and animation
Bairro Portela de Sacavem flatten terrain
Museu MAAT new lights 
Caixa Geral Depositos new lights
Edificio Inetum Portugal new lights

Torre Vasco da Gama (3d remade, lights)
Ponte Vasco da Gama (3d remade, now  the traffic not on sea level, lights)
Cristo Rei (remade textures)
Estátua do Marquês de Pombal (remade sarroundings)
Igreja Sé de Lisboa
Panteão Nacional
Baixa Pombalina
Estação do Rossio
Teatro D. Maria I
Padrão dos Descobrimentos
Centro Cultural de Belém
Museu da Eletricidade
Centro Comercial Colombo (remade textures)
Torres Amoreiras (3d remade,textures and lights)
Twin Towers
Universidade IADE
Pórtico da Lisnave em Almada
Palácio da Pena em Sintra (3d remade,textures)
Praça Saldanha
Fundação Champalimaud
Silos trafaria
Mesquita de Lisboa
Edificio Corte Ingles
Fighters F16 Base do Montijo
Basilica da Estrela
Campo Pequeno
Torre VTS Algés
Farol Cabo Espichel
Farol Bugio
Farol Cabo da Roca
Silos Avenida 24 Julho
Igreja São Vicente de Fora
Portagens Ponte 25 Abril

The old file has also ...(The airport has some 3d modifications, lights, firefighters, control tower and radar tower, arrivals  and departures, helipad, etc...)


Parts of this content includes 3D data and textures copyrighted by « Google Map data ». Google Maps and Map data are provided by © Google, LLC, Mountain View, California, US. This free creation contains content from Google Maps or Google Earth, in accordance with Google Terms of Services and especially point 2.2 of Google Maps/Google Earth Additional Terms of Service. This creation is based on « fair use » or « fair dealing » of the data provided by Google through its services. No commercial use or any gain will be made by the author of this creation or the original host site, who use Google assets as provided for by the simple user licence. The author is freely sharing a creative application of Google Maps or Google Earth. The author will not receive any form of remuneration for sharing this work. Spontaneous general donations from users of file hosting web services under the form of « rewards » or « tips » will be rejected. If this content is found elsewhere and is offered in exchange of money or any other kind of remuneration, it is without the permission of the author and if such theft of intellectual property occurs, this site, and the author will disavow such distribution. Google has stated that it cannot answer to any direct demand about a particular creative use of its properties, as it stated in the « written permission » paragraph of the same document, and all such demands should in the first instance be directed to the author of this work. The author’s verification of compliance with Google’s Terms of Services will rest on this statement of intent, and the use of the provision of the « Fair use » paragraph of the document. As it is economically unreasonable for the casual creator of this content to ask for a costly legal analysis of its creation like proposed in the « Fair use » paragraph of the document, the author of this creation and the owners of this site undertake to destroy any trace of the work on first demand from Google, in accordance with the paragraph « Taking action in case of problems » of the Google Terms of Service about « advance notice » provided « when reasonably possible ». 

Lisboa Lisbon Portugal
Sim Update 11 0 0
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March 14, 2021
Last Updated
4 month(s) ago — 3.2



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It looks great but the Bridge of Lisbon still has the default look and the statue next to it is not there

Tenho esta versão 3.2 instalada (apenas a que diz main file), o cenário de Thalixte 1.1 e as áreas circundantes de Suomy, bem como o cenário da MK Studios. Existem áreas à volta do monumento dos descobrimentos onde a água tem texturas estranhas.

Camiba, obrigado pelo update.

Esta versão 3.2 do Camiba tem um defeito...não me vejo à janela...o resto está perfeito!!!! Lisboa está linda e agradeço o trabalho, meu caro. Um reparo ao administrador da página...o ficheiro merece uma melhor evidência, fica difícil de encontrar.

What should I say? Camiba, awesome work. Pitty it´s so hard to find site administration should place it on initial menu, more evident.

Camiba, muito obrigado, much obliged



4 month(s) ago / Thanked by camiba

Very nice addition and improvement of the great Update of Asobo. In combination with the work of Suomy ( https://flightsim.to/file/35546/oeiras-lisbon-portugal ) for me its now the best cityaddon in Europe and one of the biggest! Its like to be there. Thank you!



4 month(s) ago / Thanked by camiba

Thanks a lot for you work, but I'am a little confused.

Wich file I had to install? I downloaded the camiba-lisboa_3.2.zip and the camiba-lisboav3.2_baixar este.zip, but it seems they are identical? And the "older version" hat the same 3.2????

Help 😉



4 month(s) ago / Thanked by camiba

GREAT SCENARY!! It fits very well to the WU 8. When you can and have time, check the Cable Car do Parque das Nações with animation that is duplicated. The one that goes better is the one that has the smallest of the cars. Greetings from Panama.



4 month(s) ago / Thanked by camiba

Gostaria de parabenizá-lo pelo trabalho realizado. Se o Oscar recompensasse um trabalho bem feito, eu indicaria você nesta categoria. mais uma vez Obrigado pelo seu envolvimento e pela sua ajuda. Abraço

Mais uma vez, obrigado Camiba!!! uma dúvida... descarrega-se o "ficheiro principal" 3.2 October 12, 2022 - 252.50 MB. Qdo aberto temos uma versão 3.1 (camiba-lisboa_megapack3.1_dg7wc.zip). Abaixo temos "camiba-lisboa_3.2_UlL08.zip" com tamanho ligeiramente diferente . Como fazer? Qual usar? Abraço

ABSOLUTELY GREAT! THANK YOU!! BUT i have got 2 problems: Christo Rei and the pillars of Ponte 25 Abril SHOW DOUBLE. Would be thankful for your adice!! Regards from shity-old Austria (the letter "F" stands for freedom 😉 Laszlo

O obrigado nunca será demais...pedido de ajuda...MSFS e, de repente, tenho a 25 de Abril com 2 pilares norte mais 2 sul e 4 tabuleiros. Duas pontes. Esta a anomalia mais visível...

Estou a usar "Sul do tejo 1.0 (Suomy)", "Lisbon 1.1 Thalixte" e "Lisbon megapack3.1 Camiba)" vou tentar ordenar no contente.xml, peço ajuda...Abraço

I just tested Lisbon (one of my favourite cities) after World Update 8.

It is much nicer with this Megapack. So I also kindly ask, if you could please adapt it to WU8. Thank you very much!



10 month(s) ago / Thanked by camiba

camiba dá ai um jeitinho e ajusta o pack para o novo world update 8... pelo menos elimina os que se sobrepoem ao que vem com o jogo (como por exemplo as pontes ou os estadios etc) e deixa outros (como o bugio farol ou os golfinhos XD) que não veem com o update... Faz a tua magia que eu sei que vai ficar bom!!!



10 month(s) ago

Beautiful job! Obrigado from Canada.

Is this compatible with https://flightsim.to/file/27460/mega-pack-cascais-estoril-carcavelos-oeiras-caxias (extended areas around lisbon designed to extend thalixte's lisbon)? It would be great to have all that, plus the new sul do tejo photogrammetry, plus this addon, all working together!

Thanks for the amazing work, Lisboa looks stunning now!

However I have a very important issue: there are 4 huge cranes (higher than 7,000 feet) in the middle of the city. Two are located on the south side across the Tago and two just east of the airport close to the river bank.

I have installed the MK studios airport and other monuments in the Megapack are displayed perfectly. Any idea? Could it be linked to the Content.xml loading sequence? (I was not able to find that).

Ola Camiba! Não sei se vem do meu sistema ou desta versão 3.1 mas encontro certas iluminações verdes a piscar como atras das torres gemeas no Parque das Nações???

Obrigado Camiba por esta nova versão 3.1.

Havera maneira de remeter os objetos da zona aeroporto nesta versão 3.1, copiando estes da antiga versão 2?

e na positiva como?

Obrigado mais uma vez pelo teu magnifico trabalho.

Bom dia Amigo de fato na descricao nao aparece a sequencia do contet. obrigado

I can't see the sequence of your Content.xml file

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Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 3.2 October 12, 2022

    Update for MSFS 10

  • Version 3.1 January 18, 2022

    Lisboa Megapack compatible with:

    LPPT - MK Studios (last version)
    Lisbon - from thalixte
    LPJB - Lisbon Helicopters

    Also new scenery, like:
    dolfins in Tagus river
    Cacilheiro to Almada
    Forte S. Julião da Barra
    New textures and lights for Ponte 25 Abril
    Bump texture Aqueduto Águas livres
    New Torre PT Monsanto
    Sailing Boats

  • Version 3.0 December 23, 2021

    Update Airport area so can it be compatible with new airport made by MK Studios

  • Launched March 14, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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