Regional Airports France Exclusive Drag and Drop

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Version 2.4
Initial Release February 21, 2021
Last Updated January 09, 2022
File Size 12.94 MB
Downloads 10,266
GPS Coordinates 41,922700, 8,801728
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Compatibility with Sim Update 7 has been confirmed.


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  • Version 2.4 January 09, 2022

    - Added airport services on ground: second boarding ramp for large parkings 7,9 & 10, catering truck and baggage loader placement for all gates.
    NB: the airport config has no pushback. The FS behavior (random spawning) is still under investigations.
    - new center marking (yellow line) for taxiways E, F, (civilian security) G1, G2 (General Aviation) and rwy 20 U-turn.
    - added a taxi link between helipads parking spot and taxiways for new SDK compliancy.
    - new parking code assignement for AI use.
    - some details added to many buildings and added the gateway between DGAC and main terminal.
    - new thumbnail.
    - SU7 compatible. (tested on W11 too)

  • Version 2.3 October 24, 2021

    - added the dme-G/S antenna and shelter.
    - new main terminal night lighting: greener and darker
    - marketplacedata datas reworked for a better AddonManager tool integration

  • Version 2.2 August 11, 2021

    - The fire station is there.
    - parkings W renamed H
    - new gas station 100LL for GA
    Find the multilanguage welcome panel and the fire extinguisher ... Nothing to win, just for fun. Enjoy.

  • Version 2.1 August 07, 2021

    - corrected the 3 helipad parking spot (West 0&1 and East 3), now selectable for departure.
    - taxiway lighting system reworked.
    - tower night lighting updated, with the blue circle on top and no more lighting from the glass.
    - groung marking re-compiled with the latest SDK, for better look and feel.

  • Version 2.0 July 24, 2021

    - new folder arrangement for all static vehicles & helicopters: lfkj-vehicules.bgl can be removed if you don't want any.
    - 4 new helipads: securité civile & parking H
    - added some details on top of the main terminal,
    - main terminal and tower night lighting. I still have some problem to provide real glass texture.
    - ILS-DME02 is now compiled, I tried to change the course from 025 to 022.
    - To be done: compatibility with the beautifull ajaccio aerial textures from fred20 available here.

  • Version 1.5 July 11, 2021

    - runway textures enhencement
    - GA hangar resized (not the real one yet :))
    - holdshort added on E and F taxiways
    - some fences,
    - Helipad and EC145
    - new boading stairs at gate 2 with their own Air Corsica marking

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Super travail, auriez vous la possibilité de rajouter 1 autre spawn Hélipads côté sécurité civile et les spawn pour Canadaire ?


Merci de partager votre super boulot.😌

Bonne soirée, kénavo😉

Excellent travail, quelle immersion; ça fait des souvenirs de passages en Corse.

Grand merci.

Excellent travail, dommage que personne ne fait LFML, il y a souvent des vols entre eux !

Hi Jolouv,

Beautiful scenery.

Hereby I would like to inform you that the ILS RWY 02 (110.30) is out of line causes by an earlier update from MSFS/Asobo. I hope you can fixed it.

Furthermore:. It is a little bit strange that active tower got a huge light when it gets dark outside.


I have 2 towers visible, is this because of latest Microsoft update? SU5 ?

Nice airport! Thanks a lot!

You can find a review here:

Bravo! et merci pour ta scène. Je me demande comment tu fais pour faire tenir tout ça (batiments, marques au sol( dans 6Mo.

salut, tu comptes rajouter les véhicules du tarmac ? tug, bagages, ect?

Merci pour la scene
Merci, très beau travail.
La scène est très belle, beau travail ! Par contre il y a un problème avec les PAPI piste 20. Ils sont placés proche du seuil de la piste alors qu'ils sont en réalité au niveau des bandes blanches servant de point de cible. Donc si on sui les PAPI sur la scène, on finit sur la voie rapide 😅
beautiful scenery, flew into it today 😊 will you be adding ground services? thanks as i requested them with FBW A32NX and no one came for the passengers xD


11 month(s) ago
Merci beaucoup pour ce mod qui va très bien avec le travail d'Adrian.
excellent travail. juste un petit problème avec les PAPI's .Il me semble que l'angle n'est pas correct. Ils sont invisible en app. coté piste 20. (surtout là ils sont indispensables). Sinon très bon travail.
Nice! I like it!
Merci pour cette scène.
bonne continuation.
Merci beaucoup
Merci pour cette scène...
Merci pour cette scène, ma ville natale, je connais bien Campo dell Oro, le terminal est très réussi, j'attends les mises à jour avec impatience (tour, bâtiment CCM, etc) as-tu d'autres projets sur la Corse?

Thank you so much for this; terminal is great! I will wait for updates as this is my hometown and I have knowned this airport since I was a kid; looking forward for the tower and CCM building; great job!

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