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Version 1.1
Initial Release September 27, 2020
Last Updated September 28, 2020
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Red Flashlight Mod by Nerbulus, converted to drag+drop by HIGHMEMFIX1 on the forums at forums.flightsimulator.com

Notice: The original file is by Asobo and Microsoft, I do not take ownership of their original file in any way.


This mod changes JUST your flashlight (left Alt+L) to the more accurate red instead of white. 

This is because real pilots IRL use red headlights that don't interfere with glare and also they don't have to adjust their eyes to a bright light.



Now supports drag+drop thanks to HIGHMEMFIX1 on the forums!

Copy the folder "effects-redflashlight-nerbulus" to your Community folder and you're all set!


To uninstall, delete the folder from your community folder.


I hope you enjoy! Turn on your flashlight at night be pressing left Alt+L (by default). If you custom binded this function then only you know which key you bound it to.

By Nerbulus September 2020

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.1 September 28, 2020

    Now supports the normal drag+drop into the community folder! Converted by HIGHMEMFIX1 on the forums at forums.flightsimulator.com. Now just copy the folder in the zip and paste into the community folder. Enjoy!

  • Launched September 27, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.

  • OrchidDZ
    2 month(s) ago
    I have unzipped into my community folder (in MSFS) but cannot see a red light just the normal white light. Do I need to set anything else up?
    • twodogzz
      9 day(s) ago
      Did you get this to work?
      You can't just unzip the downloaded file to the community folder as there's a sub-folder called "effects-redflashlight-nerbulus" that you need to copy to your Community folder then you're all set!
    • OrchidDZ
      8 day(s) ago
      Eureka! Thanks for reply.
      It is now working in sim, I have been using the MOD manager which didn't work for your file. I have had one other download ( a livery) a while back which was the same. Anyway it is now working and has made a great differnce to my night flying. Brilliant.
    4 month(s) ago
    or, even change color of panels?
    • Nerbulus
      4 month(s) ago
      I believe there are other mods on nexusmods.com to change the panel color to black, for example.
    • TETSUO
      4 month(s) ago
      thank you!!
    4 month(s) ago
    very cool! thnks!!
    Is possible change the color of lights in the cockpit of a320 for example?
    I would love to!
  • Caelib
    4 month(s) ago
    Thanks for doing what should be a stock change!
  • nikilase
    5 month(s) ago
    Nice mod but unfortuneatly it sometimes doesn't work, especially now with the new update in planes like the cj4.

    Was an error while loading the mods not caused by this mod. Works fine now.
  • Raven214
    6 month(s) ago
    Very cool, thanks!
  • DaStrobel
    7 month(s) ago
    Thank you. But I dont like, that it replace original game files, so I wrote it standalone to use it in my community folder. 😊
    • Nerbulus
      7 month(s) ago
      That's great! If you don't mind sharing, how did you reconfigure it? I will gladly update it to make it drag+drop!
  • PengWin
    7 month(s) ago
    Excellent. Thanks. Just a note though, I found my DDS file under this directory: \Official\OneStore\fs-base-effects\effects\texture
    • Nerbulus
      7 month(s) ago
      Oops! That's what I meant. I will update the README.
  • HypePerformanceGroup
    7 month(s) ago
    Thanks, working perfectly!

    Very cool of you to bring a "realism" mod to the sim, keep these up!
    • Nerbulus
      7 month(s) ago
      Thanks so much!

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