Dassault Dornier Alpha Jet [WIP VERSION 0.5.1 ]

Compatibility with Sim Update 5 has been confirmed.

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Version 0.5.1
Initial Release February 01, 2021
Last Updated March 13, 2021
File Size 721.41 MB
Downloads 46,758
Status Not Downloaded yet
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Military Aircraft #Real-Life #Handcrafted #8K Resolution Exclusive


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  • Version 0.5.1 March 13, 2021

    Spoilers Fixed.

  • Version 0.5 March 13, 2021

  • Version 0.4 February 14, 2021

  • Version 0.3 February 03, 2021

  • Launched February 01, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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its abandoned by the developer. no more updates or support.

Just tried it for a quick Flight. I must say very nice although I did not test much. Well done!!

depuis la dernière mise a jour MFS je n'ai plus de cocpit ? est-ce normal quelqu'un at'il la solution Merci. Précision j' retéléchargé la dernière version.

I'm very happy to fly the AlphaJet, but I can't retract the gear: Anyone else has this Problem?

blumesh superb plane but the smoke button

works but there is no smoke coming out so I don't understand ???????????

I have a problem with the smoke can someone help me?

superbe addon, des livrées suplémentaire serais fortement aprécié mais c'est un avion parfait pour voler au dessus des champs Elysées

comment on mets la fumer

Avion compatible avec la mise à jour de Microsoft.5.

Un très bon avion super maniable le roi du passage sous ponts st viaducs !!!!

Merci aux concepteurs de ce super projet.

Looks and feels beautiful, but currently broken in Sim Update 5 as it scrambles the ground textures somehow. (I tested other planes at the same airport before and after and it only happens with this one)

Really fun, thanks!

Please more updates on this

Wow, ITS FUN!! Its amazing, looks awesome, and the flught dynamics feels just right. Once they get the hud and virtual cockpit done, itll rival with payware jets

How active the smoke plz

Merci encore pour ce partage

I hope this gets finished, because it's really high quality and a lot of fun to fly!

btw, the gear doesn't seem to work most of the time.

Avion très sympa à piloter et très joliment modélisé. Par contre je n'arrive pas à rentrer le train d'atterrissage, je ne comprends pas pourquoi, ça fonctionne bien avec les autres avions. Faut-il utiliser une touche particulière ?

Gracias por este gran jet! espero pronto las actualizaciones... Suelo volar con el Eurofighter, pero este puede ser extraordinario! Saludos desde España

BEST Free Ware Jet out there! Yes, it is overpowered but I like it that way. Just do not advance the throttle to full. Looks good. Flies good at low and high speed. Landing characteristics are great! bought you a beer. Thank you.


I just realised that your Alpha Jet does have a "Smoke enable/disable" button 😉

Unfortunatelly that functionality does not seem to be available via the SimConnect "simulation variable" SMOKE_ENABLE. And the SMOKESYSTEM AVAILABLE variable returns 0 ("false"). (Can be easily checked with the "Simvar Watcher" example app which comes with the MSFS SKD).

Any chance to support those simulation variables? 😊

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