Airbus A330-300

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Version 0.1
Initial Release March 01, 2021
Last Updated March 01, 2021
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  • Launched March 01, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Could you upload the mod file and changelog here? The Discord server is full, and you can't go there to download the mod and understand the development progress.


Hello Boys, wanted to join your server but unfortunatly it is full ;(

I enjoyed this aircraft, but I do have one request for you guys, could you guys work on developing a Boeing 767-400ER freeware for MSFS? It would be great for those who are fans of the 767.

Had quite high hopes for this, seems abandoned tho.

Oh well, I'll wait for the Aerosoft A330 😊

Good try tho guys/girls

Thanks a lot for the Free Aircraft. I heard great things about it. Sadly the Discord server is full. Please Provide a different Download method or kick users from the server after a period of inactivity. Thanks a lot in advance.

Discord server is full....

Thanks so much for doing this! I really enjoy this plane, and I hope to see wing flex added to it in the near future. One thing I did notice recently is that I can't get engine #2 to start from cold & dark. I'm wondering it this is something anyone else has noticed?

This plane is awesome and with some liveries, it can really become a Freight-Plane.

I am having issues getting the ils to work in the fmc, does anyone know why that is?

I think it's amazing. So it has no wingflex. Who cares. The low rev. engine howl is just like in real life. One just flew over my house and it is exactly like it has been recreated in the game. It is also real stable and fun and easy to manually land.

ciao sono riuscito a scaricare a330 e 321 a differenza del a 320 asobo i tuoi airbus funzionano alla grande da cold and dark al volo senza problemi ho aggiunto carrello e livree .gran lavoro .grazie

Hello, virtual pilots. I'm having some issues with this plane and with a coluple of other airbuses.

No matter where I start the game, at the gate or on the runway the plane starts cold and dark with all the systems and engines off + I can't do anything in the cockpit. all the controls are inactive. CTRL+E doesn't work. sometimes it makes a sound like the engine is starting to work and rotate, but I see RPM at 0. Please help me, what is wrong with my airbus 😊 (Other community planes work fine)Thanks

the invite does not work

I am sorry, but this airplane like the A321 isn't usable really well. This is a good idea but that doesn't work😔. I can't fly with.

I Prefer of course the A32NX

I Hope for update but I would like to say ThankYou to you guys who makes free airplane for all of us !!😃

Richtig gute arbeit

Please add wing flex. It will significantly improve the a330!
mi piacerebbe vederlo riuscissi a scaricarlo dal sito discord


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