With this mod you can Put your own Milviz Corsair sounds in your Aeroplane Heaven P-47D <- you can get it here!

You must own the Milviz Corsair, found here -> Milviz Corsair

If you enjoy this Mod, take 2 seconds to provide a comment and 5 STAR Rating if you think that's what it deserves! Have a great day!

Another Key point to note, this mod WILL NOT work with any liveries that aren't contained in the Original Planes Files. If you want another livery done, join my DISCORD and mesage me, if you message me here on flightsim.to, I will most likely not see it! Discord goes straight to my phone.

Simply drag and drop this mod into your Community Folder or Addons Linker, and make sure you have the Milviz Corsair and the Aeroplane Heaven P-47D loaded in or it WILL NOT work!

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